Business Etiquette and Manners

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Each time one makes contact with ones employees, employers or customers one leaves a certain impression of oneself and the company, service or product one represents and first impressions always do make an impact on achieving business objectives. Therefore it is very important for one to leave the right perception on people by learning how to properly conduct oneself in a business environment. Business etiquette is how one does what one does in the business world. This is true on factory assembly lines, corporate boardrooms, commercial kitchens and grocery stores.

When working in an office all day, it is very important to showcase good manners and proper office etiquette. Listed below are some pointers regarding proper behavior: * Treat everyone with respect: If you want to encourage the office behavior of respect, you must start by giving it to others at all times. From the receptionist at the front desk to the CEO of the company and prospective clients, modeling respectful attitudes toward all people is the first step in fostering work professionalism.

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Respect must also be given to individuals who come into contact with you that are not part of the company, including delivery persons, office equipment repair persons, property managers and especially customers. Be kind and courteous to everyone. * Addressing individuals by their honorific or title: Due to informality in the workplace today, a lot of business is lost, and goodwill destroyed, because of total disregard for properly addressing clients. The proper way to address clients is to greet them using their honorific or title followed by their last name; women should be referred to as ‘Ms.

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’ Regardless of their marital status.

Refer to individuals frequently by their names: Take the time and make the effort to pay attention to the name of the person you are being introduced to. A person’s name means everything to them. To build rapport with a client, mention their name several times during the conversation, it helps in making a connection with the client and reaching out to them on a personal level. * Introduce people with confidence: Most people hate making introductions, because they do not know how to properly make them. Introducing people with confidence is a great way to impress your customers. In business, introductions are determined by precedence.

The person who holds the position of highest authority in an organization takes precedence over others who work there. For example, you introduce your company’s president to a colleague. * Be on time: Punctuality is one of the key criterion’s of judging your potency as a worker. Ensure that you reach your office and corporate events you might be invited to punctually. If at all practicable try reaching ten minutes early. This may give you an opportunity to relax and unwind before you commence with your work. If you are a guest, understand that the organizer has been selective with the invitation list.

Many invitations will include a brief agenda that highlights when guests may arrive for the event, typically providing a window of 15 to 30 minutes for registration and welcome reception times. * Wear proper office attire: Watch your garments. While this holds true for any one, it holds even more importance for ladies. Your office is meant to be a place for work and not some fancy dress competition. At work, you should be dressed in a straightforward yet smart fashion.

Formal suits and dresses should be worn in neutral colors so that they reflect your professionalism. Make contact: There are few physical contacts that are appropriate in business; the most important and acceptable is your handshake. Your handshake is a non-verbal clue that indicates to the other person whether or not you are a take charge person. For example, a firm and strong handshake suggests that you are decisive, in control. Greet everyone with a firm, sincere handshake, a friendly smile and direct eye contact.

However, when approaching a group of individuals, it’s important to note that you should always shake the hand of the highest ranking officer first. Maintain a healthy office environment: Keep the space professional and neat with appropriate personal touches! People will see the space and consider it a reflection of you. Whether it is a cubicle or office, respect others’ space. Don’t just walk in; knock or make your presence gently known. Don’t assume acknowledgement of your presence is an invitation to sit down; wait until you are invited to do so. Don’t interrupt people on the phone, and don’t try to communicate with them verbally or with sign language. You could damage an important phone call. Limit personal calls, especially if you work in a space that lacks a door.

Learn when and where it is appropriate to use your cell phone in your office. Food consumption should generally be regulated. Smells and noise from food can be distracting to others trying to work. * While dealing with customers: Name-tumblers when we introduce ourselves or other people has become a major problem; especially on the telephone. We need to slow down and pronounce our names slowly, clearly and distinctly. At first it may feel as if you are exaggerating your name, but you are really helping the other person and improving overall communication.

When dealing with angry customers, it is important to restrain your anger, remain calm, listen to them and assure them that you will solve their problems. Especially over the telephone while handling complains, speak softly. That will soothe the speaker and show him or her that you’re interested in handling the complaint in a calm, rational way. Learning the rules of business etiquette is not very hard and it is not costly as many companies offer formal training on business etiquette, including communications, attire, networking, international business etiquette and new hire etiquette training.

People truly desire to do business with those that make them comfortable and know how to best handle themselves in a variety of situations. Learning to incorporate good business etiquette into the workplace will pay dividends both in employee morale and on your company’s bottom line. Customer loyalty also improves when good business etiquette is in full force as it is reflected in the atmosphere of your office or shop.

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Business Etiquette and Manners
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