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Water Importance
Words • 320
Pages • 2
Water is extremely important for developing nations, such as India. Water is a basic resource which supports economic growth and maintains daily life. Water crisis referring to scarcity of freshwater resources has become one of the major challenges throughout the world. This has resulted from many interrelated issues such as population explosion, and climate change. The global population has increased from 3 to 7 billion people in five decades placing considerable pressure on water resources. It is estimated that by…...
EnvironmentPopulation ExplosionWaterWater Scarcity
Population Education
Words • 504
Pages • 2
It's all about people - how the human race has grown and shaped the world around us. World population has quadrupled in the past century, changing the way we use natural resources and function as societies. Population education is the ultimate multi-disciplinary field; it's ecology, human geography, anthropology, economics, biology, public health, sociology, environmental studies, history and civics all rolled into one, with a good bit of mathematics to help us understand where we've come from and where we might…...
EducationPopulationPopulation ExplosionPopulation Growth
Population Explosion in India
Words • 1549
Pages • 6
Population explosion is a problem which is faced by the country at an alarming state. The way at which the population of the country is increasing is a cause of concern and so me of the causes of population explosion are: High birth rate which is caused by: Universal marriage system where everyone necessarily needs to get married in the country. Early marriage where the average age of marriage is extremely low as compared to other countries of the world.…...
EconomicsEconomyIndiaLiteracyPopulationPopulation Explosion
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Population Density
Words • 957
Pages • 4
Population explosion and overcrowding has become an ever increasing threat to the world today. Overcrowding describes a condition where space has become limited and therefore, has negative effects. The problem of overcrowding can be more threatening if it occurs in a area where people came from diverse backgrounds and are not civil with each other. Overcrowding is a serious problem. To illustrate, I recall a time when I was living in a college dormitory. There, I have to respect other…...
ImmigrationNoiseOvercrowdingPollutionPopulationPopulation Explosion
Overpopulation Is Caused by Poverty
Words • 1588
Pages • 6
Bangladesh is one of the poor countries with one of the highest population of the world. Is the country poor because of the huge number of people or the poverty itself is the reason behind the overpopulation? To answer this question, I have looked at the overall development condition and population of the world and tried to find the missing links between the two. First I presented some facts about world population and demography. Then I analyzed the Malthusian and…...
Birth ControlCause And Effect Of PovertyOverpopulationPolicyPopulationPopulation Explosion
Threats to Global Food Supplies
Words • 523
Pages • 2
There are many threats to global food supplies. Explain the problem, identify possible solutions and assess the effectiveness of these solutions. In recent years, food security has become one of the most thorniest problems that the world faces.The population explosion and climate change had caused by food security. The essay will show that threats to global food supplies are on people’s health and ecosystems. It is also argued that managing crop productions and matching demand for food may have a…...
FoodHealthPopulation Explosion
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