Importance of Concert Etiquette

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Knowing the proper concert etiquette is very important to know when you are going to a concert of any kind. Whether it is a chorus, orchestra, or as simple as a piano recital, you will need to have the proper concert etiquette to make sure you do not stand out in a crowd. There is always going to be that one person who hasn’t been exposed to the proper concert etiquette. To avoid this problems there are things to have in mind while watching a performance.

Before going to a concert you should think about good concert manners to show respect to the fellow musicians. When going to a concert you should dress up in a way that would show the musicians and the audience members around you. It is always good to use the restroom before the concert starts, so there’s no disturbance during the performance. It is very important to stay in your own seat and quietly seated while the concert is in progress.

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Many musicians put in hours of practice to perform their talent for you and it would be disrespectful to cause a disturbance. During a concert you should never leave the concert, while it is in progress unless you absolutely need too. Leaving causes a distracting to others around you when the musician performing should have all the attention. If you do need to leave early, it is best to leave during a pause or break so even though you are leaving, you won’t ruining someone else’s performance.

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When a concert has begun, it is crucial to stay quiet as possible. During the concert, you may want to hum, tap, or sing along but this causes another distraction, it is best to restrain from that.Another thing is not to use your cellphone during the concert. You came to the concert for one purpose: not to be on your phone but to watch and enjoy the performance by the musicians. You can take pictures but is best there is no flash photography. It will most likely be another distraction that is rude. It is also good to not make little noises that are very distracting, like candy wrappers or dropping something. Your full attention should be on the performer and the performance.

To conclude, proper concert etiquette is very important. Someone is up there that has prepared something for you to appreciate and they’ve worked really hard on it. So it is right to give them the attention and respect they deserve. It is good to have good concert manners, it shows good character. In the end use this ideas to better yourself when it comes to being at a concert.

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Importance of Concert Etiquette

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