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Workplace Spirituality or Spirituality in the Workplace is a movement that began in the early 1920s. It emerged as a grassroots movement with individuals seeking to live their faith and/or spiritual values in the workplace. One of the first publications to mention spirituality in the workplace was Business Week, June 5, 2005. The cover article was titled “Companies hit the road less traveled: Can spirituality enlighten the bottom line? ” Many people today are finding that there’s more to life—and business—than profits alone. Money as the single bottom line is increasingly a thing of the past.

Yoga makes you feel better
Words • 439
Pages • 2
Stress is something inevitable in our life. We unusually look for ways we can relieve all the stress specially us college students. This is when I feel yoga is the best thing to deal with everyday stress or anxiety. I feel that yoga all together is very calming and relaxing regardless of what kind of exercise you perform. The first yoga exercise mainly focusses of stress relief. The calming breathing exercise start a rush of blood through the body keeping…...
MeditationPhysical FitnessSpiritualityYoga
The Most Iconic Folk Vocalist
Words • 360
Pages • 2
Joan Baez born of Mexican and Scottish descent was brought on this earth January 9th 1941 in Staten Island, New York in a quaker home her family eventually moved to California form an early age she experiences discrimination. But that did not stop her from pursuing her natural musical talents. She became a vocalist in Folk music and is one of the most icon people to this day in that field of music. In 1960 Baez dropped her first self…...
The Buddha: Siddhartha Gautama
Words • 778
Pages • 4
Buddhism is one of the greatest religions worldwide. It came from India it spread to Asia, China, Japan, and eventually the whole world. It originated in India by an Indian Prince: Siddhartha Gautama, also called The Buddha. Buddhism mainly taught about escaping the cycle of suffering to achieve enlightenment. Buddhism impacted a great number of people and taught them to eliminate suffering and achieve Nirvana. Not everyone can say they are gods, but Buddha himself said everyone was Buddha if…...
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Song Of Myself By Walt Whitmans English Literature
Words • 1101
Pages • 5
“Song of Myself “, by Walt Whitman’s Background Song of Myself is a poem by Walt Whitman’s. This poem presents a continual stream of human consciousness, where he attempts to analyze death as natural and transformative process, which ought to occur to everybody. Walt Whitman was an American poet born in 1819 and died on 26th March 1892. The poet was born in Town of Huntington, Long Island, New York, U.S.In his previous years, Whitman worked as government employee ,and…...
LiteratureMy SelfPoetrySongSoulWalt Whitman
The Art of Culturally Infused Myths
Words • 1527
Pages • 7
As kids, our lives seem to revolve around of stories and what they have to teach us. This still holds true in adulthood, as we base our moral compass on these stories we are told as kids, such as; Siddhartha and the Swan, Adam and Eve, and even The Story of Xenu. What most of these stories have in common is that they all carry sacred meaning in one way or another. These are what we call myths. Myths are…...
MythologyMythsSpiritual Life And Beliefs
Were Romeo and Juliet Victims of Predestination and Fate?
Words • 824
Pages • 4
Fate is something that is destined to happen or turn out in a specific way. It is the one aspect in our lives that sets the path for our lifetime. It cannot be altered or edited no matter what happens, it is just how we are destined to live our lives. It can lead to either destruction and accident or a lifetime full of happiness. Fate plays a major role in the play, Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare. The…...
FateFate And DestinyRomeo And Juliet
Emotion, Reason and Fate in Hamlet
Words • 999
Pages • 4
When one loses a loved one, it may take a harsh hit on his or her mind frame. The death of Hamlet's father in Shakespeare's play Hamlet causes several problems, all of which contribute to the tragic death of Hamlet. All the events taking place in the play are impacted by emotion, reason, and fate. Specifically, the events in the play that caused or resulted in Hamlet's downfall are determined by roles of emotion, reason, and fate. These three are…...
FateFate And DestinyHamlet
The Extent of Destiny: Gods, People, and Fate in The Iliad
Words • 1454
Pages • 6
When does fate and when does choice play a role in our lives, or in this world? That question may always be asked but in Homer’s epic poem, The Iliad fate and choice happen often. Throughout The Iliad Homer creates numerous conflicts between not only the mortal Greeks and Trojans but the Gods as well. Though there is a difference between what fate is and what choice is; their similarities coincide with each other. Fate causes one to act in…...
DestinyFateFate And DestinyGreek mythologyMythologyThe Iliad
What is the Significance of Fate and Destiny in Romeo and Juliet?
Words • 812
Pages • 4
Some strongly believe that fate plays a role in their lives. They think their life story is written in the stars by fate. In the famous play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, two young characters with rival families fell in love. One person from each family died before Romeo got banished to Mantua. Friar Lawrence, an old friend of Romeo and Juliet, gave Juliet a potion to help her reunite with her love, but his good intentions ended up…...
FateFate And DestinyRomeo And Juliet
The Power of Fate in the Oedipus Trilogy
Words • 1834
Pages • 8
Fate is clearly defined as, “the will or principle or determining cause by which things, in general, are believed to come to be as they are or events to happen as they do” (Merriam Webster). Throughout the play Oedipus Rex, Oedipus shows his best effort in avoiding the prophecy that said he will one day kill his father and marry his mother. In his effort and making his own decisions, Oedipus ends up fulfilling the prophecy through a series of…...
FateFate And DestinyOedipus
Why People Believe in Fate?
Words • 509
Pages • 3
When it comes to fate there are two types of people, those who believe in it and those who don't. The people who don't believe in it often don't because they don't like to think that they don't have control over their life when in reality they do. Fate is defined as forces outside of your control that make things happen. You may not be able to change your fate but sometimes you can alter your fate or postpone it.…...
BelieveFateFate And DestinySpiritual Life And Beliefs
Fate in William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet
Words • 820
Pages • 4
Fate is something that is destined to happen or turn out in a specific way. It is one aspect of our lives that sets the path for our lifetime. It cannot be altered or edited no matter what happens, it is just how we are destined to live our lives. It can lead to either destruction and accident or a lifetime full of happiness. Fate plays a major role in the play, Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare. The leading…...
FateFate And DestinyRomeo And JulietShakespeare
The Interaction Between Fate And Choice In The Iliad
Words • 1454
Pages • 6
When does fate and when does choice play a role in our lives, or in this world? That question may always be asked but in Homer’s epic poem, The Iliad fate and choice happen often. Throughout The Iliad Homer creates numerous conflicts between not only the mortal Greeks and Trojans but the Gods as well. Though there is a difference between what fate is and what choice is; their similarities coincide with each other. Fate causes one to act in…...
FateFate And DestinyThe Iliad
Macbeth And the Power of Fate Vs Free Will
Words • 1567
Pages • 7
Fate has the power to create one's destiny. By some wild power, the result of an individual's decisions is controlled by how they are planned to happen. In other words, some believe these choices can challenge fate, and that fate only manipulates one's mind into choosing their way. One of the questions that were brought up multiples times in our class discussion was whether individuals were victims of fate or their own choices/actions and if each aspect plays a significant…...
DestinyFateFate And DestinyFree WillMacbeth
The Debate Between Fate And Free Will
Words • 2391
Pages • 10
The question around whether people have an inescapable fate or if they have free will to do with whatever they please with their lives is one of the most debated. In our day to day lives, it is easier to identify the free will in the menial decision-making we do. Some events in our lives, however, do have a sense of control by a higher power that is beyond us. Once someone decides that they have no free will and…...
Brave New WorldFate And DestinyFree WillPhilosophyThings Fall Apart
Destiny, Fate, Free Will and Free Choice in Oedipus Rex
Words • 1837
Pages • 8
Fate is clearly defined as, “the will or principle or determining cause by which things, in general, are believed to come to be as they are or events to happen as they do” (Merriam Webster). Throughout the play Oedipus Rex, Oedipus shows his best effort in avoiding the prophecy that said he will one day kill his father and marry his mother. In his effort and making his own decisions, Oedipus ends up fulfilling the prophecy through a series of…...
FateFate And DestinyOedipus
Organizational Conflicts and Their Effects
Words • 920
Pages • 4
Organizational conflict may be described as the differences in opinion, thoughts, interests, and decisions by two opposing groups within different levels of an organization. Individuals are focused on attaining their own individual goals which might defer with goals or views of other persons. These differences occur between workers and their fellow workmates, employees, and administration and also within the administration. Almost every organization faces conflicts across time. The seriousness of these conflicts is determined by the emotional attachment of individuals…...
Self-Realization in the New Age
Words • 767
Pages • 4
Self-realization is not a New Age concept. Discovering the true self dates back to the dawn of spirituality and you do not have to look far to discover its various form and versions. Ceremonial magick is but one of many methods of achieving the rebirth of the self. When I took a serious approach to learn Ceremonial magick... the most empowering concept was the discovery of the self. THIS I absolutely had to attain -- it was the voice to…...
ConsciousnessPhilosophical TheoriesSelf AnalysisSelf ImageSelf ReflectionSpirituality
The Akan Conception of a Person
Words • 580
Pages • 3
What is the concept of a person? This has been widely argued on by many people especially philosophers for a long time. There are varieties of ideas of what the concept of a person might be. For the purpose of this essay, we will discuss Gyekye’s dualistic conception of the human person in Akan worldview. Gyekye’s idea comes from the Akan tribe in Ghana. The word ‘Akan’ covers a large group of people in Ghana including the Fante, Akuapem, Asante,…...
Philosophical TheoriesSelf ImageSelf ReflectionSoulSpirituality
Definition of Animal Cruelty and Abuse
Words • 387
Pages • 2
Animal cruelty by definition is “the infliction by omission or by commission by humans of suffering or harm upon any non-human". Animal cruelty is dishonorable. Animals don’t have a voice and can’t speak up for themselves, therefore abusing an animal is inequitable. We all have a voice and can speak up if we are being hurt but animals cannot. The abuse of animals IS a crime. For animal cruelty in Canada, the law includes both summary and indictable charges. If…...
AbuseAnimal AbuseCrueltyPainSoul
Spiritual and Cultural Integrity of Dreaming
Words • 616
Pages • 3
The dreaming is extremely important for the land rights movement, as it is the source of all aboriginal culture, heritage, religion and spirituality. It involves the past, present and future. Mudrooroo, an Aboriginal writer, stated that “The Dreaming\' or \'the Dreamtime\' indicates a psychic state in which or during which contact is made with the ancestral spirits, or the Law, or that special period of the beginning.” This suggests that dreaming is the establishment of the Aboriginal culture, a place…...
DreamIntegritySpiritual Life And BeliefsSpirituality
Love and Madness
Words • 1052
Pages • 5
They say the mad lover is drugged often by the exhaustion of the confusing state they are in. It is like drowning. Drowning in an ocean with nothing to hold on. Although they will not be able to breathe, they will still feel a sharp sting of unavoidable pleasure around themselves. They will still desire to keep on drowning, to keep on losing their consciousness, to keep on feeling the honeyed pain. It is like drowning, drowning deep. The construction…...
Joyce “Intended Dubliners”
Words • 2701
Pages • 11
“Intended Dubliners to betray the soul of that paralysis which many consider a city” and aims to do this through his “nicely polished looking glass”. How is this portrayal of Ireland achieved in the texts you have studied? “I call the series Dubliners to betray the soul of that hemiplegia or paralysis which many consider a city. ” – James Joyce [1]. Before discussing the portrayal of Ireland in Dubliners, it is important to note Joyce’s aversion for Ireland. The…...
Zen and the Art of Happiness
Words • 4694
Pages • 19
“Everyone deserves to be happy. ” And that is exactly why we are still here on earth, why we are still breathing, and why we are still persevering, this is because we want to experience happiness, not just it, but a true happiness. There are different concepts of happiness according to different kind of persons, and to some philosophers. I remember what our professor taught us when he teaches us that “there is change, especially when it comes to concept”.…...
Yoga develops positive attitude
Words • 428
Pages • 2
Hatha yoga remains the basis for a variety of yoga classes that are popular today. The traditional Hatha pose were designed to provide physical, mental, and spiritual stimulation. They permit the practitioner to connect the mind and body through breath control and meditation. The goal of the techniques is known as Raja Yoga. Health and Yoga are deeply related. Yoga is a popular tool in improving both physical and mental health which is basically the most common objective of people…...
Essays On MeditationHaving A Positive AttitudeMeditationPositive AttitudeSpiritualityYoga
Traditional and Nontraditional Forms of ADR
Words • 654
Pages • 3
The recent litigation system in the United States shows that there are 10% or fewer cases that go on trial. At the same time, there are 90% of cases that are resolved before the trial by some process of ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) (Carver, 2004). Because of less complexity and more flexibility many parties prefer ADR. In United States, the rising popularity of ADR has huge impact on businesses, government and people to avoid problems such as: time, legal fees…...
Dispute ResolutionJusticeMediationPolicyTradition
The spiritual principle
Words • 1034
Pages • 5
Introduction There are many economic guidelines which oversee all transactions and set frameworks upon which all decisions are made. These frameworks are clear image of values and interests or concerns which determine the action to be undertaken and their long term effects. Some economists may opt to ignore environmental concerns and go for the economic benefits only refusing to address issues like pollution and depletion. Even economists are currently beginning to reflect on the narrow idea of growth which puts…...
HumanNatureSpiritual Life And BeliefsSustainabilityTax
John Steinbeck’s novel, “The Grapes of Wrath”
Words • 2341
Pages • 10
John Steinbeck traveling through his native Californian Many writers in American literature try to instill the philosophy of their choosing into their reader. This is often a philosophy derived at from their own personal experiences. John Steinbeck is no exception to this. When traveling through his native Californian in the mid-1930s, Steinbeck witnessed people living in appalling conditions of extreme poverty due to the Great Depression and the agricultural disaster known as the Dust Bowl. He noticed that these people…...
John SteinbeckNovelsSoulThe Grapes Of Wrath
Spiritual Mentoring Reflection Paper
Words • 725
Pages • 3
Paper Type:Reflective essays
This essay will be explanations of spiritual mentoring, reflecting off my mentoring and or being mentored. These will be broken down into three parts that defines and explains spiritual mentoring, contemplate on mentors in my life, and I will discuss people that I am mentoring now. This paper will start with the definitions and explanations of spiritual mentoring. Talking about spiritual mentoring and friendship, the Bible contains quite a few examples of spiritual mentoring. One example of this mentoring would…...
EssayMentorMentoringMentorshipMy MentorSpiritual Life And Beliefs
Saintly soul
Words • 754
Pages • 4
Mary Shelley builds up tension Even before the reader meet the monster, Mary Shelley builds up tension before its entrance. For example, "my candle was nearly burnt out" reinforces the nail-biting atmosphere and also comes back to the use of traditional Gothic. The readers' first impression of the monster is given from Victor's point of view and is therefore, slightly biased. Mary Shelley describes the monster as having a "shrivelled complexion and straight black lips" which automatically makes the reader…...
Religion in Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina and Flaubert’;s Madame Bovary
Words • 1825
Pages • 8
Religion, considered as the essence of human spirituality and morality, has been an integral part of life throughout the course of history. It has been an efficacious presence in innumerable works of literature, poetry, and art. For this reason, it is of little wonder that we find the religious theme (or issue? ) intricately explored in Tolstoy's Anna Karenina and Flaubert's Madame Bovary. In essence, these 19th century masterpieces are considered as outstanding examples of Realist literature, and their authors,…...
GodMadame BovaryPhilosophyReligionSoul
“Prelude” speaks of spiritually exhausted people who exist in the impersonal, tawdry modern city
Words • 2094
Pages • 9
This essay is mainly about the preludes by T.S. Eliot, which speaks about the spiritually exhausted people who exist in the impersonal, tawdry modern city. Starting with information about T.S. Eliot, followed by a definition of modernism. Then exploration of the prelude is through close reading's skills, in three different stages; first; annotating the text, the second stage; understanding the text, the third stage, include the theme of the poem by discussing and analyzing the poem, including some outside information…...
ModernismPeoplePoetrySoulSpiritual Life And Beliefs
The mind is pure thought
Words • 781
Pages • 4
A person is not a composite of body and soul together (as Plato saw it) but the soul is an integral part of a living body. Form and matter are inseparable; this idea of unity between body and soul was later embraced by Aquinas and the Catholic Church. Aristotle stated that if the soul (or one of its features) could function independently of the body before death, the same would be true after death, however Aristotle believed that the "at…...
MindPhilosophical TheoriesPhilosophyPsychologyScienceSoul
Media Ethics and Hidden Cameras
Words • 5071
Pages • 21
Was the use of Hidden Cameras by the News Media Ethically Justified in the Fahey and Todd Cases? Explore Why or Why Not, Referring to Recent Cases [Jane Shannahan] Introduction Right to privacy became an issue in the US as far back as 1890 in words not unfamiliar to 21st century ears: “The press is overstepping in every direction the obvious bounds of propriety and of decency. Gossip is no longer the resource of the idle and of the vicious,…...
Managing, preventing and resolving conflicts at the work place
Words • 1560
Pages • 7
Conflicts are inevitable at the work place. They arise naturally as each individual tries to pursue his or her own agenda that may be in conflict with the ideologies and perspectives of others. With today’s emphasis on incorporating diversity in the workplace, more and highly different approaches and perspectives come on board and this presents a perfect mix for conflict under productivity pressures which consequentially results in anger and hostility, passive or aggressive communication, low morale, high turnover and employee…...
How Do I Love Thee Poem Analysis?
Words • 1914
Pages • 8
In How do I love thee by Elizabeth Barrett Browning. I believe that the person talking is professing about a kind of love that can stand the test of time. You know that kind of love. Every day and moment is cherished by both. Each person knows almost everything about each other and they have been together for what would seem like forever. It is very rare these days to see a younger generation finding that love. And in a…...
First LoveJusticeLoveMarriagePoemsSoul
Love in Donne’s Songs and Sonnets
Words • 2602
Pages • 11
The presence of love is thematically interwoven into all of John Donne's Songs and Sonnets. Confronting the ideas of both the eroticism of physical love and the purity and intellectualism of spiritual love, Donne creates a world in which the reader is able to glimpse into the psyche of the poet. It is significant to understand that Donne does not attempt to describe a single and unchanging view of love. Rather, his poetry expresses a variety of emotions and attitudes.…...
John DonneLovePhilosophySoul
Lesson of the Story
Words • 768
Pages • 4
The protagonist dreamt of heaven wherein he felt no pain and was in a heavenly plateau. When he woke up, he was informed that Zaabalawi has left and yet, visited him for awhile – evidence of which is his wet hair. This reinforced the “faith” of the primary character in looking for Zaabalawi. He now truly believed that he is not just a pigment of his imagination and is in fact, the one who will truly heal his malady. The…...
CharacterHope And FaithNovelsPhilosophy
Indivisible relationship amid the essence, existence
Words • 851
Pages • 4
In Life of Reason, Santayana informs his philosophy, an investigation of men's evolving mind in relation to nature by utilizing a thorough method of analysis and synthesis that allow the readers to look at a big picture on the holistic level. Analysis dissects the whole into absolute principles that cannot be further broken down and examines the dismantled core constituents by assuming the effect of causes in reality. This, in result, produces a complicated web of connection in its context…...
Philosophical TheoriesPhilosophyPsychologyRelationshipSoul
Homoeroticism and Bram Stoker
Words • 1276
Pages • 6
The publication of Dracula and the homoerotic themes scandalized under the narrative, created a question on the motivation of the author Bram Stoker. It has been noted above that the horror story is a social commentary on the misunderstanding and the treatment of homosexuals as well as exploration on the ‘homoerotism’ of Dracula. Perhaps Dracula is merely an extension of the true author. We contend that the vividness of the character Dracula is either a representation of the closet Bram…...
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What is spirituality in business? There’s a wide range of important perspectives. Some people say that it’s simply embodying their personal values of honesty, integrity, and good quality work. Others say it’s treating their co-workers and employees in a responsible, caring way. For others, it’s participating in spiritual study groups or using prayer, meditation, or intuitive guidance at work. And for some, it’s making their business socially responsible in how it impacts the environment, serves the community or helps create a better world.

Some business people are comfortable using the word “spirituality” in the work environment, as it’s more generic and inclusive than “religion. ” Instead of emphasizing belief as religion does, the word spirituality emphasizes how values are applied and embodied. Other people aren’t comfortable with the word “spiritual” and prefer to talk more about values and ethics when describing the same things that others would call spiritual. But there are some businesspeople who talk about God as their business partner or their CEO. Characteristics of a Spiritual Workplace

Regardless of this ongoing debate, identifying desired characteristics of spiritual workplaces can bring us closer to understanding the role that spirituality can play in organizations, the way it can function to positively impact the bottom line, and the value it might bring to members of the work community. 1. Emphasizes Sustainability A systemic view of work and contribution in the world promotes links between sustainability and an awareness of limited resources. This approach to design, production, and commerce is being increasingly associated with spirituality because it seeks to contribute to the greater good in the world.

It also has the potential to actually increase market value and attract investors. An understanding of sustainable growth and development includes a well-thought-out strategy that identifies potential long-term impacts or implications of actions that could have an eventual negative impact on business. This systemic view of global business means that a company will constantly reassess the long view of risks and rewards associated with doing business in the long run, including a careful ongoing review of potentially negative and unintended consequences of business decisions on individuals, societies, or the environment. . Values Contribution More than providing excellent service for customers, global service indicates a larger sense of responsibility to contribute to the betterment of the world.

While the local family business may not provide products and services that will improve the quality of life in third world countries, American companies historically have fundamentally understood that part of their role is to make the world a better place through the products or services that they sell. Today’s spiritual organization is deliberate in implementing a ision that is built around contributions to the betterment of mankind. It promotes work outside of the organization that contributes to and “gives back” to society through community and volunteer service. Spiritually aware managers and businesses consider themselves servants of employees, customers, and the community. 3. Prizes Creativity Creativity is a necessary part of the business cycle. When technology, markets shifts, and demographic changes force organizations to rethink products and services, creativity is the key to successfully navigating those changes.

The artistic industries have long recognized the spiritual nature of individual and group creative processes, and many educators understand the importance of seamless, daily incorporation of creativity in helping their students learn. The spiritual workplace recognizes that being creative is not necessarily reserved for a special few, but that all people have creative capacities. A spiritual workplace provides resources to help people to uncover their creative potential and to practice creativity within the organization. . Cultivates Inclusion Businesses are increasingly becoming core sources of community for people in societies. The spiritual organization respects and values individuals’ life experiences and the lessons learned from them. Such an organization is intentional in its efforts to include individuals who bring appropriate skill sets to a particular job, but who may have been excluded historically from participating in a professional community of practice due to circumstances they did not choose.

Such historic exclusion from the workplace has included people with physical disabilities, people whose skin color or ethnic origin differs from those of the majority population, and those who have been discriminated against due to gender or sexual orientation. Increasingly, corporations are seeing the value of their employees working together in community toward a commonly held vision. They have a sense that the concepts of love and acceptance within a cultural context of care builds a sense of community that supports the work of the company and that has a direct impact on the bottom line. 5. Develops Principles Organizations have begun to realize the benefits of treating the whole person by actively supporting the formulation of ethical principles that promote personal growth, long-term character development, and personal connections of faith and work development. Assisting employees in integrating personal growth, learning, and faith with job performance benefits the organization. This type of principled emphasis includes providing resources that help employees better understand themselves, develop successful professional and personal relationships, and enhance personal management skills.

Employees are encouraged to develop an accurate and realistic sense of the impact that other people have on them and the impact that they have on others. 6. Promotes Vocation Organizations have long been aware of the benefits of shared ownership of corporate values by every member of the organization. By acknowledging that one’s general search for spiritual growth and fulfillment need not be separate from one’s work, organizations lay the groundwork for spiritual development to assist in engendering understanding among employees.

Companies that understand workplace spirituality go beyond being supportive of learning and development by helping employees develop a sense of “calling” or identification of passion about their lives and their work. Such companies emphasize the discovery and appropriate utilization of individual giftedness and encourage employees to use their unique skills within the organization. Grounded religious faith development is recognized as an important and deeply personal part of growth for many people, one that can help them more easily recognize their vocations.

The six components presented here as building blocks toward considering a model of workplace spirituality serve as a partial framework for engaging in a broader conversation of spirituality’s place and influence in Western business culture. The recent trend in businesses within the United States to reclaim and recognize the spiritual nature of people and the importance of incorporating the “whole person” at work will continue to change the face of how business is done in America for the foreseeable future. BENEFITS OF A SPIRITUAL WORKPLACE According to Wong (2003), when the workplace is spiritual you will see the ollowing changes at the workplace:

  • The organization will become purpose-driven and meaning-based.
  • Management with a mission will replace management of efficiency and control.
  • There will be a shift from fear-based culture to love-based culture.
  • Management practices and decisions will be clearly consistent with spiritual values such as integrity, honesty, love, hope, kindness, respect and nurturing. Adding to what Wong (2003) believes, research has shown that employees who are shown organizational kindness are more motivated to accomplishing tasks and are 86% more productive in organizations that show kindness versus those that don’t. Spirituality is about bringing passion – bringing your heart Spirituality is about bringing passion – bringing your heart, soul and spirit – to what you do, because from a spiritual perspective, work has a deeper meaning and serves a higher purpose.
  • Management learns to truly listen and builds a safe place where employees can speak the truth without fear of repercussions.
  • Management will break down the walls of hierarchy to create a sense of community and inspire a sense of belonging in the workers.
  • There is a new willingness to reflect on the meaning of life and moral implications in making important decisions. There is a shared attitude that products and services need to be beneficial to community and humanity.
  • Management will value employees based on who they are, what they can become, rather than what they can do for the company.
  • Bosses will treat employees in a responsible, respectful and caring way, because people are not instruments to be used and exploited. Research further shows that organizations that demonstrate valuation, mutual respect, and show consideration and concern for others report decreases in stress, burnout, and turnover, as well as increases in productivity Management will also resort to spiritual ways of resolving conflict. Therefore, they will be reluctant in issuing ultimatum and slow in the “firing trigger”.
  • There will be a move from command-and-control leadership to horizontal servant leadership, which emphasizes empowering, delegation and cooperation.
  • There will be an improvement in morale, job satisfaction, loyalty and productivity.
  • Spiritual dimension will be fully integrated with every aspect of work life, such as relationships, planning, budgeting, negotiation, compensation, etc Spirituality As A Tool For Better Working Condition

FAQ about Spirituality

What is the Significance of Fate and Destiny in Romeo and Juliet?
...In addition to accidents and coincidences being an influence that caused Romeo and Juliet’s death, good intentions were too. Friar Lawrence marrying Juliet and Romeo to end the feud that was going on between the Capulets and Montagues. He said to R...
Why People Believe in Fate?
...“The fates were personified as three very old women who spin the threads of human destiny” (Britannica 1). Their names were Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos. “Clotho spun the “thread” of human fate, Lachesis dispensed it, and Atropos cut the t...
“Prelude” speaks of spiritually exhausted people who exist in the impersonal, tawdry modern city
...In summary, Prelude speaks of spiritually exhausted people who exist in the impersonal, tawdry modern city, in my personal opinion this is true. In the modernism era, literature was not so fond of the beauty as in Romanticism, in that era people suff...
How Do I Love Thee Poem Analysis?
...This kind of love is hard to find these days. I liked this poem because it spoke to me. I do not think there are many men out there in this world that would sit down and write a poem for someone about how much they love them. They especially would no...

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