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Empathy is the ability to place yourself “in other one’s shoes”. It is an important skill in communication, everyday life and healthcare alike.

A Discussion on How We See Certain Things in Leslie Jamison’s Essay The Empathy Exams
Words • 2185
Pages • 9
Human nature has certainly evolved throughout the years, more and more skin is revealed in photographs, ten year old boys play video games where “winning” involves beating up an innocent bystander, stealing his car and escaping from the police, and last but not least people idolize Justin Bieber. While society has certainly gone through some corruption, human beings still have a conscious. We still have a sympathetic side when we watch a news headline regarding a school shooting, we still…...
The Importance of Active Listening
Words • 1892
Pages • 8
A key element to the communication process is listening. In fact, without effectively utilizing our listening skills the information that we collect and translate from others would be misinterpreted. This breakdown in communication can give rise to frustration between the speaker and the receiver. We spend so much time talking that we fail to purposely make listening to a priority in order to recognize it and make the imperative modifications that we need to become better listeners. Petersen’s (2015) book,…...
Communication SkillsEmpathyListeningPerceptionSkills
The Quick Emotional Intelligence Self-Assessment
Words • 732
Pages • 3
I found taking this self-assessment as motivational, inspiring, engaging, and useful because it helped me to understand my weaknesses and strengths by selecting statements honestly and accurately. I examined each option and decided on which answer is most appropriate along with what is best suited to me. I agreed with the ranks that I received for all four quadrants, as they each reflect on how capable I am at handling my emotions. My least ranked quadrant with a score of…...
Emotional IntelligenceEmpathyPhilosophyPsychology
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Reading Autistic Experience in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
Words • 963
Pages • 4
Intro Mark Haddon’s postmodern novel “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time”, exhibits the narration of Christopher Boone as an authentic voice generating distinctive perspectives of his journey. Christopher Boone the protagonist sufferers Asperger’s Syndrome, a condition on the autism spectrum that affects his judgment of understanding emotion and perspective. The structural style of the text follows a logical linear style mimicking Christopher’s mind. He finds it difficult to process empathy and can only understand emotion from physical…...
Thesis and Central Argument of “In Cold Blood” by Truman Capote
Words • 2483
Pages • 10
The thesis, central argument of In Cold Blood, by Truman Capote, is that people are neither good nor bad, but a mixture of both. He also explains how it depends on how much good and bad you do that will make others perceive you as either evil or benevolent. This is especially shown with the characters Dick and Perry. Perry’s father wrote a letter to the Kansas State Penitentiary, explaining how Perry was born a good boy, but until his…...
EmpathyIn Cold BloodIronyWriter
Impact of Divorce on Children
Words • 473
Pages • 2
When looking at divorce and its implications of children during the early years of life, there can be several implications as suggested in the theory of Psychosocial behavior, written by Erik Erickson that divorce can have profound implications in a child's motivation, tendencies towards delinquency, and overall prospects into adulthood. When first looking at the topic of divorce it is best to look at the significance of having a child grow up in a household with both parents present and…...
Why Is Effective Communication So Powerful?
Words • 508
Pages • 3
The power to successfully communicate is a critical skill in the world today. Communication is the active development and how we communicate can clearly and undesirably affect our relationships with friends, family, coworkers, supervisors, and spouses. Communication is more than words we speak; it is verbal and nonverbal cues that we send or receive to others face-to-face. Here are some examples of verbal and nonverbal cues, it’s the tone of your voice (how you say it), the intentions behind your…...
Effective CommunicationEmpathyNonverbal CommunicationPsychology
William Blake’s “The Chimney Sweeper”
Words • 783
Pages • 4
William Blake's "The Chimney Sweeper" offers a graphic portrayal of a particular cultural aspect of England in the 1790s. By examining my interactions with the poem, I will attempt to analyse and contrast my own belief system against that which is presented in the text. Blake's poem was initially very striking to me. While reading the first stanza, I was shocked and horrified by the imagery presented by the young narrator. I felt compelled to cry for the poor boy,…...
EmpathyPsychologyWilliam Blake
What are the pros and cons of total quality management?
Words • 504
Pages • 3
Starting off it is imperative that one understands the true definition of what total quality management is, total quality management has at it heart three basic functions or three aims i. e. to embed the value of quality inside the whole of the organization, to satisfy the share holders with the value of the returns and last but one of the most important factors of total quality management is customer satisfaction. Total quality management looks to focus on the consumer…...
Outline the main assumptions of Batson’s empathy altruism hypothesis
Words • 710
Pages • 3
The main assumption of Batson's empathy altruism hypothesis are that altruistic behaviour can be explained through feelings of empathy. Empathy would involve a person experiencing the same emotional state as another person's situation or state. An example of this is feeling sad when another person is feeling sad. Batson also stated that when feelings of empathy are experienced other feelings of sorrow, concern and compassion will also be felt. According to this hypothesis if a person were observing another person…...
Half-Caste and Not my Business
Words • 1146
Pages • 5
Our thoughts are unseen hands shaping the people we meet. Whatever we truly think them to be, that's what they'll become in our eyes. Discrimination is the locks on the door to wisdom, two poems which enlighten us about the issues of discrimination are, 'Half-Caste' and 'Not my Business'. Agard states that those who discriminate others because of who they are, will only receive half or no respect at all, "I'm sure you'll understand, why I offer yu half-a-hand". This line…...
How far do you agree of this assessment of “The World’s Wife”?
Words • 1978
Pages • 8
Due to the fact that Carol Ann Duffy to a certain extent is a feminine writer, it is easy to make the proclamation that she fundamentally undermines male status in 'The World's Wife'. Duffy uses the collection to give women who have not been heard previously a voice, and by using this sense of 'L'ecriture feminine' Duffy does wholeheartedly have to conform against the phallocentric world many women have found themselves living in now and in the past. With the…...
EmotionEmpathyMenstrual CycleWifeWorld
Exercise in Empathy within the workplace
Words • 75
Pages • 1
For the last five years I have worked for a garment manufacturing company located in my city. In the beginning, I worked at the garment cutting department where I worked for three years. Afterwards, I was promoted to the position of a supervisor where I was allocated ten employees to supervise and report to the head of department. Many complaints have arisen from employees about unfair treatment from the management of the company. (more…)...
Client turned up drunk
Words • 1324
Pages • 6
The counsellor has a basic trust in the client. Trust, that the client, does have it within themselves to self-heal, realise their potential, alter their self-concept and make positive changes to grow towards becoming a more fully functioning person. On reflection, I can see I was in an incongruent state when I began therapy, and I imagine that may be the case with many clients going to therapy. The consistent congruence I have felt from my counsellor has helped me…...
EmpathyMental HealthOtherPsychology
A Civil Disobedience to Save Luna
Words • 1589
Pages • 7
In her book Legacy of Luna, Julia Butterfly Hill narrates the two years she spent living at the canopy of a thousand year old redwood named Luna in Stafford, a rustic town on the North of California, to save it from being cut by Pacific Lumber-Maxxam Corporation. Hill’s story is a detailed journal on how her spiritual journey transformation, the different political interests of environmental groups, corporations, policy makers and the public opinion collude to redefine her mission and its…...
Civil DisobedienceEmpathyObedience
Challenging Child Observation Assignment for Ece
Words • 3706
Pages • 15
CHALLENGING CHILD OBSERVATION ASSIGNMENT For my observation assignment I chose Sam, a four-year-old boy who stays in my class for the aftercare program. I have worked with Sam previously in the camp last summer and became aware of his challenging behavior. For starters, he has a medical condition – he is prone to epilepsy (the cause is unknown). Sam is on medication and his doctors are constantly adjusting it and testing his condition. Sam’s parents asked teachers to be on…...
Child ObservationClassroomEmpathyEpilepsyPsychology
Why was Bill Clinton able to win the Presidential elections of 1992 and 1996?
Words • 1145
Pages • 5
There are a multitude of factors that justify and rationalize Bill Clinton’s election successes in 1992 and 1996; in 1992 his rhetoric capability and empathy, in stark contrast with his opponent’s, George H. W. Bush, aloof, distant manner contributed somewhat to Clinton’s Presidential election. In 1996, it seems it was Clinton’s unfaltering charm and his talent for oratory that secured his second term in office against Bob Dole’s poorly calculated proposed economic policies. However, as always there are a plethora…...
Affirmative ActionBill ClintonEmpathyPresidential ElectionRhetoric
Nursing and Midwifery Council Overview
Words • 211
Pages • 1
Furthermore, the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) code of conduct made it clear that it is a requirement for nurses to safeguard and provide high quality care for patients. This high-quality care can be shown by demonstrating compassions, confidentiality, to protect patient's dignity and their right NMC (2015). Compassion is how care is given through relationships based on empathy, respect and dignity — it can also be described as intelligent kindness, and is central to how people perceive their care…...
L.E.A.R.N Assignment – Role Development for Practical Nursing
Words • 871
Pages • 4
L — Look Back For the purpose of this assignment, I chose an experience I had with a post-op nurse. This heartfelt encounter occurred three years ago. E — Elaborate and Describe (written from a nurses' perspective) It was a busy day in post-op surgery and I was responsible for five patients. Out of all my patients, I had a 16-year old female who was presented difficulty trying to wake up from the anesthesia from a tonsillectomy. This was concerning,…...
Problems of Defining Psychopathy in Defendants with Mental Retardation
Words • 761
Pages • 4
To utilize the expression "psychopathy" as a clinical determination is not any more a remain solitary characterization; yet it can be utilized as a situation in a gathering of qualities and practices used to portray a person as far as unavoidable commanding identity characteristics and practices (Gunn and Wells, 1999). According to the Nowhere to Hide pod cast, Jake's problem could be considered as a psychopathic, frustrated, impulsive, and juvenile, but not psychopathic. Society are so used to using the…...
EmpathyProblemsPsychologySocial Media
Children and Tragic Events
Words • 746
Pages • 3
Intro: Not everything is sunshine and rainbows it took many a long time to find that out, maybe it was the same for yourself. People from Places such as Syria, Yemen, Colombia, Nepal suffer in tremendous ways, whether it's natural disasters or racist police forces or bankruptcy. These are harmful to majors and other political personnel, but the adults and parents get the worst end of the billet. Telling kids the troubles that are happening in the world can cause…...
Sentimental Situations Automatically Drive Cognitive
Words • 537
Pages • 3
Sentimental situations automatically drive cognitive empathy. Compassion fatigue restricts and affects a specific mental, physical, and emotional ability to develop cognitive decisions. "Compassion fatigue: The cost of caring ", can simply be described as a vested decision to extend to help others while remaining sane. Constant exposure to traumatic situations affects the cognitive ability to unconsciously disassociate yourself therefore, seeking help is critical. Nurses' foster empathy and indirect result become unfocused, unbalanced, and become isolated and eventually change careers. Properly…...
approach me I remember at the time feeling very uneasy and
Words • 1883
Pages • 8
approach me. I remember at the time feeling very uneasy and embarrassed. I do see her as an authoritive figure to me and it felt like seeing a teacher out of school times. In an economical context the counselling relationship is based on fees for the counsellors service. The fees could be based on the counsellors abilities, the clients ability to pay as well as other factors which could create a power differential. Counsellor clients political beliefs could cause a…...
Varying Definitions of Listening in Correlation with
Words • 1162
Pages • 5
Varying Definitions of Listening in Correlation with Interpersonal Communication andTheir Effects on Real-Life Relationships"If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it still make a sound?" It has been said by through scientific view that the tree ,when it falls, it makes sound waves in the air, and to make a sound it takes an ear to hear it. So when a person speaks, and no one listens, is that really communication?…...
Empath Healing, abilities, strengths, weaknesses
Words • 1398
Pages • 6
Pain is a part of our lives now. It knows no boundaries. Our lives have been saturated with pain, stress, anxiety and grief so much that we feel the emotions burdening our chests, making strain in our souls. There is hardly anyone nowadays who isn't burdened with problems. It causes us brevity of breath and makes us jump when we focus on it. This is the thing that it feels like to live through the worldwide change of humankind in…...
Emotional Intelligence as a Strategy for University Success
Words • 983
Pages • 4
Emotional Intelligence as a Strategy for University SuccessUniversity success is all I aspire to have right now. Most of the time it is merely pegged on academic achievement, but there are a lot of background forces that define what it is supposed to look like. Five years ago, I didn't have the maturity I have today, the point is, should I have been given the responsibilities I have today five years ago, I wouldn't have done them as best as…...
Emotional IntelligenceEmpathyIntelligenceStrategySuccess
Misconception and stereotypes by the society
Words • 1429
Pages • 6
When and How did realize she's feels feminine and wanted to become a trans? What was it like to come out to your family and friends? According to her what are some misconceptions about transgender women? Has she undergone any surgery and few details about the surgery? What kind of hardships do transgender women face? Report of the findings Priya was a very friendly and very support person who answered all the question to help to meet the objectives. So,…...
Reflective Practice in Nursing
Words • 1142
Pages • 5
Reflective practice is the ability to examine ones actions and experiences with the outcome of developing their practice and enhancing clinical knowledge. Reflective practice is also a very important component of the nursing curriculum. Joe does not complain about the state he is in, he doesn't complain about the way the care home is run as in the interview he says "that is just the way things are". This is meaning that Joe thinks this is what the normality should…...
From when I was born to now the people I am surrounded
Words • 1027
Pages • 5
From when I was born, to now, the people I am surrounded by have shaped my life. The way I talk, think and act are all derived from the influences of those around me. Everybody is affected by the people they share their lives with, whom they put down roots with, whom they work with or spend their free time with. The apple does not fall far from the tree - this popular idiom relates to the fact that most…...
Critical Review of the Book Journey Towards Allah
Words • 1542
Pages • 7
Paper Type:Critical essays
Article Page Number: 18-36 in the book and is the first chapter of the book. In the Name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful Hadhrat Moulana Abdul Hamid Is`haq Saheb (Daamat Barakaatuhum) is the principal of the world-renowned Darul Uloom Azaadville, South Africa (Madrasah Arabia Islamia), and senior Khalifa of Hadhrat Moulana Shah Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Saheb (Rahmatullahi 'alayh), with thousands of students and Mureedeen throughout the WORLD. This book 'journey towards Allah' is extracts from the islaahi…...
CompassionEmpathyGratitudeJourneyThe Fault in Our Stars
Heartless the Documentary
Words • 1056
Pages • 5
Elisha Harrison "Lord, sweet Lord how come she [is] so ugly. Ugly. Ugly." Imagine being a mere child and having this said to you, from your own parent, with it being such a significant thought that it becomes an all-consuming belief. Constance Briscoe knows all too well of this reality she faced for years of her life, with this being one of the more docile examples of abuse, that both her mother and stepfather took part in. Hello TV executives…...
Emotional Sensitivity
Words • 807
Pages • 4
Although a portion of the same common develops, the two passionate measurements of compassion - empathic sensitivity and individual trouble - may abdicate diverse results, and have distinctive suggestions on social working and well-being. Eisenberg and Fabes (1992) have recommended that two sorts of identity factors are involved in foreseeing whether people have gotten to be overstimulated in social settings: their dispositional levels of passionate responsively, especially the concentrated and edge of reacting, and their capacity to direct their passionate…...
Drone Delivery System Project Report
Words • 1665
Pages • 7
ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We sincerely feel that credit of the project work could not be narrowed down to only on individual. The development of this project involves many valuable contributions. First we would like to express our deepest sense of gratitude and sincere thanks to our Project guide Prof. P. R. CHAUDHARI for his valuable guidance and encouragement during our project. We would also thankful to our Head of the Department Prof. B. V. Buddhadev, for providing all the facilities and support.…...
DesignDronesEmpathyOnline shoppingTechnology
Millennial Generation
Words • 1114
Pages • 5
Good morning/afternoon everyone! Imagine waking up and find the media has scorned your age group as big babies yet again. Imagine being rejected in your job interview just for being a millennial, or not being taken seriously in your life- at least not until you get older---how would you feel? Discouraged? Depressed? These feeling might be just your imagination, but in reality, millennials are suffering from them. Many media misrepresentation exists in our society, and one victim of it is…...
CreativityEmpathyMillennial GenerationReputation
Racism A word? An emotion? An Experience? Racism is a culture deeply
Words • 1133
Pages • 5
Racism. A word? An emotion? An Experience? Racism is a culture deeply intertwined into our society which fully optimises the acrimony of the human mind. The film 'Hidden Figures' directed by Theodore Melfi reveals the lewd nature of racism in its crude form, the outright rejection and repudiation of coloured rights within contemporary society. The highly influential music video 'A Change Is Gonna Come' by Sam Cooke also presents this cultural dissention within society, utilising contrasting techniques to reveal a…...
“Is a Hard Inherited?” by Nicholas Kristof
Words • 833
Pages • 4
Many working-class Americans struggle daily just to make ends meet. Whether they are attempting to break the continuous cycle they are trapped in or trying to create a healthier lifestyle for themselves. Nicholas Kristof, author of 'Is a Hard Inherited?' illustrates this point of the working-class who struggles to be financial stable and break the broken lifestyle they live in. In fact, Nicholas Kristof was able to escape what seemed to be the inevitable cycle of poverty. In contrast, his…...
Words • 822
Pages • 4
POST 1 Why did Rome control much of this area of the world? For how long it did. Rome controlled this much of the world because most of the world believed in the Catholic/Christian beliefs, which the Romans had power over. What main languages were used across the Roman Empire? In the Roman Empire, the main languages that were spoken by the people were Greek and Latin. What were some of the different ethnic/cultural groups living in the regions of…...
LAMP today comprises of a vast amount of experience garnered
Words • 400
Pages • 2
LAMP today comprises of a vast amount of experience garnered through collective human learning. The employability of such a resource is almost unlimited in its potential.When a significant portion of the target is aimed at modification of information and channeling the flow of modified information, a large part of the equation depends on ready availability of such resources.Being a part of the network would ensure that useful information and relevant effort willing to be deployed will be used in the…...
EducationEmpathyExperienceProblem Solving
Self-Awareness Reflective
Words • 1284
Pages • 6
Paper Type:Reflective essays
Garfat (1998), describes being self-aware as a constant process, requiring that CYC's are open to checking in, paying attention to what's happening within, and what this might means. Garfat and Charles (2007), explain how it wasn't long ago "self" was used in a more superficial way, and more emphasis is now placed on "self" being an essential element. They say "who am I?" is paramount in CYC's reflecting on how they're perceived, and what they might want to learn about…...
Attachment TheoryAwarenessBehaviorEmpathyPsychology
Words • 1138
Pages • 5
DiabetesEmpathyParents For Children
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Showing Empathy

As I worked in ICU department for over two years, we were taught to help people be well, get well and stay well. I went to work every day with same motive to provide best care to patients and importantly to their family who’s been going through a lot seeing their loved one in the ICU department. This video reminded me of how all the ICU team including nurses, doctors and tech look after the patients with so much care and listen to their need attentively.

Watching this video brought back memories from work, refreshed my perspective on life and how we need to be considerate of other people not just in hospital setting but also outside of it. With showing empathy and smiling to patient it may not cure the illness but at least it will give the satisfaction that someone a stranger cares about their wellbeing. We should take time when in hospital to ponder what other person is going through because everyone no matter how frustrating they may be, they have their own story, and some are even greater than ours. We should not only remember our own family member when they get sick to treat them with respect but also our patients, no matter how stressed, overworked we fell and tired we should always put them first.

The Cost of Healthcare

One thing I believe can be jeopardized in the coming years is the cost of healthcare as its increasing and hospitals are not being fully compensated which can undermine patient care. This video is good reminder for all of us in a hospital that we are all human and circumstances does happen, and we should always be there with patients to make them feel calm and put them as our first priorities. It’s really sad to see as a society we no longer value others as much as ourselves. One good deed and kind word can changer one person like in ways we cannot imagine.

Health Care Worker’s Responsibility

Among the characters that caught my eye as I watched the video was this guy laying on the bed, was from 7,000 miles from home. It’s our health care worker’s responsibility to provide them with quality of care. This video about empathy & companionate should be made mandatory for all the health care workers to watch and realized that we need to put our patient first in all circumstances even if we are having a terrible day. Having empathy, understanding and compassionate can come long way of treating patients, giving them sense of hope and helping them as you want to be treated which can huge difference in the health care.

FAQ about Empathy

A Discussion on How We See Certain Things in Leslie Jamison’s Essay The Empathy Exams
...Each essay creates somewhat of a blank space, later to be filled by another essay but simultaneously creating another blank space. It is a rather irking cycle for Jamison's reader...
Why Is Effective Communication So Powerful?
...Taking this class has taught me to be mindful of what you do, say, or actions when effectively speaking face-to-face with friends, family, spouses, and coworkers. Communication is the verbal and nonverbal cues that we use correctly and incorrectly da...
What are the pros and cons of total quality management?
...People might feel that they are being put a lot of pressure on because new processes are being introduced continuously and people need to adapt and also because total quality management focuses on doing things right the first time, employees might fe...
How far do you agree of this assessment of “The World’s Wife”?
...To conclude the point whether 'The World's Wife' shows no sympathy for men , it is undeniable that many poems in the collection portray men in negative lights; often through both their personality and looks. Duffy wrote 'the World's Wife' in order to...
Why was Bill Clinton able to win the Presidential elections of 1992 and 1996?
...Whilst the public doubted the factuality of Dole’s economic policies and lost a substantial amount of voters once he announced that he was against abortions. Compared to Bush and Dole, Clinton was the only viable and practical choice. Clinton may h...
From when I was born to now the people I am surrounded
...Like a turtle I would often draw back into myself, scared of new sensations and overflowing with doubt. Too scared to stand up in front of the class and wary of meeting new people. Sometimes I fear that I will never lose this quality but with my Mums...

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