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If overpopulation continues we will begin to see many changes in the way we live. Air pollution would become extremely deadly, rise in respiratory diseases and asthma. Air pollution will also see a rise in lung and bladder cancer as well as skin cancer. Hospitals will become overcrowded due to the increase in diseases. There would be higher rates of HIV/AIDS due to more uneducated people. Natural disasters will appear more often due to the increase in carbon dioxide in the environment. Amplified climate change, the increase in the number of people will only intensify the problem. This will lead to an increase in carbon dioxide; this will lead to an increase in natural disasters. Due to climate change, the world will experience the mass extinction of animals as well as plants. Deforestation will continue to happen on a global scale. Deforestation leads to an increasing amount of carbon dioxide and the impacts that will have I already discussed.

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Huge Traffic Jams, Food Scarcity and Littering

Since there will be more people on the planet there will be significantly more cars on the road leading to huge traffic jams as well as overcrowded public transports. Food prices will begin to skyrocket because of the high demand and a lack of supply. Because of the lack of food, there will be overfishing which can never be good. The need to produce more food for a bigger population would put pressure on local and commercial farms. This could lead to rigorous consumption of plants by farm animals, which is known as overgrazing. The lack of rotation of grazing animals combined with their overconsumption of natural resources would ruin the soil and lead to a range of other issues concerning the environment. A larger population would lead to more plastic being produced and it is known that the human species tend to dumping their unwanted things wherever they please so this is a massive problem when it comes to the ocean. The ocean will be flooded with unwanted items such as plastic.

Water and Economic Issues

Though an overwhelming majority of the planet is water, only a limited amount of that water is actually freshwater that is consumable. What’s more, the population at its current size is already facing issues related to water scarcity so adding even more humans will lead to water scarcity everywhere on earth. When dry land is overused for cultivation or other purposes, it eventually leads to desertification. Unemployment rates will increase due to the number of people compared to jobs currently available. With a higher unemployment rate, the business will begin to close due to the number of people being able to afford goods being minimal and will weaken countries’ economic growth. The strain overpopulation puts on resources and opportunities can lead to tension between nations and communities, this tension has the ability to start wars.

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How is overpopulation hindering the global march towards sustainable living?
...GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE: INDIVIDUAL RESEARCHHow is overpopulation hindering the global march towards sustainable living? What measures can be taken to overcome this? Topic: Sustainable LivingOverpopulation has suddenly become an uncontrollable disaster. T...

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