Continuing Professional Development: Career Growth

Section 1

Continuing Professional Development is widely recognised as fundamental to the improvement of standards and skills for individuals and their industries. (CPD UK) It’s a customised path for an individual’s career growth, by taking and documenting your skills and competences as well as your gaps and ways to improve them in order for you to achieve the best results.

This will help me learn and progress. It will help support and promote continuous improvements within my organization. It is also a great persona l investment to improve myfuture career and open many more doors and opportunities.

Knowledge skills and behaviours required to be an effective HR practitioner To be an effective HR practitioner there are certain criteria needed. I chose three from the provision map below and explained what skills, knowledge, and behaviours are needed to achieve them.

Leading HR:


  • Setting goals, plans and targets for employees
  • Coaching and leading
  • Motivating employees


  • Understanding and studyi ng the ins and outs of the organization.

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  • Rules and regulations related to the HR.


  • Acting as a role model
  • Seeking continues feedback
  • Personal integrity / Good ethics in the work place

These skills, behaviours, and knowledge help by maximizing t he contribution that HR makes in the organisation and across the business.

Learning & Development:


  • Training skills / teaching.
  • Analysing employees.
  • Training evaluation.


  • Employee training needs
  • Training polices and methods
  • Employees levels.
  • Buget set for L&D


  • Open to learning
  • Encourage and persuade
  • Giving positive feedback.

These skills, behaviours, and knowledge ensure that the organization has continues learning opportunities for all in alliance with their needs and levels.

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Furthermore, it encourages employees to keep developing.

Insights, strategy & solutions


  • Design plans
  • Cooperating
  • Integrity


  • Knowing the ins and outs of the organization
  • Rules and regulations related to the HR
  • Project management


  • Maintaining a close relationship with employees.
  • Excellent leadership practices.

These ski lls, behaviours, and knowledge, help to gather insight and facilitate the development of HR strategies, plans, and solutions.

Development needs & action plans

I have development needs I need to work on improving such as:

  • improving my methods of collecting and understanding data to help in my decision making.

Development options:

  • Researching decision tools and techniques using websites such as .
  • Taking excel co urses

I will choose the first option because I can do research in my own time. It is way better than taking courses as I would need to set a specific time each week.

  • To grasp the main principles and basics of project management.

Development options:

  • By wo rking closely with an individual in my organization that is an expert in this field.
  • Attending workshops
  • Take online courses

I will go with the third option as it saves time and can be done at home in my own time.

  • Work on ways to conduct training needs analysis.

Development options:

  • Find the standard approach when conducting training needs analysis.
  • Research best practice on the CIPD website and compare this to the way myorganisation works.

The second development option is the most suitable, because in the past few months the manger put together a team to research this matter. This will benefit me with CIPD course as well as at work.

Section 2


The organization I work for is the Ministry of Interior. The Ministry of Interior is the responsible authority for national security, naturalization, immigration and customs in Saudi Arabia. (Wikipedia)

Our organization is constantly changing and developing. Some of the main changes made in recent years include, setting up new teams and departments related to the HR. For example, setting up HR development, performance management, complaints & internal communication units etc.

Internal Customers

An internal customer is defined as anyone within an organization, who at any t ime is dependent on anyone else within the organization. (Octane Magazine December 2007) The role the HR has in my organization is important to internal customers. It holds the key to most their needs. As the HR department we deal with many internal custom ers and try to provide them with the best possible service in order for our organization to function efficiently. We have many internal customers. I chose three below and identified their needs:

Management Needs:


Top management requires us to give in reports such as employee performance reports (KPIs) to make a decision on their training, development needs and assign warnings.


They also need our recommendations sometimes so they can take suitable actions and decisions to author ise certain development plans when dealing with departments.

Payroll department Needs:

Employee details & job titles

The payroll department needs employees’ job titles and details to help them calculate the exact salary amount needed to be processed. It can also help them with the development of a credible payroll system.

Employee payment terms

The payment terms are important in order for them to determine which staff are on full term, short term, or on hourly based contracts. This allows th em to process payments on time and with alliance to employees’ contract terms.

New Employees Needs:

Working terms and duty schedule

New employees need support from the HR department. They need their job terms, requirements, and schedules to be clear in or der for them to start progressing. This avoids wasted time trying to figure out things alone and can also avoid any confusion.

Performance evaluation reports

Freshers in any organization need constructive feedback to improve and get to the level required from them by their organization. This will help them meet their fellow colleges’ level and make them aware of any gaps to improve.

Conflicting Needs and Priorities

Each internal customer has their own needs from mangers to new employees. These needs can be conflicting with each other. Internal conflict can greatly impact the person’s performance level. Many times, being able to talk about the situation and the source of the conflict can help tremendously. (chron)

We sometimes face these conflicts. Fo r instance, we get vacation requests from employees at a busy or stressful time when the managers need their workforce. These two needs are conflicting and require prioritization and a satisfactory solution.

HR practitioners need to be democratic in t heir approach when dealing with conflicts and issues regarding internal customer needs. As a HR practitioner, I can manage conflicting needs and prioritize as follows:

First, I acknowledge the existing conflicting situation. Next, I give a fair chance to everyone involved to express their feelings in order to define the problem. From this HR can prioritise their needs based upon their importance and urgency, as well as d etermine the effect it will have on performance in the overall organization. After that I can find common areas of agreement. Finally, I can come up with a solution that is satisfactory to all parties taking into account priorities too.

Methods of Communication

Within my organization we have many customers that HR deals with. This requires us to have effective methods to communicate to meet their needs within time and efficiently.

I chose three communication methods we use and identified the advantages and disadvantages below:

Email communications

Using emails to communicate has some benefits which are;

  • Convenient / doesn’t require you to be physically available
  •  Cost -effective, saves recourses such as paper
  • It is faster than meetings

How ever, it has disadvantages which include;

  • It can be a lot for a busy individual to process
  • It can be misunderstood as it lacks tone and body language.
  • It Pressures employees to reply which can take up their time.

Face to face communications

Face to face communications have many benefits such as:

  • Easy to understand when body language and tone are present.
  • Allows for open discussions which helps in decision making.
  • It’s a good way to get employees together and assure everyone is on the same page.

It a lso has some disadvantages:

  • It’s difficult for many busy employees to find time for meetings.
  • It can cost more than other methods and require more resources.

Written communication

Written communication can be an effective way to communicate:

  • Authoritative Document/ formal when needed.
  • Easily understood.
  • Can be passed around pinned up and accessed by many.

Written communication can have some disadvantages such as:

  • Lack of secrecy. Written communication is exposed to everyone who is concerned with the message or information. ( business communication articles 2013).
  • Wastes resources and can be expensive.
  • Can cause late feedback.

Delivering HR service

In the ministry we use the ERP system to deliver HR services effectively. Enter prise resource planning is a suite of integrated business software applications that allow companies to track and manage data and even automate some business functions, including Human Resources. (techadvisory 2014)

The ERP system allows all departments wi thin the Ministry to connect directly with the HR department. This Saves time and resources while providing an effective solution to many issues. For instance, the managers for each department can input employee’s information for the month relating to thei r overtime, bonuses, travel expenses, or absents etc. The system then automatically processes this information depending on the terms and conditions and budgets previously programmed into it. It will then calculate salaries including extras or subtracting any deductibles. It will then deliver this to the finance department so they may process payments.

The ERP system is also accessible to employees. It’s an effective solution when dealing with difficult customers. Difficult customers can file any objection s, complaints or give their feedback which can be utilized. The relevant departments can look into it further. This saves time and can minimize any drama or unnecessary emotions and conflicts, as it’s all done through the system. It’s clear and transparent .


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