Exploration of Professional Growth: A Nursing Journey


Embarking on the journey of higher education in 2005, I found myself enamored with the pursuit of knowledge. A decade later, on the cusp of achieving my goal—a Bachelor's degree in Nursing from Western Governors University—I reflect on the transformative experiences that have shaped my career as a Registered Nurse. This essay explores the artifacts in my portfolio, delving into their significance in molding my professional strengths, the challenges I surmounted, and the profound impact of the nursing program outcomes on my growth and development.

Explanation of Artifacts

My journey into the Bachelors of Science in Nursing at Western Governor University has been marked by a profound love for learning. The artifacts within my portfolio serve as tangible evidence of my proficiency in various realms of professional nursing—ranging from patient safety and nursing research to effective leadership and community health. Notably, the Leadership Practicum unveiled a healthcare concern on my unit, leading to collaborative solutions supported by evidence-based research.

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The Community Health and Population Practicum fortified my communication skills, equipping me to engage with patients, colleagues, and community professionals effectively.

Professional Strengths

My professional journey has honed my awareness of providing high-quality, patient-centered care in a dynamic healthcare environment. The Leadership Practicum, in particular, deepened my understanding of holistic patient care and taught me to prioritize patient and family needs. Proficiency in providing evidence-based research for unit-based issues has become a hallmark of my skills, evident in my involvement in three unit-based council initiatives. As I stand on the precipice of change, I feel well-prepared to champion necessary improvements within my unit.

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Challenges Overcome

Overcoming obstacles has been an integral part of my journey. Time management, a formidable challenge given my full-time role on a high-stress cardiac unit, required strategic solutions. Transitioning from night to day shifts and learning to say 'no' while prioritizing self-care became essential strategies. Navigating an online program also posed challenges, compelling me to seek guidance from course mentors and embrace technology with resilience. Learning to pace myself and cultivating effective study habits emerged as valuable tools in overcoming these hurdles, both personally and professionally.

Nine Nursing Program Outcomes

Effective Communication

My educational odyssey emphasized effective communication through various channels, including interpersonal, electronic, written, and oral forms. The Community Health and Population Practicum played a pivotal role in refining my communication skills across these diverse platforms.

Proficient Clinical Reasoning

Rooted in evidence-based practice, my journey emphasized clinical reasoning. The Evidenced-Based Practice course equipped me with the skills to apply clinical reasoning in nursing practice, ensuring the use of the best evidence in decision-making. The Leadership Practicum further honed these skills in the discovery and resolution of healthcare issues through evidence-based research.

Accountable in Ethical/Legal Standards

The course on Professional Roles and Values instilled in me a deep understanding of ethical and legal standards in healthcare. Honesty and integrity, foundational to ethical care, are traits I continue to nurture as I navigate the complexities of the nursing profession.

Effective in Theoretical/Clinical/Empirical Knowledge

My education at Western Governors University broadened my knowledge base in humanities and science, fostering a deep understanding of theoretical, clinical, and empirical knowledge. This foundation extends to personal development and social awareness, vital components in navigating the intricate dynamics of social relationships within healthcare.

Providing Patient/Culturally-Sensitive Care

The Organizational Systems and Quality Leadership course equipped me to navigate culturally sensitive issues affecting patients. Prepared to assess cultural needs, I am committed to providing patient-centered care tailored to individual cultural backgrounds.

Effective as a Leader/Educator

The Leadership Experience course not only honed my leadership skills but also provided an avenue for educating others on quality patient care. Dedicated to advancing the nursing profession, I am poised to make a positive impact on both colleagues and patients.

Effective Inter-professional Collaboration

Professional Roles and Values laid the foundation for effective inter-professional collaboration. Upholding principles such as respect and justice fosters teamwork, essential for a well-organized plan of care. Collaboration becomes more meaningful when individuals feel respected and heard.

Proficient in Genomics/Genetics Knowledge

The course on Genetics, Genomics, Genethics for Nursing provided the knowledge base to deliver advanced patient care through the application of genetic training. This expertise contributes to compassionate nursing care and positive patient outcomes.

Efficient in Information Technology

Intensive technology education within the BSN program prepared me to utilize information technology for accurate documentation, rigorous research projects, and effective communication within the healthcare profession. This multifaceted competence positions me to navigate the evolving landscape of healthcare technology.

Professional Roles


In the realm of science, my role as a nurse begins with questioning—why and how can we improve healthcare practices? This inquisitive approach leads to formulating hypotheses, conducting experiments, and analyzing results, mirroring the scientific process. The pursuit of answers propels the continual evolution of nursing practices.


Embracing the role of a detective, I delved into research and investigation, utilizing technology to uncover essential information. The process involved asking probing questions, documenting responses, and collaborating with colleagues. This detective work not only enriched my projects but also fostered a spirit of collaboration within the healthcare team.

Manager of the Healing Environment

Each project undertaken during my journey emphasized the role of uniting people toward a common goal—the well-being of patients. Leadership, strategic awareness, team building, and effective communication played crucial roles in creating an environment where staff felt supported. Witnessing the development of staff knowledge and the embrace of new ideas affirmed the role of a manager in fostering patient-centered care.

Growth and Development

Comparing my early days in the RN to BSN program to the present, the metamorphosis in my professional skills and personal growth is striking. Progress in effective communication, leadership, time management, and technology proficiency is evident. The program has illuminated the expansive role nurses play, emphasizing the profound responsibility and influence inherent in the profession. Nursing, for me, transcends a job or career—it is a passion, a calling, a destiny.


The journey from a novice nurse to a soon-to-be Bachelor's degree holder has been a transformative odyssey. The artifacts in my portfolio stand as testaments to the rigorous and comprehensive nursing program at Western Governors University. Challenges overcome have fortified my resilience, and the program outcomes have sculpted a nurse prepared for the dynamic landscape of modern healthcare. As I stand on the precipice of a new chapter in my career, I am grateful for the growth, learning, and the unwavering passion that define my journey in nursing.

The odyssey has been more than an academic pursuit; it has been a profound exploration of self, a cultivation of resilience, and a testament to the enduring spirit of nursing. The challenges surmounted and the skills acquired have not only shaped my professional identity but have also fostered a deeper connection to the essence of nursing as both an art and a science. Looking ahead, I carry the torch of knowledge and experience, ready to contribute to the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare with a passion that extends beyond the boundaries of a mere profession.

Updated: Dec 15, 2023
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