Employee Career Development Plan

The employee Career development plan is an important development initiative to ensure continued professional growth for the employee and enhanced long-term performance. Below is an employee career development plan, modeled after one of the best created employee development plans. It includes a portion whereby the supervisor provides an input regarding the tasks that have to be accomplished in a given period, and signed by the employee, the supervisor, the department head and the human resource manager. Work environment affects greatly how employees perform and how they desire continuous learning.

The work environment as per the analysis manifest instability as factors such as political, economic, working relationship with co-employees and superiors, and also legal or administrative issues results to weak motivation of the employees. In this regard, the employees identified inhibiting factors to such condition as: lack of motivation and support from management, lack of motivation and responsibility for learning from employees, lack of understanding of HRD policy, and insufficient learning culture.

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Since changes occur at any organizations in view of the changing needs of the society, changes do occur in the mission of my organization at fast rate. This individual plan is to keep pace with changing needs of the customers especially in customer services, processes, and other customers’ relations issues. The demand today in most business organization is to meet these changes by keeping at pace with change itself. This is not easy and one has to avail of every opportunity to be able to catch up with this change and existing condition of the company.

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III. Individual employee development plan objectives Each employee must acquire the motivation to learn further his/her responsibilities and at the same time to develop higher level of competency in performing his/her duties. During the process, one will develop the desire to equip himself with advanced knowledge on some areas such as communications skills, writing, and oral presentations through reading books on effective communication.

Taking formal training on enhancing communication skills especially on oral and written communication, attending necessary seminars focus on enhancing skills and abilities, and take on courses that will help individual employee prepare for a higher responsibilities and to undertake new challenges. What are the strengths to pursue this development plan objectives? Primarily, majority of the employees are in their early adulthood. Thus, this age is advantage to the company because the employees are young and in sound physical health, energetic, career oriented, and with basic skills to start with.

Second, the employees are competitive and hard working except that they do not set goals for themselves for lack of motivation to pursue company goals. The areas that need to improve or develop to attain these goals and objectives The biggest challenge of the company here in pursuing the plan is the employee’s lack of motivation. For this reason, the culture of individualism has been developed that hamper their professional growth. Basically, each employee needs further training related to his job responsibilities to become more effective; and professional enhancement to develop higher motivation of the employees.

Aside from that, removing undesirable habits that were formed out of procrastination is another factor required to attain the goals and objectives. Lastly, the employees need expertise and skills especially new techniques in performing the duties. IV. The methods I propose to meet the goals stated above a. ) Formal training. This will be an academic training consisting of two semesters in the university taking management and problem solving courses. Attendance to trainings and workshops focus on enhancing skills and management capacities.

Formal training can be acquired also in government/private sectors through conferences and seminars. The company can tie up with these organizations so as to avail free seminar. b. ) On-the-job training. On the job training can be in form of developmental assignment, project/task force, cross training, studying manuals and personal readings about the job he is into. Some companies provide also in-house trainings. c. ) Self-development activities. This strategy does not guarantee 100% success because all depends on individual pacing and availability.

V. Evaluation The means of evaluating the individual employees is through a reporting system, which is also included in the IDP. The evaluation can be processed anytime but on a regular and periodical basis. Conclusion The development plan intended to support professional growth and competency among the employees is presented to the manager. Once becomes successful, the plan will benefit the employees as well as the company through increasing productivity of the employees.

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