Completed Proposal for New Career Development Program

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I am writing to you today share my completed proposal to implement a new career development program. I feel there is an immediate need in this organization for leaders to show that they are invested in our employees. We have recently gone through a large transition which unfortunately included layoffs. Along with that we are implementing many changes which can be difficult for our employees to understand and adapt to. Some of our staff members are scared and we are risk of losing valuable analysts.

My proposal program is a multi-step program that will bring the leaders and employees together. Creating and executing this program will increase job satisfaction, productivity and improve employee retention. My proposal includes implementing a mentoring program, establishing a documented progression plan and proving training for employees. This will improve morale and bring us all together again as a successful team. I have attached the completed proposal for your review.

Career development is a vital part of retaining quality employees and improving workplace satisfaction, which is what we need right now.

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Our employees want to know what options are available to them to take their development to the next level. Employees who feel that their companies are invested in their success are in turn invested in their company and have a sense of loyalty. Loyal, satisfied employees promote their company and produce higher quality output. A study completed by PR Newswire found that “Organizations that have more employees (40%+) with clear, well-communicated career paths are almost three times more likely to see increased employee retention” (‘Career development study shows direct link to business results,” 2018).

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Retaining employees has a financial impact to our department by creating less turnover and more motivated employees. With the turmoil caused by the recent organizational changes I feel that implementing this program will bring some positive impacts to our teams.

Executive Summary

Right now our employees are feeling scared, unsure of the future and are losing trust in leadership. Our organization has undergone multiple changes that have had real impacts on our teams. Between recent layoffs, launches of new tools and leadership changes, it is understandable for them to feel unstable and unsure about their future. Now more than ever, as we recover from those dramatic changes, we need to put our employees first. We are at risk for our employees to seek employment elsewhere. In a survey of almost 300 HR specialists it was determined that 69% of employees called out the absence of career opportunities as one of the top three reasons they left their last job and 51% reported that it led to a decrease in job commitment and engagement (Davis, 2015). We have a real risk of employees leaving in high numbers at this time.

A solution for turning that around is to implement a career development program. The career development program includes a career progression path, a mentoring program and additional training. This will show our teams that we are investing in their future. It will show that they have some security and that they are important to us. Implementing the new program will improve employee satisfaction which will improve employee retention and lower costs to the organization. I know that I am the right person to lead this project and drive results because I have accomplished this before in the last company that I worked for. Within just 3 three months we saw employee satisfaction improve 20% and over the course of the year employee retention improved 30%. Failure to enact some radical changes will lead to a loss of valuable employees and will cost you time and money as you search for replacements. These enhancements are necessary for the continued success of your company.


In the last 2 months we have lost 15% of our staff. During their exit interviews the clear message that came across was that the employees felt like our company didn’t care about their future. We had recent layoffs and there was no communications or action plans after that happened to show the existing employees that they had a future in this company. In an article in Business Management and Review, investing in training is “responsible for improving the employee’s motivation, commitment employee job satisfaction, job-related stress, employee work involvement and overall organizational production” (Khair, 2013). I propose moving forward with new programs that include training, mentoring and a transparent path towards career development.


Star Communications started out as a local telecommunications company in the 1980’s. In just 30 short years it has grown into one of the top three national companies of its industry. Growth and expansion ebbs and flows and with that individual offices have grown and shrank. Technology has also changed and with new technology and automation there has been some shrinkage in need for physical manpower. In the last 5 years 10% of the workforce has been cut. With that said, employees are still the foundation of the business and there is a need to keep employees satisfied. According to the Human Resource Management International Digest, “a successful career-development strategy has several important characteristics. They include beginning early, communicating clearly, partnering employees, facilitating internal movements and taking action frequently” (Davis, 2015). Communication will need to be a key component in implementing our new strategies as it will help to build some of the trust and relationships that we have lost over the recent months.


We should implement a documented progression plan that is available and visible to all (possibly posted on our department SharePoint). This would outline each job and level (ex: analyst 2, analyst 3 etc.) and what the requirements are for each role. This list would include required trainings and skill sets.

The following is a table that I have drafted for your review of a potential progression path for our analysts. It outlines the requirements for each job level. Our employees can use this as a tool to guide their development. They will need to validate that they are meeting all of the requirements of their current role, and start to tackle some of the requirements of the next level role, in order to request to an opportunity for a promotion. This chart puts the ownership on the employee to take control of their development.

The progression path chart starts with the job responsibilities. This column outlines what the current role and expectations are for each job level. The next column speaks to educational requirements. This is helpful for those who want to go back to school by providing details on what we expect. The fifth column reviews what internal company training you must complete before you are eligible for a promotion. These are all free online courses. The analyst has to take the initiative to sign up for and complete. The last column are additional skill requirements for each level. This includes knowledge of tools such as Excel, Word, and SQL.

To help employees work towards progression, a mentoring program would be a great tool. This gives employees an opportunity to meet with leaders in the organization outside of their team for feedback, networking and training. It gives them access to a person to have open and honest conversations with. They can discuss where they are at professionally and what their opportunities or struggles are, without feeling like it could hurt their career. Participation in the program should be a reward for people who are working towards their progression plan. We need to develop guidelines to the program that include length of time, end goal of the mentorship program and specific tasks that need to be completed along the way. The progression path documentation should be used as a guide for the mentoring partnership. The mentoring program is also an opportunity for the leaders to develop their skills in developing talented staff and is something they can use to progress in their own careers. According to INC. online, mentorship shows the company cares, creates a more engaged workforce and leads to high job satisfaction (Power, 2015).

There is also a training requirement with these career development tools. Employees can meet with their mentors and review the required training in their progression plans to develop individualized training paths. The training will include both online training courses as well as job shadowing. I would also like to put into effect an opportunity for employees who meet the requirements for a promotion to do conduct a “day in the life of” and follow a leader for a day. This will educate our teams on what our leaders do, teach them about the bigger picture besides their role and help to bridge gaps with the employees and leaders.

The changes in my proposal will not cost us any money. We will utilize existing resources, which are the leaders in our organization. Each employee who is ready to embark on their journey to the next level will be paired with a leader. Leaders will be required to have at least one mentee each year, with the mentorship lasting one quarter. The mentor and mentee will meet on a weekly basis. In their first session they will discuss the mentee’s goals and document an action plan to be worked on in the course of the quarter.


The goal of career development program is to create a culture where employees and leaders work together to create trust, growth and security which will improve the business as a whole. This will lead to employee satisfaction, productivity and retention all of which will save the business money.


Stars Communications needs to invest in its employees. They are what runs the company. We have lost staff already, planned and unplanned, and we must retain the existing base. Starting over with hiring new employees is costly both by the actual cost of hiring and training but also with the loss of skillset and knowledge. According to Small Business Report, organizations who have to look for management talent from outside the organization can see costs averaging 40,000 per employee recruitment (“Career development programs”, 1987). In implementing a career development program Stars will save money, promote growth and also impact customers. Happy employees promote their companies and non-satisfied employees create consumer detractors. I have created a survey to be taken at the introduction of the program, mid-way and at the conclusion for the participants so that we can analyze our strengths and opportunities. This will also allow us data to share with senior leadership to prove it’s’ value. I look forward to leading the charge with this program and to show the power that this program has to create positivity and growth for our organization.


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