Grades Encourage Students to Learn

These days there are a lot of discussions over education in many colleges and universities. One of the matters under consideration is whether grades encourage students to learn. Some people think that students are not encouraged to learn by grades. From my point of view, I believe that marks actually stimulate students to study for the three following reasons: First of all, grade obviously is a good way to estimate students. If a student gets a good mark, he could feel proud of this result.

Moreover, he could be praised for his studiousness as well as intelligence by his teacher and parents and get admiration from his friends. As a result, he would try his best to get at least the same grade in the next time. On the contrary, students getting bad grades would give their whole mind on to their study so as to get higher grades and not be dropped back. In short, grades motivate students to learn much more just because they are supposed as a mirror reflecting students’ performances.

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Second, grade could enable students clearly understand their performance as well as help them become aware of their strengths and weaknesses. For instance, when I was in high school, I always got good marks in English tests and I realized that I had an aptitude for English. So I decided to choose English as my major at Huflit university. And now, I always get good grades, even excellent ones in English. This makes me feel satisfied with my choice.

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I will also choose a job as teacher of English after graduating from the university.

If there had not been grades, I think I wouldn’t have known what major really suitable for me and I would not be pleased with my present major. So, grade plays an essential role in students’ study. Furthermore, students with good grades could easily reach their dreams in study and career. They have more opportunities to get noble rewards in the national as well as international examinations. Also, attending prestigious universities would become easy for them. This will help heighten their job and promotion opportunities after graduating form those universities especially in today’s ompetitive labor market.

For this reason, students always try to get high grades to gain a lot of advantages in their lives. In short, grade actually encourages students to learn much more simply because students are not only evaluated by grades, but also know clearly their strong and weak points. And specially, students with good marks could have much more chances to achieve success in life. So, there is a question for all of us: “What would happen to students if there was not grade? ”

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Grades Encourage Students to Learn

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