Five Year Career Development Plan

Career development plan helps to identify your strengths and area where to develop your career, “The traditional definition of career development is focussed on the goal of preparing for the world of work” (Hennequin, 2007, p 568). Sometimes some people would fail to achieve success because of the lack of hard work and due to improper implementation of the skills and knowledge. The key skills like self-motivation, independent learning, effective time and money management and self -promotion gives a goal oriented approach for career.

I always wonder how a software can be essential in day-to-day life as it has greater impact on individuals and modern world is incomplete without software and its applications. In like manner, I choose computer security as my specialization in Master of Administrative Science. Career Goals and Objectives To achieve anything in the career goal setting plays an important role, Goal setting is the key in career planning which helps to gain knowledge, skills and develop personality. Making short term goals and long term goals is a challenge when we don’t know what future holds or where we are going in life.

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Choosing an occupation and moving forward must involve an assessment system of clarifying, implementing and executing the work at the right time and that results in success of the person. We need to select the achievable goals with lots of confidence to achieve it, my goal is to become a manager in software organizations. To enter into the software industry, we need to excel in any one of the software language, to achieve my goal I have chosen Java software language.

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In process to reach my goal, it takes a minimum 5 years of time. Here Firstly, I will focus on my background and self-assessment, which includes a SWOT analysis.

Secondly, I will explain my vision and mission in detail. SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTHS • What I’m Good At o I am a very organized person that stays on top of important dates, meetings, and deadlines. o Communication comes hand in hand with the organization. I have the ability to communicate effectively with my staff. o Trustworthiness and accountability are also very important strengths that I have to offer. o Very good understanding of Windows Server 2003 and average skills with Linux distribution Ubuntu (command line). I also plan to study Apple Server as well.

o I am very good at the JAVA programming. • Which Strengths Do I Wish to Apply o It is essential for my stress levels maintain organization. Besides in order to efficiently run a project, I need to be organized and code everything. o As many strengths as I can have about programming is valuable in my career field. o Knowing the effect of bugs in the IT is another strength that I would like to apply in my career. IT professionals need to be well rounded with skills and knowledge. • Prioritizing My Strengths o Java Programming o Communication o Organization o Trustworthiness

• Why I Decided to Enter the Field of IT? o First and for most, I have an obsession with technology, gadgets, and computers. I like the idea of working with technology everyday for a living. o IT pays very well, depending on the position. o Nothing else at my University excited my interests because my field of study is Electronics and communication engineering. • My Most Notable Achievements o 3. 6 GPA o Highest percent grade ever in my core Communications course. • What Can I Bring to My Employer o I can bring IT experience (4 years) o I can bring Sun Certification as a Java Programmer.

WEAKNESSES • My Weaknesses Include o Personal ? I prefer to work in groups or alongside someone. ? I do value my time outside of work more than I should. ? Staying focused on one task for a long time is hard for me because I have to be done. o Professional ? My networking skills are limited. ? Problem solving ability could use more practice. • How do my weaknesses affect my job performance? o All these weaknesses are things I can correct before or during my job and career. My weaknesses are necessarily road blocks for my career. I can get the training and make my weaknesses my strengths.

• I do not foresee my weaknesses impacting my career goals? • What I am Doing to Work on These Problems o I have purchased a Microsoft Networking training manual that I will start to read and experiment with building networking stuff. o I plan on learning installation of routers. Opportunity 1. Because technology is so ever changing, new positions are created every day. 2. More and more companies open their doors for business each day. Most of them need a programmer. 3. If I cannot make a career out of corporate settings, residential work for consumer is in high demand. 4.

Most programmers need to be managed by a team and I will become as manager as well with that experience. THREATS o Personally ? Working more than 40 hours a week. ? Traveling if necessary. o Professionally ? Dealing with the possibility of working alone. In order to reach my goal for the first two years I am doing masters in computer security and forensic. I need to complete my masters with 3. 80 GPA, after completing my masters the third year I need to update the Java language. With all my degrees and knowledge in software language in fourth year I would find jobs in software company as a Java developer post.

In the Fifth year I would try to reach my goal as a manager in the software industry. Achieving my goal mainly depends on my attitude towards goal and implementing the plan with commitment. My objective is to check every point whether I am reaching for my goal or not. To be a master of my goal I need to take one thing at a time for my career growth, I need to start again, my course from the start and I need to complete my current course. To get 3. 80 GPA and to maintain it throughout a Master’s program is a tough task. So, I will monitor my performance in class, presentations, and term papers.

If I am not doing well with my GPA, then I would analyze the parameters which are preventing me to do so and improve them with immediate effect. I had 70% in my previous education and I completed my Java certification, so it is possible to achieve what I deserve. I will try to get a job in MNC which will not only pays me a handsome salary, but also gives me respect, passion and relevant experience for my future endeavors with international exposure. With all education and experience in a related computer field in fifth year I would try to reach manager post, so that my goal would be completed.

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Five Year Career Development Plan
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