Essays on Population Growth

Demographic Factors
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Many developing nations are experiencing rapid increases in population size, which gives researchers the reason to talk about the overpopulation and its impact on poverty. This, for instance, is the case in Haiti where a large population density has contributed to the depletion of the island’s scarce resources. In underdeveloped nations, the population increase that was experienced by the developed nations much earlier is happening at this time. The population explosion Since the end of the nineteenth century, the death…...
Population GrowthPovertySocial Life Of Human BeingSocial Problems In Our SocietySocietySociology
The Reasons for Rapid Population Growth in Nineteenth Century Britain
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The Reasons for Rapid Population Growth in Nineteenth Century BritainNumber of people walking the face of Earth has ever been at changeless alteration and the growing in population has ever been a great issue of concern and attending by authoritiess and leaders throughout clip, particularly if occurred in a short period of clip. Reasons for rapid enlargement in population can be accredited to several factors such as birthrate, mortality, migration, and matrimony. This natural cause sometimes good and sometimes black…...
BritainEnglandMarriagePopulation GrowthScotlandUrbanization
Overpopulation Growth
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Today, the world's population is 7.6 billion. Statistics have proven that, in the next 31 years, by 2050 the world's population will reach 9 billion. This will have a major impact on the environment such as pollution, a major strain on housing, natural resources, and even education. For this reason, it is important to limit the population growth in the world and prevent it from reaching 9 billion. With more population growth; cities are getting more abundant and highly populated.…...
Air PollutionOverpopulationPopulation GrowthWater Pollution
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According to the Britannica Encyclopedia Population growth is the rate of natural
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According to the Britannica Encyclopedia, Population growth is the rate of natural increase combined with the effects of migration. Factors that lead to population growth include; high birth rate, migration, low infant mortality, improved lifestyle, Education, government policy, economic growth, improved health systems and so forth.According to a report released by United Nations Department of Economics and Social Affairs (UN DESA) report, World Population Prospects: The 2017 Revision, the current world population is over 7.7 billion and its predicted to…...
Population Growth
Population growth is a major issue that needs to be addressed in
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Population growth is a major issue that needs to be addressed in the years to come. The population is growing at an exponential rate. The world's resources will need to produce more to meet the needs of the growing population. The population is increasing because of the major improvements in healthcare and health consciousness. As a result of the this, the death rate has decreased which means that people are living longer. The growing population puts a major burden on…...
NaturePopulation Growth
Human Population Growth And Its Effect Environmental Sciences
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Population growth can be defined as an increase or decrease in the population size of living species including human beings. Human populations are also subject to natural process of birth and death. There has been a rapid increase in the worlds human population over the last few decades (UNFPA, 2011). Unless urgent steps are taken to control population, serious problems can arise like environment damage and limited availability of food resources. Continuous population growth can be problem and therefore it…...
EconomyMan And EnvironmentNaturePopulation And EnvironmentPopulation Growth
Effects of Rapid Population Growth
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While population growth is at times a beneficial thing for a species, there are many factors that define when growth becomes detrimental. When population growth becomes "rapid" there is a great chance that the counter-productive level has been reached. The most accurate index is the balance between population and sustainability. 1. Rapid Growth oRapid growth is a quick increase in population. The number concerned when calculating the population is the number of individuals alive. In other words, while some areas…...
HealthPopulationPopulation Growth
Environmental Science Worksheet
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1. What would you include in a brief summary on the history of the environmental movement? The environmental movement is closely related with the appearance of environmental awareness. Before 1960, very few people knew the term ecology. Environmental concerns were absent in the political and social spheres. However, a groundbreaking book by Rachel Carson, Silent Spring, was published in 1960 and large numbers of people became aware of the consequences of humans’ encroachment upon the nature in terms of the…...
AgricultureEnvironmentLifeNaturePopulationPopulation Growth
The Population Bomb
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In Paul Ehrlich's controversial tome The Population Bomb, the Stanford University entomologist espouses an up-to-date revival of the Malthusian disaster argument, which presumes that population growth will exceed civilization's ability to support it. Composed in 1968, the book prognosticates that "in the 1970s and 1980s, numerous millions of people will starve to death," which radical action is needed to limit growth in order to avoid the capacity for mass scarcity. (Ehrlich, 1968) Written simply a couple of years after the…...
PopulationPopulation GrowthSustainability
Population Education
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It's all about people - how the human race has grown and shaped the world around us. World population has quadrupled in the past century, changing the way we use natural resources and function as societies. Population education is the ultimate multi-disciplinary field; it's ecology, human geography, anthropology, economics, biology, public health, sociology, environmental studies, history and civics all rolled into one, with a good bit of mathematics to help us understand where we've come from and where we might…...
EducationPopulationPopulation ExplosionPopulation Growth
Population growth trends of the Most Industrialized Nations and Least Industrialized Nations
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World is being divided in two parts demographically. One half of the world including the industrialized countries has completed the demographic transition. In these countries, fertility rate is quite low. In the other half, where birth rates remain high, rapid population growth is beginning to overwhelm local life-support systems in many countries, leading to ecological deterioration and declining living standards. Once this deterioration begins, rapid population growth and ecological deterioration feed on each other, pushing countries into a demographic trap.…...
AsiaEconomyNationPopulationPopulation Growth
Overpopulation Is Caused by Poverty
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Bangladesh is one of the poor countries with one of the highest population of the world. Is the country poor because of the huge number of people or the poverty itself is the reason behind the overpopulation? To answer this question, I have looked at the overall development condition and population of the world and tried to find the missing links between the two. First I presented some facts about world population and demography. Then I analyzed the Malthusian and…...
Birth ControlCause And Effect Of PovertyOverpopulationPolicyPopulationPopulation Explosion
Human Population: The Overpopulation Problem and Sustainable Solutions
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Human society lives in the atmosphere of numerous environmental threats. However, no dangers are as threatening to humanity as those created by humans themselves. Like global warming and the extinction of animal and plant species, overpopulation has already turned into the definitive feature of the postmodern environmental reality. Few strategies have been developed to address the overpopulation issue. The positive effects of those strategies had been but few. Today, there is an urgent need to develop a global sustainable strategy…...
FoodHealthHumanIncreasing PopulationOverpopulationPopulation Growth
Overpopulation Essay
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Examine one cause and one effect of overpopulation referring to examples you have studied. Overpopulation occurs when there are not enough basic resources in an area to support the population. Basic resources include food, shelter, clean water, fuel and farmland. The main cause of overpopulation I will discuss is: High birth rates with the effect lack of food I will base my answer on the studied region of Sudan, Africa Cause: High birth rates Overpopulation has occurred in Sudan because…...
OverpopulationPopulation Growth
Population Control
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Population should be controlled for a number of reasons. Firstly, the resources are limited and are running out. Secondly, shortage of finances is a result. However, it is considered an unethical practice in some religions and abortion is strictly prohibited. Moreoever, it adds to the GDP as more is demanded consumed and produced. Beginning on this topic, first and foremost reason as to why population should be controlled is because natural resources are running out. Not everybody has access to…...
PopulationPopulation Growth
Population Growth in Mexico City
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Over the last century, the population of Mexico City has been increasing rapidly. The population has almost double in size every ten years in the last few decades. There are about ten thousand people per square kilometre and there are over three million registered vehicles in Mexico City. During the war years, there was an economic boom in Mexico City, and the population went up, following those years, the population still rocketed upwards. Around two thousand people immigrant into Mexico…...
ImmigrationMexicoPollutionPopulation Growth
The Neo-Malthusian Population theory
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As stated the Neo-Malthusian population theory claims that poor nations are stuck in a cycle of poverty which they can't get out of unless some sort of preventative measures of population checks are engaged. The Malthusian model was developed two centuries ago by a man named Thomas Malthus. Malthus's model is based upon a relationship between both population growth as well as economic development. Empirical studies now-a-days show that the population theory model is quite flawed because of many factors…...
PopulationPopulation GrowthPopulation Malthus
Population Problem in Bangladesh
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Bangladesh is a developing country of Southeast Asia. There are many problems in this country, which are said to be major obstacles in the development of this country. Excessive Population is said to be the worst among all current problems. If we compare to the global population we will see why population causes such damage to the development of Bangladesh. The area of Bangladesh is near to 1,47,570 square kilometer. The current population of Bangladesh is approximately over 164 million…...
BangladeshEconomyPoliticsPopulationPopulation Growth
Demographic Data Interpretation
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Using the results from A1, we can see that there is the Black American Female Population has a lower CDR and a higher ISDR than the White American Female Population. As we know CDR does not refer to sub-groups that might better represent the population likely to experience the death, which indicates that it takes no account of the age structure of the population. In fact, the age structure of populations can have substantial effects on crude rates. (CDR= ΣPop…...
DataPopulationPopulation GrowthSocial Issues
Essay on ‘Rapid population growth’
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The increase population in demand in resources will sparks the competition between the producers. The evolve of technology will help the population to develop. China is one of many countries that is taking the advantages of the rapid population. Population & development The world has been going through many changes recently. Two of the most noticeable changes are increase in population and development. Population Growth is a bane? There are two major theories supporting the populating growth being a bane.…...
EconomicsPopulation Growth
“A Study on the Relationship between Overpopulation and Depletion of Natural Resources that Affects the Economic Status of the Philippines”
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In the year 1990, there were approximately 60.70 million people living in the Philippines. Population increased from 1990 to 2000 by approximately 15.81 million people. In 2012, the Philippines total reaches 103.78 million compared to the 2000 population of 81.16 million. The size of the human population is changing at an extremely high rate in the last years which makes the state the 12th most overpopulated country in the whole world. According to U.S. Agency for International Development (2000), it…...
EconomicsNatural resourcesOverpopulationPhilippinesPopulation GrowthRelationship
Population Demographics
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1.How do you suppose living conditions differ between the countries furthest along in the demographic transition compared to the country earliest in the transition? How would living conditions in these two countries affect both birth and death rates? The living condition for countries earlier in the demographic transitions such as health and food supply are improving. Thus better health conditions decrease death rates and more food supply can lead to increasing birth rates. Since living conditions (health and food supply)…...
EducationHealthImmigrationPopulationPopulation Growth
Compare and Contrast the Demographic Perspectives of Thomas Malthus and Karl Marx with respect to the causes and consequences of population growth
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“As we venture further into the 21st century, the global population seems to be growing at an alarming rate. By 2030 the world is to home of estimation 8.3 billion, as compared to 6.12 billion just 30 years prior.” (UN 2008) This quote speaks to the increasing population growth that the world is facing right now. A demographic perspective is an understanding of how the causes of population are related to the consequences. Thomas Malthus and Karl Marx are population…...
Increasing PopulationKarl MarxPopulation GrowthPopulation Malthus
Demographic Winter and Its Effects on the Society
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Concept Paper Final Draft: “Demographic Winter and Its Effect on Society” For years, people have in mind that the world’s population has been increasing annually. While it is true that a daily increment of 215,060 and yearly growth of 1.10% is happening on our world population of 7,174,592,903 (United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs Population Division, population Estimates, and Projections Sections), the demographic trend is actually changing in contrast to the beliefs of many. Historical events that occurred…...
DivorcePopulation GrowthSociety
Disadvantages of Large Population of a Country in Relation to Development
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"Overpopulation is a curse to the society’s overall growth. Several countries facing this problem are trying to control their population growth. India, for example, has been introducing family planning programs to curtail the growth of its population." Population growth in a country using a capitalist economic system means more demand for products and therefore economic growth. For a country with a low population and a lot of land, it can be an advantage especially if the distribution of wealth remains…...
CountryDevelopmentPopulationPopulation Growth
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