Emotional Intelligence as a Strategy for University Success

Emotional Intelligence as a Strategy for University Success

University success is all I aspire to have right now. Most of the time it is merely pegged on academic achievement, but there are a lot of background forces that define what it is supposed to look like. Five years ago, I didn't have the maturity I have today, the point is, should I have been given the responsibilities I have today five years ago, I wouldn't have done them as best as I would have them done today.

The experience I have gathered during that time span has equipped me with an ever-growing assortment of life tools that help me navigate my way through the course of life. One of the most important tools that we acquire yet not often talk about is the emotional intelligence. In this essay, I'm going to address some of the strategies for my university success through the lens of emotional intelligence.

For me to give an honest opinion about the use of emotional intelligence, I believe that it is in order to first give an account of my personal understanding on the same.

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One way to look at it is that it is a state of consciousness by which an individual is able to attend progressing events and experiences in a non-prejudiced and receptive manner, therefore, emotional intelligence calls for attentiveness and awareness of moment to moment experiences. Another aspect that has been of recent concern to me is use of emotional intelligence not only as a tool to flourish but also as a paradigm to help me cope with difficult times during this journey to academic achievement.

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It's because of this reflection that I now profoundly believe that emotional intelligence includes aspects of an individual's internal and external relationships, mood temperament adaptation and stress management skills, all of which have an important effect on my academic achievement as a student.

First of all, emotional intelligence will define how good my relationship with the academic faculty will be. During this season of my life, I want to assume a non-generic role that doesn't only entail academic awareness but also a professional outlook that I see well portrayed by the members of the various faculty departments. My lecturers adorn their practice to an extent that learning feels like a life rhythm that should be maintained. Such a culture encourages academic competitiveness for me, therefore it is my sole responsibility to reach out and benefit from these intellectual giants. I say this because almost all the professors and lecturers have some accolade that makes them special, most of them have varied exposure to work space experience from around the world. A little orientation from them could help me a great deal since I'm very ambitious and of unrelenting will to succeed in university and in life as a whole.

The potency of emotional intelligence will also be vivid in my social life. I understand that there is a higher percentage of cognitive factors that play a massive role to ensure my university success. But social avenues act as good leeway for decompressing after a long period of study. Being equipped with emotional intelligence will assist me in the cherishing of peer relationship that will define the quality of my university education. Being in tightly knit social groups will give me the chance to know and be in control of my emotions. Moreover, emotional intelligence will empower me with the ability to distinguish other people's ideas, I will use it as a guide to direct their thoughts and actions towards the right direction. This will encourage creativity alongside extrapolation of more ideas since a common understanding brings to light the various contexts of thought. Emotional intelligence will also help me understand the feelings and emotions my other "significant partners". With such an understanding, I will be more responsible and respected by others since I will have increased my ability to handle "difficult situations". I will be better able to provide a secure environment in love and discipline, to understand what is acceptable and non-acceptable behavior.

Furthermore, a clear orientation to emotional intelligence will enable me to utilize a fine blend of emotional and cognitive abilities to appeal to other people's feelings. This will curve my personality as a human, enabling me to demonstrate empathy, tolerance, compassion and understanding for others as well as verbally communicate my feelings and intentions. This might not be a smooth sail, but with practice, I will gain the confidence and trust in self to be the man who can impact the life of others in a positive way. I believe that such stimulation of the mind promotes growth in character which in turn will give me the feeling of self-worth that satiates value in self, and value to my community.

Finally, I have to acknowledge the fact that tough seasons are a part and parcel of our lives. During my stay at the university, it is obvious that I may be caught up in circumstances that I may not be able to handle on my own. No man is an island, no man stands alone, being equipped with emotional intelligence will enable me to seek help whenever it is appropriate. There are issues that are temporarily solved within everyone's personal space, and they are also recurrent hence we may need a shoulder to lean on sometimes. A good example is financial instability, lack of adequate finance for upkeep can sometimes be depressing and cause a lack of motivation towards academic responsibility. This is the time when emotional intelligence will help me assess my mood temperament and stress, my insecurities and most vulnerable state of being. From this point, I will be able to seek help, it may be in the form of counselling, mentoring, career guide, spiritual direction, and basically the motivation to be strong enough to bear the weight of challenges that will come my way.

Updated: May 19, 2021
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