Cultural Identity Around the Campfire: Family, Food, and Adventures

There is nothing better than sitting in front of a campfire, late at night, talking with my family. It seems as if we talk about things that we wouldn't normally have time to talk about. This makes me think about what is important in my life. It seems that the topics that we talk about around the fire are what make up my cultural identity. My family and I enjoy the outdoors, Norwegian dishes, and traveling for fun.

My family and I go on an annual camping and crabbing trip to Saddle Bag it's next to Anacortes.

This is a part of my culture because I have been going to Saddle Bag to go crabbing for as long as I remember. We would set crab pots during the day and pick them up and reset them multiple times a day. During the night time, we would set up camp and start a fire and would cook some of the crabs that we caught that day.

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Every year my grandparents invite me to help them make holiday desserts. Around the Holidays we make deserts like Lefsa and Krumkake.

To make Krumkake my grandma makes the dough and all I do is put it on the iron. Then I take it off and put it on this roller and keep it there for a second. Traveling is a lot of fun for my family. Just last summer my family and I traveled to Roatan Honduras we got the chance to hold many animals like sloths and small monkeys.

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We stayed at a resort called Pristine Bay Resort and Golf Club. They have a nice pool and they have a beach that has free paddle boards and kayaks. Traveling is a part of my culture because I get the chance to see many different places outside the country.

Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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