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Leadership Interview

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Interview, Pages 6 (1336 words)



Interview, Pages 6 (1336 words)

Could you speak a bit about your background and the function you have today? I initially began school for engineering, and after that after 2 years I found my enthusiasm remained in nursing. So I began over at school, taking different types of classes as I pursued nursing, and 3 years later finished with a nursing degree. Several different paths where traveled in nursing for me, indicating I tried several departments and assignments. Then by accident I wound up as a RN case supervisor for psychologically ill customers.

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Psych was never my desired course, however I liked it from the very first day. I am now a Supervisor of a group of outpatient centers for psychologically ill clients and enjoy it. I can not see myself doing anything else now. How would you describe a leader?

A great leader is just as great as the group you are leading is what I was constantly told. That does assist, however there is a lot more that enters into it.

I think a quality leader ought to also be an excellent teacher. A leader needs to have the knowledge to hand down to those they lead. A good leader needs to be able to listen also. While those under me may aim to me for answers, I need to realize that I might not constantly have that response. I may have to take input from my personnel, my superiors, and even clients in making correct decisions. Another attribute that is necessary is a critical thinker.

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A leader has to believe on the go, and know that the answers are not constantly text book answers. Believing outside package sometimes is required. I also need to make trust and regard from my staff and those I oversee to be efficient. What are necessary qualities or qualities of leaders?

It is essential to have an open door policy, and listen to each staff member’s concerns. You need to be open to changes and be empathic for those who do not deal well with modification. A leader requires to be powerful and reasonable to everybody. Confidence and inner strength will reveal through, making the staff
or those you supervise more confident in your capabilities. A diploma on the wall may get you a position in the management. However only showing advanced social and professional skills will allow your team to trust you, which in turn, will produce a more efficient team. What is your personal approach?

Personally, my philosophy revolves around the construction of clear and workable vision of what needs to be accomplished. I try to envision the future, and make goals that will benefit the clients, as well as the facility and staff. Building a quality team is not as easy as hiring qualified individuals. Leading means are getting individuals to work as one coherent team. To do this, I need to be able to discipline, listen, and even moderate discussion. My personal ego cannot be larger than any staff member, or the team as a whole. I need to take criticism, and be able to see others’ points of views. I want my entire team to feel as if they are important cogs in the machine. I believe a leader accepts responsibility, and in doing so never places themselves above the team.

What learning experiences have had the most influence on your own personal development as a leader? Experiences that shaped my growth began in childhood with the support of my family. I was always told I could do or be anything if I worked hard enough. I took that to heart, and excelled in school and sports. When I started college I had no real answer for what I wanted to be, but the drive that was inside me drove me down this path. Professionally, I once had a manager that loved her job and showed it with every meeting. Her passion reminded me of my parents and what they had taught me. She was a true role model in my professional life. I was also blessed to have quality teachers throughout my years of schooling. Coaches played a key role in my development as a leader too. Unfortunately, I also dealt with my fair share of poor supervisors too. Seeing the impact poor leadership can have in a work environment can be just as enlightening for someone looking to move into a leadership position. Luckily, I do not use them as role models. At least I tried not to.

How do you see leadership evolving in nursing today?
Leadership in nursing is headed into many different fields today. Nursing roles are evolving with new technologies, new specialties, and higher levels of nursing. Because of the need for healthcare increasing, nurses are being tasked with more responsibility too. Nurses are now asked to step up and become leaders on the floor, in schools, in management, and many other aspects of healthcare. Nurses are becoming leaders in the development of strategies in developing and delivering the product to the consumer. Nurses were viewed as employees who followed doctors’ orders in the past. Today nurses have the ability to grow beyond that, and in doing so, nurses can take the lead in providing care. Leader can positively impact the health care system within which they operate. Nurses will be leading more clinics and other facilities in an effort to care for the increase in those seeking healthcare. Healthcare is a business, and nurses are trained in that business.

So it is only common sense that these highly trained people should play a leading role in the changes we will see. What are the most challenging issues in your current position? The biggest challenge is trying to get more funding for the mentally ill. It can be hard to deal with all the meetings that we have to get money for medication, treatment, food and housing and to stay upbeat as a leader. But I love this job, and my clients, so that makes it worth dong. It is also very difficult to find enough staffing for mental health. It can be a very taxing job, and it takes a special person to be able to handle the position in mental health, especially in the long term. Finding professionals with the patience needed in dealing with our clients is always a huge challenge. As a leader (or manager) in your career have you had a mentor? If so, how did this influence your leadership style? I had a supervisor that taught me to leave the business at the door and never bring it home. Working in mental health can be emotionally draining, so this tiny bit of advice is important for me to keep in my mind. If I took my work home, I would need help soon.

What advice would you give someone who is aspiring to a leadership position? My advice would be to learn as much as you can for the position. Use the knowledge you have gained through seeing others in leadership positions to your advantage too. Remember the qualities of leaders who brought out the best in you, and try to bring those qualities to the position. Also, be humble. Becoming a leader will not end your education. It is just the next step in your evolution. In conclusion, a leader is somebody who accepts responsibility. A leader is a person who can see the big picture. A person, who is adaptable and able to bring out the best in others, is a leader. A person who cares enough to make the team stronger for the benefit of all involved is a leader. A leader is a person who can moderate, discipline, coordinate, listen and teach in a way that demands respect and confidence from those they lead.

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