The Acorn People by Ron Jones Essay

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The Acorn People by Ron Jones

This story tells about a college kid (Ron) who gets a job helping handicapped kids at a summer camp. A day and a half goes by taking care of these kids, and this Ron fells like going absolutely nuts. As the days go by he starts liking them more and as he does he also starts to learn about life from a different prospective. The way they got known as the acorn people was one day during their schedule of doing activities it was time to do crafts and during that activity spider who has no arms or legs but loves to talk came up with the idea of making acorn necklaces as they all started wearing them further, in the story they were calling them the acorn people and they were also known by that name through the entire camp. They were known to be a very imaginative group who help each other out and act as a team. For each covered other weaknesses and made them stronger. And as for Ron and his friend Dominic Cavelli who was a counselor there too learned many things from their first time experience working with handicaps.

As for Benny B the fast and determined one, and spider who doesnt have any legs or arms but sure does have a talkative mouth, then there is Thomas Stewart the less active one from the group maybe because he has muscular scleroses, Martin was the most able child in the group he is blind but still seemed to navigate himself like a ship, last but not least as the grouped called him Arid because of his smell he had he would be called that Arid Aron Gerwalski it wasnt his fault for smelling that way it was because of his urine bag he would have to carry around. So at the end it was a tragedy as the counselors said in the book most would never make it past their teen years, which is sad but true, at the end Thomas and Aron died one year after that summer camp, then Spider was killed by a car the following year, 4 years later Martin died in a car accident, Benny B was the only one who had a funeral as he was the last one to go.


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