Color Guard Essay

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When I first signed up for guard, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. But it became a passion, when I got off the floor after my first performance and felt that amazing feeling. It has made me so much more responsible and mature.

A good leader has a great vision. They must have confidence in their leadership and must be able to use the authority they have. If the leader can’t handle his/her power, they shouldn’t be in charge.

The leader shouldn’t abuse his/her power, but she shouldn’t be too lenient, either. A leader needs the initiative to get things done. As a leader, I believe you are a role model to all the members in the group, not only the new members but also to the veterans. Section leaders have a great deal of responsibility. Their part is to keep things on track so everyone doesn’t go off and do their own thing.

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When someone looks at a group, they are often judged by their leader. The behavior of a leader reflects on the entire group, so that person must be disciplined and have a good character. It is very important that a section leader maintains a sense of unity in the marching band.

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I don’t believe it’s right for a leader to only look at their section. They have to make sure that the members of their section realize that they are just as important as any other section of the marching band. We have to be able to stand as one. Because when we are on that field performing, the judges are looking at us a whole. When we get off that field, the audience cheers us off as a whole, not as different sections of a group.

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I have the enthusiasm and a love for color guard that would allow me to be the best candidate for captain. Being a color guard captain mean a lot to me. It helps me share my passion with fellow guard members and inspire them. As a captain, I would strive to help the color guard be the best it could be. As a leader, I want to be supportive, caring, and give people one-on-one attention when they are struggling, because even though we have Dylan and April, they can’t always give everyone on the color guard individual attention. I also believe I am responsible enough to take on this job. During my past few seasons, I have shown that I am responsible and mature enough to take on this leadership and hold a group together. To have a successful guard, or any section for that matter, the leader has to be an exemplary team member and role model.

I am a good role model because I am well behaved; there is always someone looking up to you and I feel it is important to make a good impression at all times. As a leader, it’s important to step up for anything that goes on with your section, no matter if it’s good or bad, and I’m willing to do that. If I can be the guard captain, I would make sure the color guard is always a positive representation of the marching band. I believe I would be a good candidate for captain because I am very flexible, helpful, and compassionate. The marching band cannot a have the best performance possible if there members are struggling with the work. A team is only as strong as its weakest link. I think a team is stronger and better when it works like a family. In my belief, if a leader does their job, they create a team that is not only a great team, but a family. That takes a lot of work, but I’m willing to put in the effort to make it happen. An effective leader has to learn how to give constructive criticism. It is of course one of the duties of a captain to help with routines and work.

I know how to make people aware of their mistakes without saying things like “you suck” or “you’re doing that completely wrong.” Because words are powerful, and saying things like that can hurt. Also, if you’re rude to people they’re less likely to respect you. I want to make sure I give my members the respect they deserve as well get that same respect back. Another thing is that a marching band is like a family, and it can’t be complete if there is a section missing. If I got chosen as captain, one of my goals would be to keep the marching band more united, instead of staying in their own sections. Because everyone is equally important. Also staying more united, means that we learn to rely on each other more. I want to work hard to not only make the color guard, but also marching band the best it can be. Because we are only as strong as our weakest link!

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