About thirteen years of School and the main controversial topic is still about grades. Do Grades Matter? Numerous people proclaim grades do not define one. I partly agree because I believe grades do matter.

Grades are not only what teachers look at when deciding to pass you to another grade level. They also help you maintain a good GPA. For a Primary or Elementary student, their GPA is not important. They will complete the work given to them to pass grade level.

However, for a senior in High School or a College student grades open doors to new opportunities. In applying for scholarships there is a great deal of competition. It will not help to have a low GPA and want to attend an out-of-state University. For instance, Harvard Law School. One must be realistic and be aware of their grades.

On the other hand, others might argue grades don’t matter because grades do not define one. I understand because grades are not everything colleges or universities look for when applying for their college or scholarships.

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It also helps to participate in clubs, sports, and volunteer in activities outside of school. According to the article, ‘Do Grades Matter’ they interviewed Demetriadou. He mentioned it will help to have cognitive skills, emotional intelligence, conscientiousness and learning goal orientation (Chiu). Furthermore, colleges look at your resume. Internships and part-time jobs look good in a resume. However, to be in sports, coaches usually require good grades. They look at your report cards or GPA.

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They want someone good to represent their team. Meanwhile, you must also have a balance between your grades and other activities or your job. It might cost one their scholarships. Whether it be sports scholarship or academic scholarships.

Furthermore, I as a student learn best when I am given feedback. For me grades are like a feedback of my work. They reflect my efforts. For instance, a C for me is simply me doing the work but not given the time to understand the material and complete the work. Although, everyone is different, and everyone views grades differently. Yet, according to Fleming “Adolescents might also appreciate the value of learning as an instrumental means to material, social, or psychological reward’’(Fleming).

For some grades might not mean much if one gals are not to attend college or university. However, for other grades will boost your chance to a scholarship.

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