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Enhancing the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Program

From my point of view, the current implementation of this program by the state is void ab initio – it is wrong from the start. If you’re asking why, here are some of my reasons:

It is a requirement to renew the teaching license. A teacher has already poured blood, sweat and tears obtaining that teaching license. Adding this requirement will just make them shy away from the relevant programs that should be for them.

The purpose of CPE is to enhance and add new skills and new learning, not only as a mere requirement to renew the teaching license. Doing so defeats its true purpose.

Programs are not relevant to the teachers. Because it is a requirement to renew the license, teachers, especially those who are about to renew their license, haphazardly select and attends whatever training programs or seminars just to earn points and be able to renew, which again defeats the purpose of CPE.

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In my own experience, I have attended one seminar that is at first glance, relevant to the actual subject I am teaching, but to my dismay, the seminar is just all talk – no concrete way on how to teach a specific subject relevant to the needs of the learners of today.

Most programs are costly. A teacher wanting to attend one of these CPE programs or seminars will cost him or her from a mere five hundred (500) pesos to as high as three thousand (3,000.00) pesos or more depending if these are the so-called international seminars or just a local one.

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Those figures are for the seminar or program itself. The transportation, additional food, accommodation expenses are not included. Some seminars are funded by the DepEd division – a rare gem and the funds are for the seminar fee only; it does not include the other expenses I have mentioned above.

In my recent conversation with a friend – a mathematics teacher, he was sent by his school in a division-funded seminar/conference somewhere in the northern part of Rizal. The seminar is in a hotel and a live-out type of seminar – meaning you must travel back and forth to the venue. Other option would be renting a room and staying in the hotel itself or some other lodging nearby. Remember that this seminar/conference is funded by the division – but only the seminar fee. My friend had to pay for his own transportation expenses. Imagine the measly 20K salary of a T1 teacher, it will be chipped out massively by the fees of these seminars/trainings especially if the funds will come from the own pocket of that unfortunate T1 teacher.

There are very few programs, offerings and good speakers/trainers. There are very few selections of training and seminars that cater to the actual needs of the teachers in their day to day classroom instruction and other duties. Some trainers are all talk, no action.

The scope and size of training or seminars are inappropriate. Using my experience from the seminar I have previously mentioned, that the seminar had, if I remember correctly, 500 participants. Imagine those 500 participants in not so large venue (though we fitted in). Visualize the noise inside the venue – how will the participants understand the speakers? How will they collaborate using that measly venue?

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