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Long-term career development requires dedication, devotion and determination in order to stay motivated to achieve goals in whatever respect. For instance if one is aspirant in making a career in hospitality management as food and beverage manager, what are the threats that are ahead when an aspirant would like to make career.

Firstly, there cannot be quick growth in career in F&B management, as it is a long-term career and one has to wait in order to get the required results in terms of earnings, stability in job and security in job.

 The subject area of F&B is quite wide and the competition may be tough in order to find recruitment in a good five star restaurant which is why the candidates have to be thoroughly professional in present CVs, interview and even if asked to present a speech in writing or participate in a discussion.

The changing scenario of globalization provides many opportunities and similarly threats in hotel management opportunities.

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  Candidates have to be extremely dynamic and smart enough to perform tasks of diversified fields.  Selection of code of dress, personal care and presentation is all part of F&B Management apart from possessing good culinary arts.

F&B manager always have to be ready for all kind of customers who check in into the restaurants especially in tourist countries viz., U.S. Canada, Australia and Germany.  Losing job on incapable grounds is a big threat and candidates must always endeavor to not be a part of such pool and must always stay ahead to retain jobs and make a lemonade when have a lemon.

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Threats are only a basis to assess oneself and make an attempt to overcome threats and become efficient in respective job.  Periodical review of self-assessment, performance and evaluation would certainly erase potential threats for a good candidate.


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Updated: Aug 14, 2020
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