One Man's Discovery of Love and Faith in God

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The agony of abandonment was nothing compared to the love he had acquired through God and his partner. E.M. was destined for pain when his father walked out on him and his family six years ago. E.M. recalls that his father's departure felt like the end of his and his family's lives. He drifted from the path of God thus becoming reluctant in the affairs of God and even questioned God's existence. He soon realised that the same God he tried to neglect was the very God that would soon rescue him and his family.

"Regardless of what I go through I have God in my life who can never give up on me," said E.M..

Although E.M. has seen his father over the years, he still longs for fatherly love and says he will not stop wanting to see him. He also gave regard to his mother and is thankful for all she has done for him thus acclaiming himself a 'mama's boy'.

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The Kasama-born man, E, has found unconditional love in God after his traumatic experience with his father. He states that he is love because every human being is a reflection of love, and God is love. However, God is not the only love he has found. Years after his father vacated his family home, E.M. found love in an old secondary school friend, which is still blossoming,

The 23-year-old Lusaka resident states that he and his partner have never ceased to exist in each other lives even though being apart throughout high school.

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When asked about marrying her, E replied “definitely, there's no time to play. She is my first and last love," with an enthusiastic voice. E.M. however, condemns himself for trusting people easily as he usually gets let down but that is not the case when it comes down to his partner. He reflects on the first time he said he loved her which was in grade ten, although she didn't say back it, he knew she loved him through the actions she showed towards him.

Eventually, she said she loved him. E.M. describes the feeling as exceptional and out of this world. "There's a unique love that comes from someone who you are not related to, they just come into your life and occupy a space that your relatives cannot occupy," said E.M. He states that he sees true love in the eyes of his partner the way he sees it in the eyes of Jesus. E.M.'s partner states that their personal slogan is 'love is to win, and that is something they always remember especially when in an argument.

"When love ceases in you as an individual you are dead,” says E.M. Though E.M. has faced hardships when it comes to his absent father, it does not define him. He is a God-fearing man that is without a doubt filled and fuelled by love. E.M. ended by stating "my life is defined by one single word and that is just God."

Updated: Apr 05, 2023
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