Science is all around us from year to year we hear about

Science is all around us; from year to year we hear about truly extraordinary breakthroughs in fields such as medicine, technology and medical treatments. It is very inspirational and now I am at the point in my education where can decide what I will do for the in my future career and how it will impact others in the long run. That is the reason I want to study biomedical science as the science have always fascinated me, and I want a diverse range of careers to be open to me.

Currently, I am studying biology, chemistry and maths. They are relevant to my choice of university courses because they have shown me the complexity of the world. That's the reason why I want to work in a laboratory to study, explore and investigate. Studying mathematics has helped me to think rationally and solve problems, as well as logistical thinking which helped me in my other areas of study. These are essential skills to work in such a competitive industry.

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The skills I have gained from maths have helped me in biology and chemistry during practicals and experiments monitoring and maintaining records in data; where precision is essential. Biology is my favourite subject as it has helped me to see a bigger picture about how complicated the human body and the world around us is. I needed to develop analytical skills to monitor records to see trends in data sets given; along with my knowledge it enabled me to discover how certain parts of the body functions or how to observe climate change.

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Chemistry has taught me attention to detail, this is important because every minuscule detail can lead to solve a question/ problem by careful observations. Thus, presenting research to my colleagues and teachers comes with much more ease, thanks to my verbal and communicative skills.

My two years studying A-levels have immensely improved the art of organisation, time keeping and discipline, by prioritising what needs to be done how and when. By mastering discipline, it uncovered many skills such as taking responsibility for my education and aspiring to do more than what is expected of me. All of these skills are transferable for my forthcoming education and in shaping me into an adult.

As a reflective learner I am always keen to improve my work, and always act on feedback from my teachers. This will help at University, as I have developed my study skills during my time at Sixth Form, and am prepared for the next stage in my learning.

I speak two languages fluently; English and Polish I have also started to learn Spanish at GCSE level. This gives me an understanding of different cultures, and the ability to converse with a diverse range of people.

I have been in close contact to the hospital procedures, a few treatments and medical staff since a few years it has given me insight into what the biomedical field has to offer. This is because of the interesting medical journey that I've been along with my mum, she had two total hip replacement operations. This is where my initial interest came, before the operations she had many pre-op tests and examinations performed on her like blood tests and ECG' s this fascinated me how these machines and tests provided answers whether or not everything in her body was okay. The operations spammed over a few years with hydrotherapy, physiotherapy and hospital appointments in between, I enjoyed accompanying my mum to those.At times I even got to practice as I had the opportunity to administer my mums injections at home after operations, as well as motivating and helping with the physiotherapy at home and at the gym so that my mum could get back on her two feet. This fantastic modern medicine and operations have shown me how truly inspiring it is, they have allowed my mum to avoid going on the wheelchair and have given back her the independence. Along the journey I have witnessed many medical professionals doing their work with the same passion I longed for and in particular the one in the medical field. My decision for a science based course has been building up for a long time and I am absolutely motivated to become as good as them.

For my work experience, I have tried to go into different aspects of my local community, I have achieved this through work experience at primary schools, farm and this month I've embarked upon some extra work experience at a pharmacy which I will start this month.

At a primary school I focused on reception, year 5 and 6. This gave me an opportunity to work on my skills such as working in a team with teachers to help children in finishing daily tasks on time. I needed to be responsible for following instructions and taking care of a group of reception children, this helped me see that every child is a different individual with different needs. My extracurricular activity is at a local small primary school farm where I am a key keeper. This is a huge responsibility that the I have been entrusted with because I have to open and lock the gates and outdoor offices making sure that I have done it correctly. A few times a week I go to help feed the animals and help with the general up keeping of it . Doing tasks in certain time frames has awarded me the skill of time management, and personal independence I had to do certain things at certain times following the instructions of the teacher since usually I complete tasks independently. Therefore, my communication skills have to be perfect catching every detail of conversation because it is dealing with live animals so I always have to make sure that they're the priority.

Through my family friends I have had the opportunity for a few years to be in the getting to know and being in the company of an autistic boy observing him and seeing him interact with his therapy dog has shown me that even though he is slightly different than the majority he is a very special human being, and I have learned understanding, patience and empathy from this experience.

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Science is all around us from year to year we hear about
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