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What is Equality and Diversity?
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Throughout this assignment it will include; a brief explanation on what equality, diversity and inclusion means. Also, will be evaluating legislation, support services, models of disability and partnership working and will be discussing how vulnerable children and young people are being supported in Wales with regards to the promotion of inclusion, equality and diversity. Equality does not always mean that everyone is treated in the same way as everybody else. However, as childcare practitioners or parents it would involve “treating…...
The economic diversity
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Alongside these measures, the U. S economists have fought hard to maintain fiscal and monetary policies that shall secure them from possible inflation occurences. The policies that were enacted became their tools to maintain sustainable growth and at the same time promote economic expansion while avoiding recessions (“Monetary and Fiscal Policy,” 2001). However, despite these measures and the strong influence that U. S economy has imposed on smaller and less powerful countries, their economy has slowed down. Their GDP rate…...
Diversity Programs: The Microsoft Way
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In the 21st century recruiting and maintaining a talented workforce has become a true area of concern. Globalization has completely changed the work environment today and international mobility of the workforce has almost become a rule than exception. This led to a situation where companies are hunting the right people worldwide. Hence, recruiting the right people for the right positions, developing them through trainings and retaining these skilled employees have become very important (Coetzee Jan, “Confront the Talent Crunch and…...
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With reference to the family, consider how functionalist perspective enhances understanding of the diversity of family in today’s society
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Pages • 7
"The family is a social group characterized by common residence, economic cooperation and reproduction. It includes adults of both sexes, at least two of whom maintain a socially approved sexual relationship, and one or more children, own or adopted, of the sexually co-habiting adult" (Murdock 1949). In this piece of work I am going to discuss the family from the Functionalist perspective. In order to obtain a more detailed analysis of the Functionalist theory I am going to compare and…...
Organizational Psychology: Diversity at Lloyds-TSB
Words • 1353
Pages • 5
Lloyds TSB is the largest retail bank in the UK and they have more than 140,000 staff. Half of all people in UK now bank with Lloyds Banking Group. It is a diverse business, with stronger market presence in areas such as mortgages, insurance, finance and investments. They have taken a positive approach to employee who has disability such as creating an inclusive working environment so that their employees can reach their full potential. Besides, they also help the disabled…...
Organizational diversity
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Pages • 3
Managing of diversity helps in addressing issues concerning diversity. Managers should consider the practices, policies and means of thinking within organizational culture which has differentiated and affected various groups. Certain organizational changes should be made to help in meeting needs of the diverse workforce and maximize potential of the workers. Most people in businesses believe in the golden rule of treating others as one would like to be treated but this depends on individuals. Managers have the responsibility of changing…...
Diversity of Muscular Systems
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Pages • 7
Muscular system in Porifera Porifera are most commonly known as sponges due to the appearance that they portray. Sponges lack a true muscle system but they still have some proteins that are present in muscle cells. These proteins are involved in regulating the circulation of water through the sponge's pores. One of them is a type of myosin that is essential for this function. (BARNES) Muscular system in Cnidaria Cnidaria is a phylum that includes familiar hydras, jellyfish, sea anemones…...
Leadership and Diversity Management
Words • 71
Pages • 1
Effective Leadership and diversity management practices have became inevitable in any business organization, which is determined to overcome the challenges of the global market and establish a positive working environment, which fully utilizes the available human and natural resources. Organizational diversity can be described as the concept of an organization hiring different kinds of people, that is, people of different backgrounds, gender, and race among other similar factors (Karsten, 2006). (more…)...
IFRS and International Diversity in Accepted Corporate Practices
Words • 852
Pages • 4
Introduction Increasing globalization has led to the need o harmonize the world economy and this has been the case with financial standards. COSO (2009) considers monitoring of internal control as the best way to produce the most reliable information which is why there is need to control financial reporting according to certain standards. International Finance Reporting Standards (Formally known as International Accounting Standards) are a set of standards specifying rules and treatments of various financial and accounting reporting standards. The…...
Hispanic American Diversity
Words • 978
Pages • 4
The four Hispanic groups I am going to be writing about are Mexican American, Cuban Americans, Puerto Ricans, and El Salvadorians. The interesting part of these four groups is that they speak the Spanish language. When speaking Spanish, each of these four groups, have a different dialect; however, the spelling is the same, they are pronounced the same, the words have different meanings. In this paper, the following will be discussed: linguistic, political, social, economic, religious, and familial conventions of…...
Global Strategy For Diversity at Bestfoods
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Pages • 6
Laura Brody entered a challenging situation when she became the new Director of Diversity and Development for Bestfoods International, formerly known as CPC. This report analyzes critical issues that Brody faced when she was given the opportunity to create change in order for women and minorities to have an equal opportunity and become global leaders for Bestfoods. While Brody had the support of her superiors, she struggled with how to create permanent change within the organization. By using organizational behavior…...
Explain the benefits of diversity to society
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Pages • 5
There are two main reasons to respect the diversity of others these are: 1.It is unjust and unfair and can be illegal to treat people of minority groups differently or in a discriminatory way. 2.It is important to realise that there are positive benefits to society when diversity is respected. Valuing diversity can open our minds to new and exciting experiences and to new ways of thinking which can make our lives more interesting. Society can also benefit by respecting…...
The concept of diversity
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Pages • 4
This paper discusses the concept of diversity using several books written during WWII as examples. Diveristy Diversity is an attribute that is seen among people, situations and cultures. Everyone has encountered different situations at one time or more during their lives that has either been pleasant or upsetting. Certain novels written in the 1950's to the present show signs of multiformity very clearly. In regards to culture, people are placed in unusual situations where their diversity is shown. Throughout the…...
Diversity in journalism
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Pages • 3
If we refer to definition, journalism in general is a form of public activity on gathering, processing and periodical spread of current information via channels of mass communication (press, radio, TV, cinema etc. ). Journalism is also considered an effective way of conducting propaganda and agitation. It is important that information delivered by journalists is socially meaningful for audience and thus forms public opinion and outlook, giving an idea about phenomena, processes and tendencies of contemporary world, its diversity and…...
Understanding Development and Supporting Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
Words • 9277
Pages • 34
NCFE LEVEL 3 SUPPORTING TEACHING AND LEARNING IN SCHOOLS Please save the Learners Declaration to your PC, add your details, and upload with your completed assessments. Assignment 1 – Understanding development and supporting equality, diversity and inclusion. QUESTION 1 a. Explain the sequence and rate of each aspect of development from birth – 19 years The main areas of development include: physical development, social and emotional development, intellectual development and language development. Through physical development, By age one young child is developing…...
Barriers to Diversity and Inclusion
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Pages • 4
The biggest ones are generally prejudice, culture and upbringing and religious beliefs. Prejudice is 'a preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or personal experience' thus creating barriers to recognizing equality of rights for all. Cultural barriers can prevent, for example, consideration of spiritual, relational or dietary needs that do not conform to traditional expectations. Religious belief, where different religious beliefs are not taken into account and minorities are marginalized and not acknowledged. Other significant barriers could be structural,…...
The Concept of Diversity
Words • 170
Pages • 1
Explain the meaning of the concept 'diversity and its implications in the teaching and learning environment. Diversity is the word that is used to describe the difference of learners in the classroom according to their linguistic background and their identity, life race, language, culture, religion and gender. Teaching and learning that learners may experience has the challenge when they learn a language which is not their first language. This may not affect only learners but it may also lead to…...
Culture, Ethnicity and Diversity
Words • 243
Pages • 1
A culture is the system of attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors that constitute the distinctive way of life of a people. Although sometimes the term is also used to refer specifically to the artistic, intellectual and other 'high-brow' aspects of life, I use it here more broadly to refer to everything that characterizes a way of lifebaseball games as well as symphony concerts, and McDonald's as well as expensive restaurants. In this broad sense culture is nearly synonymous with ethnicity, which…...
What is the Relationship Between Invasibility and Diversity
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Pages • 9
Charles Elton is considered a pioneer in the field of invasion ecology. The diversity -invasibility hypothesis published in his book "The ecology of invasions by animals and plants" (1958) had a great impact on future research (Richardson & Py?ek 2007) . Therein, he theorized that more diverse communities tend to be less invasible by alien species, as high species richness results in more effective use of the resources and an occupation of more niches which could potentially be invaded by…...
Diversity is essential in organizations like the Army because
Words • 757
Pages • 3
Diversity is essential in organizations, like the Army because it allows for different viewpoints, languages, cultural acceptance, and physical abilities. These are some of the many topics that we come in contact with in our daily lives. If one person always believed his way or opinion was the correct one, things would only operate their way. We would not have an acceptance for other views or culture. History has proven how important diversity is by learning to accept the differences…...
Diversity in Coco-Cola
Words • 1075
Pages • 4
Diversity in Coco-Cola Abstract In this paper, I am going to discuss two new diversity initiatives that were taken by one of the world's famous company "Coco-Cola," what motivated them to do so, and the result of those initiatives, either positive or negative. I will discuss in detail about two actions that are Support of LGBTQI and Taking off its label on products. Coco-Cola has raised a rainbow flag in Atlanta for supporting LGBTQI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Ally)…...
P1 Equality,Diversity and Individual Rights
Words • 1214
Pages • 5
Explain the concepts of equality, diversity and individual rights in relation to health and social careIt is important to consider and understand why equality, diversity and individual rights are important in a health and social care setting. By recognising that integrating equality, diversity and individual rights into governance or policy will help to: achieve better outcomes for people, improve performance, demonstrate accessibility and accountability, and ensure compliance with the law.In this report I will be defining equality, diversity and individual…...
The Effect of Soil and Irrigation Water on The Endophytic Diversity
Words • 2168
Pages • 8
Abstract Al -Madinah Mentha ( Mentha longifolia ) is considered one of the most important medicinal and economic plants in Saudi Arabia for its diverse uses in manufacturing perfume, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and cooking. It is also traditionally used in the treatment of various diseases due to its antimicrobial and antioxidant activity. Endophyte -plant interaction an important role in promoting plant growth and stress tolerance. Plants are capable of selectively choosing their endophytic microbiome to have beneficial associates. Comparative metagenomic analysis…...
The volume and diversity of data being produced by companies today is
Words • 744
Pages • 3
The volume and diversity of data being produced by companies today is staggering. This abundance of data, along with the unavailability of powerful data analysis tools, has given rise to a "data rich but information poor" paradox. The ever increasing gap between data and information has generated an urgent need for new techniques which will turn these vast amounts of data into "invaluable sources" of knowledge. This realization, spawned from two years of work experience as a data engineer, has…...
Equality and Diversity Issues
Words • 583
Pages • 3
Equality is treating everyone equally regardless their skin colour, race, gender, religion, disability, sexuality etc. There are rules that makes sure every individual is treated equally and not discriminated because of their race, gender etc. Organisations have equality policies to ensure that equality is reinforced. Diversity is tolerating and accepting contrasts among yourself as well as other individuals. This implies that everybody is perceived as being diverse which is esteemed and respected. Rights are laws , your claim to dignity…...
Managing Diversity in Enterprises
Words • 2765
Pages • 11
The report discusses regarding the action of diversity at geographical point. Then, consequent half highlights the main problems related to the management of diversity within the enterprises. during this context, a number of the key theoretical ideas are represented that are applied with the analysis of case studied for the report. In distinction, Juliet Bourke's statement associated with movement of flexibility's use from its original normal. additionally, the role and result of maximum operating hours within the performance given by…...
Diversity as a Global Construct
Words • 1133
Pages • 5
Diversity as a Global ConstructFor diversity professionals around the world, the trials of creating a diverse and inclusive workplace is both challenging and thought-provoking. We often speak in broad terms when it comes to the need of having a globally diverse work and educational space for citizens around the globe to come together and share in experiences outside of their cultural and comfort zone. In order for us to live in a place where the majority shares a globally diverse…...
Throughout Folklore worldwide there is a great diversity of monsters but one
Words • 866
Pages • 4
Throughout Folklore worldwide there is a great diversity of monsters, but one seems to link them all: the Boogeyman. His stories have been passed down for generations, mainly to keep children from disobeying their parents. The boogeyman is a feared monster by all generations, but is it so feared or prominent in today's new age, new technological era? The boogeyman is the oldest monster in our history. It has no specific appearance, and conceptions vary drastically by household and culture,…...
Counseling and Diversity
Words • 599
Pages • 3
Abstract People of different cultures, including immigrants of today seem to differ from past generations in that they seek to retain many of their cultural values and are less interested in becoming homogenized within the U. S. culture. This distinctness can create a potentially complex situation for both the client and therapist who may differ substantially in their own cultural values. For successful therapy to take place, it is important for therapists to be culturally sensitive of clients and avoid…...
Culture and Diversity in Decision Making
Words • 801
Pages • 3
The definition of the mission and goals of the enterprise is the foundation for any business. Mission - is the answer to the question, what is the activity of the company is and what it intends to do. Procter & Gamble has a pretty clear statement: "We are there to improve your life" After the mission, the organization needs to define the purpose. In this case, the goal - to produce goods and services of the highest quality and customer…...
Diversity Issues
Words • 242
Pages • 1
Share some contemporary examples of cultural diversity issues. Some contemporary examples of cultural diversity issues, for example, are law enforcements inabilities to understand completely some of the minority group’s language, traditions, beliefs, lifestyles, religions, stereotyping, and profiling of minorities. Law enforcement also encounters cultural diversity issues with the different moral beliefs of ethnic groups, therefore, can interfere with relating to other minorities when faced with a situation. Law enforcement officers should focus on education, training, and gain knowledge of their…...
Diversity management
Words • 1857
Pages • 7
Diversity is crucial and inevitable for any service organisations to create opportunities for more innovative ideas. Diversity involves individuals from different ethnic background, culture, age, gender, status and personality characteristics to communicate and share values. To promote and implement diversity, managers should have an effective recruitment strategy. Although diversity creates opportunities, it can create contemporary issues. The issues on diversity are rather complex. This is due to the changing nature of social trends organisations need to adapt. For example, there…...
Employee Diversity Assignment
Words • 1401
Pages • 6
The most fundamental of the definition of employee diversity are focus on race, gender, nationality, age. According to (Nancy R, June 2005), fast technological change, globalization, the demand for skills and education, an aging workforce and greater ethnic diversification in the labor market have greatly influenced the arrangement of diversity today. Today’s definition of employee diversity includes race, age, ethnicity, gender or personality and work style, secondary influence such as religion, socioeconomics and education. Nowadays, employee diversity is very population…...
Equality and Diversity in the Law
Words • 675
Pages • 3
Identify the current legislation and codes of practice relevant to the promotion of equality and valuing of diversity. There are several current pieces of legislation relating to equality and diversity, including • UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (see……) • Every Child Matters • Children’s Act 1989 • Children’s Act 2004 • Human Rights Act 1998 The most recent act is the Equality Act 2010. Previous to this, equality legislation in this country was somewhat fragmented. The purpose…...
Racial Diversity
Words • 569
Pages • 3
Associate Program Material Racial Diversity in Society Worksheet Part I Complete the following using the MySocLab Social Explorer Map: Income Inequality by Race (located on the student website) as a reference: • Select 1 racial group from the list below: o African American o Asian American o Arab American o Hispanic American/Latino o White/Caucasian • Write a 150- to 300-word summary of the economic, social, and political standings of that group. Use additional resources if necessary, from the University Library…...
Effective Medical College Diversity Essay
Words • 1276
Pages • 5
When I was about ten years old, several boys approached me, they started to laugh and pointed at me. I couldn't understand what was going on: was something wrong with my black curly hair, was my dress torn? But everything was worse than I supposed. One of them shouted out: "Look at her, she is so weird, she is a black alien." I began to cry and ran away to my orphanage where I lived. My teacher saw me crying,…...
Diversity in the Classroom
Words • 1495
Pages • 6
INTRODUCTION Teachers are faced with the challenge of students bringing with them, vastly different experiences, cultures, interests and abilities. These characteristics can have a great impact on how students learn. Teaching to such a diverse group requires teachers to be more flexible and place a greater emphasis on the individual. Through the aid of variety and choice, teachers can differentiate presentation to motivate interest in the individual, and hence aid the student to become an independent learner. (Tomlinson, C. A.,…...
Diversity Interview Assignment
Words • 2472
Pages • 9
Abstract The people in the world that we live in are extremely diverse, in terms of the nationalities, religions, gender classifications and physical abilities. Social workers must have a clear understanding of the consequences of diversity and difference and the mechanisms of oppression and discrimination as they relate to human development. The range of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds that social workers will practice in is huge. Because of this, social workers must have an understanding of the values and…...
Immense diversity and equality
Words • 347
Pages • 2
Diversity is a great teacher- it teaches us to be tolerant and helps us explore the human race from various parts of the world. The American environment gave me a tremendous insight on people from different cultures and religions all over the world. The cultural beliefs, traditions formed the best part of my life experience. After coming to America, I learned how to live with different people from all walks of life. I realized that no matter what culture, country,…...
Starbucks Coffee Company Diversity Audit
Words • 3604
Pages • 14
In this paper, we will be discussing a diversity audit that took place with the Starbucks Coffee Company. The audit consists of the company’s background, what the team’s criteria for a diverse organization should be and the findings on what the organization diversity practices truly consist of based on research provided from interviews, company statements and news articles. The remaining of the paper will focus on the organization in terms of Thomas and Ely’s paradigms, building an inclusion breakthrough and…...
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FAQ about Diversity

What is Equality and Diversity?

...There are many potential barriers to equality and inclusion within own areas of responsibilities, these barriers can be something such as a fence or wall that has been put in place physically or hypothetically to stop any movement from one place to a...

With reference to the family, consider how functionalist perspective enhances understanding of the diversity of family in today’s society

...As society has become more diverse, people have developed different values, and now lead much more varied lives. In conclusion, I think I have shown that Murdock's evaluation of the family is no longer relevant in today's society. I think that a more...

What is the Relationship Between Invasibility and Diversity

...Vil? , M., Espinar, J. L., Hejda, M., Hulme, P. E., Jaro?ik, V., Maron, J. L. et al. (2011 ). Ecological impacts of invasive alien p lants: a meta -analysis of their effects on species, communities and ecosystems. Ecology Letters , 14, 702 -708...
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