Creating and Expressing Your Personal Leadership Brand

The four main components:


My reason for being is not a thing but people – my parents, because they are the most important thing in my life. The most I want to become and accomplish is great success in life that keeps me and my parents happy as they look up to me proudly. Furthermore, I also want to inspire the generation Z in my family, friends, close relatives, and workplace by working with a generous purpose and leading to leave a legacy behind.

To achieve that amount of success I need to believe in myself, be authentic, embrace a never-say-die attitude, and remove all the self-doubt.


Empathy. Crunching high volumes of data in tonnes of spreadsheets is not something that is interesting to me, but my biggest strength is relating to people. I like to meet new people, love listening to them, and being undeviating or uniform with them. I believe when these people understand how much I care for them, they will contribute their best work because of the self-motivated environment that I created.

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Behavior Principles

Sharing my positive contagious energy and building relationships are the two things that come most naturally to me. To be authentic, I need to live my actual identity and not somebody else’s perception of me. In order to show empathy, I intend to be as natural as I can by offering physical affection, listening intently, having an open mind, and withholding judgment.

Personal Leadership Brand (PLB)

I think of my personal brand as a top-grossing movie – there are big stars and celebrities, a widely popular background score, and of course, there’s a big finale.

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But behind all the glitter, it’s really about the plot line and the emotion. Nothing really matters without the human element.

I want to be known for being compassionate and putting confidence in people so that I can help other people recognize their purpose and inspire them to believe they can make a difference.

The “Brand Shapers”:

Mom and Dad

If I were to name two people who have made the strongest impact on my life, who have shaped my character, made me the person who I am today, it’ll be my parents. They have always supported me in all my life-decisions and motivated me to get through tough times in life. They have imparted the value of education to me, that how literacy is the solution to all world problems, how it allows you to be understanding and kind to others.

Internship at Google

It’s already evident from some of our readings on Google about their successful teams and how they create an environment that fosters innovation. My 6-month internship at Google, back in 2014, was full of such stories. I was allowed to take complete ownership of my work and my role and goals were clearly defined. I was treated like a full-time employee, receiving all the perks and benefits as they get. It allowed me to understand effective employee dealing, which in turn is transmitted to understanding the customer better and creating a “Right to win” culture where whatever competitive market Google engages in, it comes out with a better-than-even chance of consistent success.

Teaching Assistantship with Prof. Jeff Glass (Innovation Management)

Becoming a TA for Prof. Jeff Glass provided me with the skills and experience I need to succeed in life. I learned to have strong interpersonal skills because with successful communication I was able to interact efficiently with the students. I was able to understand students’ problems and mastered the art of patience. I also learned time-management while grading the assignments and handling my personal schedule. The most fulfilling moments were watching the students succeed and it provided me with everlasting friendships and a confidence in myself I never knew I had. Moments that I will cherish forever.

The PLB promise:

  • I would say my actions and goals are almost aligned with my aspirational PLB. I always place ethics above profit and generosity above personal prosperity. I try to find creative solutions to life and work problems. In team environments, I seek help from people who don’t self-identify as creative. I attempt to live a radically different life than other people in the business world by treating people how they want to be treated.
  •  To better align my life with the PLB I aspire, I would like to bring emotion back to the business world. I want to develop a high emotional quotient that would allow me to recognize my own emotions as well as of those others. It will help me differentiate between different feelings and accurately label them. I promise to welcome feedback, seeing it as information instead of evaluation. I want to be at a workplace that is a lot more mobile, flexible, diverse, and transient than the traditional office. This is exactly how the future of the workplace is going to look like. I want to be able to see opportunity in almost everything, anticipate the unexpected, unleash my passion, and live with an entrepreneurial spirit.
  •  My PLB will greatly influence how I participate in this course. I will be more focused with my individual efforts to welcome all my teammates when we meet up for group meetings, make them comfortable, and engage in challenging conversations. In class, I aspire to learn from the brightest minds from different parts of the world and contribute my life lessons and learnings.

Once I have done all of the above, I can trust myself enough to live my leadership brand. That’s really the essence. It’s important that I should be able to calibrate myself as a leader and recognize that it’s not about self-promotion but about being responsible enough to be myself. Benefit others in the ways that come naturally to me.

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