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Essay on Diversity

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Diversity and Cross Cultural Differences in Work places

Simon (2012) says that throughout this period from crime commission to when the sentence is passed, a forensic psychologist will engage with the suspected offended in an attempt to get insight on the motive behind the offence. In some cases, the offender may be suffering from a mental disorder and it is the duty of the psychologist to psychological expertise to provide analysis and reco...

Understand The Importance Of Diversity

The most effective way for a service provider to challenge discriminatory practice in adult social care settings is to be educated about the regulations that govern the care, be aware and report situations that are discriminatory to your team leader or group manager. There is not a specific step by step process where you fill out a piece of paper and the discrimination evaporates. What is importan...

India: unity in diversity

understood that all of us have multiple identities religious, linguistic, cultural, regional and caste identities. No one can claim single identity. One who demands single identity i.e. national identity does not recognize the reality but during India 's struggle for freedom no one thought in that manner they just thought of India 's independence. Modern India presents a picture of unity in divers...

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Cultural Diversity in Mauritius: Myth or Reality?

Despite all, for some, Mauritius has a marvellous timeline of peaceful cohabitation. We need not go back at the time of independence where we stood together as a one nation to steal a glance of that. April 2013 marked the flash floods which affected Mauritius causing large-scale disasters. The Mauritian solidarity and unity that we were to witness in providing the huge aid to the victims in need w...

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Inclusion is ensuring that all children and young people no matter their background/situation are able to participate fully in all aspects of school life and providing the same opportunities and access in order for a high quality of education. It is important that you help children with additional needs as they often require extra support from a teaching assistant or school support worker. Inclus...

Job Design and Work Diversity

Both of job design and workforce diversity have equal impact in attempt of HRM. Job design helps managers to developing and maintaining a competitive advantage in organisation. Beside that, managers need to know and understand clearly the entire workflow process in their unit. The other advantages of job design can identify employee’s knowledge and skills. It will help managers to determine empl...

Equality,diversity and inclusion in dementia care practice

2.4 Diversity, equality and inclusion are the differences between us all in our religious beliefs, cultural needs, preferences, they are addressed by learning about their histories, their past, what they need in the religious beliefs cultural needs from diet, to clothing, support, who supports them, the activities they take part in, by having individual plans in place that reflect their individual...

Family diversity in today’s society

Also due to high rate of unemployment among black men has meant that they cannot provide for their family which as a consequence lead to high rates of desertion or marital breakdown. Also among Asian families their household do contain three generation but most are in fact nuclear rather than extended families. Larger Asian households also to some extent reflect the value placed on the extended f...

Diversity Training

A global company must reflect the diversity of the world it serves. Their employees represent the widest possible variety of nationalities, cultures, gender identities, employment histories, and levels of physical ability. They recruit employees from global talent pools and provide paths for professional growth to all members of society. Within such a diverse company, people bring to the workplace...

Cultural Diversity and Its Effect on Mnc's

Parochial attitude refers to a person’s incapability to see cultural diversity. This is exactly the reverse of ethnocentrism. Managers who are sent overseas frequently meet people who are also dressed in suits and speak their language - this prompts them to disregard all other cultural differences and make them feel that all others are "just like us". In today’s business globe, most people are...

Cultural Diversity College Essay

Because of my culturally influenced upbringing, the opportunity to choose my stance on religion, and my non stereotypical Jewish background, I can contribute to every community. I have respect for other people’s views, encouraging them to have respect for mine and others. I don’t stereotype people based on their culture because I know first-hand this isn’t always the case. I can be a contagi...

Nvq 5 Equality and Diversity

4.4) propose a strategy to manage risks when balancing individual’s rights and duty of care in own area of responsibility As the manager it is my responsibility to ensure that in the interest of the service users choices are considered in the interest of the individual and that this process in only followed once the following have been assessed first, this provides evidence that the person has b...

Surface level diversity and deep level diversity

The advertisement stated that the defendants had deposited £1000 with their bankers to show their sincerity. The plaintiff bought and used the smoke ball as directed but still caught influenza. She claimed the £100 and when her claim was rejected sued the defendants. The court of Appeal rejected the defendants ‘arguments that the advertisement was a mere puff and was too vague to constitute a ...

Unit 2 Equlity, Diversity and Rights

Asses the effects on those using the services of three different discriminatory practices in health and social care settings Sexuality: If a homosexual couple were recommended to not foster children, and this did cause them to lose confidence in adopting, it could lead to depression and anxiety at their status in society. They may then feel it necessary to hide their sexual orientation. This could...

Diversity of individuals with dementia and the importance of inclusion

Unpaid carers provide most of their support. One study found that half of all people with dementia in the community received at least 35 hours of informal care per week (Murray et al, 1999). Many carers of people with dementia are older people themselves, with physical frailty and health conditions of their own. Changes in memory, thinking and feeling mean a person with dementia finds it increasin...

Inclusion and diversity

School have began adopting a system of personalised learning in an attempt to raise standards. This focuses on individual children and young people. Personalised learning makes sure that all children no matter their background, special educational needs, culture or disability, attain the support they need to progress. When personalised learning is successful, children and young people experience:...

Equality, diversity and inclusion in work with children and young people

Diverse cultures in schools should be acknowledged and reflected throughout the curriculum, by incorporating music, food and stories from a range a of cultures will not only contribute to a rich and more exciting curriculum but will demonstrate that the school not only values the culture of groups but also supports all their pupils to explore and understand cultures that are not their own. By supp...

Principles of Diversity, equality and inclusion in adult social care settings

3.2 – You can raise awareness of diversity, equality and inclusion through either training or discussion with staff as they will learn a lot and be able to put it into everyday practice. You could also use thing like leaflets and information about the company’s policies and procedures as these will also give staff important knowledge of agreed ways of working and the consequences of malpractic...

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Bereavements in families can affect the emotional and physical health of children and their parents e.g. if a parent loses a child it could have a knock on effect on the remaining children, seeing a parent finding it difficult to cope with the loss could make it even more difficult for the remaining children to come to terms with the loss. Different cultures can affect children and young people e....

The Social Contexts of Disability

Education Act 1996 Sets out the school’s responsibilities towards children with special educational needs. The Act also requires schools to provide additional resources, equipment and / or additional support to meet their needs Equality Act 2010 Sets out the legal responsibilities of public bodies, including schools, to provide equality of opportunity for all citizens. This brings together nine ...

Unity in diversity skit

In this play Bhawna is playing the role of a Sushma who belongs to Uttar Pradesh, Ghazal who is playing the role of Kaveri belongs to Bihar, Stuti who is playing the role of Aparajita Ghoshal belongs to Bengal, Rashi who is playing the role of Barkha belongs to Rajasthan, Sumit who is a Maharashtra boy Baburao Ganpatrao, Shreyans a Punjabi boy Daljeet Singh, Sakshi a Punjabi girl Jaspreet Kaur, Mi...

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Dementia Care

Changes in behaviour may be noticed first as opposed to memory loss. Because of their learning disability the person may have difficulty in understanding the implication of their diagnosis. They may already have a care or support plan in place and have a support system set up for them. This information should be used to continue to support the person and to fulfil their changing needs as the demen...

Rhetorical Analysis of Walter Benn Michaels, "The Trouble with Diversity"

“Giving the priority to issues like affirmative action and committing itself to the celebration of difference, the intellectual left has responded to the increase in economic inequality by insisting on the importance of cultural identity.” So by his observation Michaels believes that even the liberals are guilty of thinking the solution to inequality is simply to appreciate the lower class....

Principles of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion in Adult Social Care Setting

How to access information, there are various ways obtaining information on diversity, equality , inclusion and discrimination. you can access government websites that list all the current legislation in place to protect the rights of individuals. You can obtain leaflets to give to individuals informing them of mine and their rights. I also can contact certain charities such as age uk, who can supp...

Explain the concepts of equality,diversity and rights in relation to health and social care

Well I would think that she is not being given the proper mental care in the first place. As she is old and in a nursing home, she probably is a little forgotten by family anyway. This will create even less positive contact with her causing her to regress and become even more depressive. Unfortunately today we don't always give the mental therapy that is needed to help elder people and leave them ...

Diversity Considerations

Chan, K., Satterfield, T., & Goldstein, J. (2012). “Rethinking ecosystem services to better address and navigate cultural values”. Ecological Economics, Vol. 74, pp. 8-18. Correa, C. (2000), Beyond TRIPs, in D.A. Posey (ed.), “Cultural and Spiritual Values of Biodiversity”, London: Intermediate Technology Publications, pp. 533-534 Crisp, R. J., & Turner, R. N. (2011). “Cognitive ...

India: Land of Diversity

India is truly a land of great cultural heritage and enriched traditions. The influence of various cultures on each other is evident from the architecture styles, language as well as the practices in various parts of the country. This innate mixture of features of various cultures and traditions gives India the place and the reputation of being the most tolerant and patient country in the world....

Report- Dimensions of Diversity

Hagemann, Bonnie, Stroope, Saundra. "CONFLICT MANAGMENT." T+D 66, no. 7 (July 2012): 58. MasterFILE Premier, EBSCOhost (accessed July 20, 2013). Kreitner, Rober and Kinicki Angelo. Organizational Behavior 10th Edition. McGraw Hill, 2012. Textbook. Krznaric, Roman. "Six Habits of Highly Empathic People." 27 November 2012. Greater Good the Science of a Meaningful Life. 20 July 2013. Martin, Diane M....

Principles of diversity, equality and inclusion in adult social care settings

8. Describe how and when to access information, advice and support about diversity, equality, inclusion and discrimination (3.3.2) You can accesses information via your manager, on line using national nurses research unit you should accesses this information when you feel discriminated against, treated unfairly or are being asked for advice as this is happening to someone else. Once you have compl...

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Work with Children and Young People

If you are working with a child with special needs or a disability do some research so that you are aware of what the barriers may be as you may need to adapt lesson plans, talk to their senco worker, parents, etc. It is also important to talk to the child/young person so that you know what their abilities are and what they feel comfortable with. Observe other schools, find out how they deal with ...

Nepal Unity in Diversity

The idea and related phrase is very old and dates back to ancient times in both Western and Eastern Old World cultures. The concept of unity in diversity was used "in non-Western cultures such as indigenous peoples in North America and Taoist societies in 400-500 B.C.E. In pre-modern Western culture it has been implicit in the organic conceptions of the universe that have been manifest since the a...

Understand diversity, equality and inclusion in own are of responsibility

The EYFS framework is designed to be fully inclusive of all children’s needs, recognising the need to respond to differences of ethnicity, culture, religion or belief, home language, family background, SEN, disability, gender or ability. There is significant flexibility to provide the seven areas of Learning and Development in a way that reflects the needs and circumstances of each child. In the...

Managing Workforce Diversity

Behavior-Based Programs – focus on changing the organizational policies and individual behaviors that inhibit employees’ personal growth and productivity. Cultural Immersion – refers to the process of sending employees directly into communities where they have to interact with persons from different cultures, races, and/or nationalities. Diversity exists and is very apparent whichever indust...

Diversity of Individuals

2.2 Compare The Experience Of Dementia For An Individual Who Has Acquired It As An Older Person With The Experience Of An Individual Who Has Acquired It As a Younger Person It would not be much different between an older and younger person, they would both still experience the same effects that dementia brings to a person. However a younger person getting dementia would probably feel more affecte...

Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity

In conclusion, all faiths may have similarities or differences between them but healthcare providers must be prepared to treat any and all patients with respect. In addition to providing medical treatment, health care providers must be prepared to also provide care that is culturally competent and spiritually nurturing. A health care provider who is versed in patient diversity will be prepared to ...

Champion equality, diversity and inclusion

Resolve transport issues so that they do not prevent people from participating in the wider community. Build links with community projects, community centres and schools to increase levels of social contact between people from different generations. Identify, respect and use people’s skills, including the skills of older people gained in previous employment. Give people ordinary opportunities t...

Reflection on Diversity

Looking at Social Class: The fiction of Meritocracy, The most popular measures of class are income and wealth. It is also measured by educational achievement and occupational prestige. Classism results from prejudices based on false assumptions. Despite widely held perceptions, social class mobility in the United States is far from fluid. Those born with few resources face serious obstacles in the...

Citizenship and diversity

The definition of diversity is to allow others to be who they are, i.e. black white Muslim Hindu etc. without expecting them to conform to your ideas of either working or morally, for example, if your working partner is a strict catholic, then not making lewd comments about women would respect his diversity, if you are going to be arresting a Muslim woman, then getting a female police officer to d...

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