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Interview Essay Sample

My mom was a very independent and responsible girl growing up; which led her to be the successful women she is now. My mom has taught me many lessons in life. One of the most influential lessons my mom has taught me was to be thankful for everything I have. The reason my mom feels the need to bring this lesson upon me, is because when she was a young girl, at age 15(my age), she had to do everything for herself. She was working, balancing her education, dealing with her parents divorce, and having to maintain different bonds with friends and family. Many of her values were influenced by the area my mom was raised in and the way my mom was brought up in her childhood. Since my mom’s parents were divorced, she learned to become responsible and independent at a very young age.

The reason she had such a rough childhood growing up, is mainly because of her parent’s divorce. Growing up, my mom lived in Skokie with her mom. Occasionally on the weekends, she would stay with her dad and her step mom in Highland Park. Furthermore, she had to deal with her irresponsible mother, that would neglect her physically and mentally. Her mom was never an ideal parent; meaning, she never engaged and acted as a parental figure in my mom’s life. My mom would describe her as being very lazy and depressed all the time. This had a huge toll on my mom’s life, because my mom had to take responsibility to learn and teach herself many lessons that most people learn in their adulthood.

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