Organizational diversity

Managing of diversity helps in addressing issues concerning diversity. Managers should consider the practices, policies and means of thinking within organizational culture which has differentiated and affected various groups. Certain organizational changes should be made to help in meeting needs of the diverse workforce and maximize potential of the workers. Most people in businesses believe in the golden rule of treating others as one would like to be treated but this depends on individuals.

Managers have the responsibility of changing organizational culture so as to closely reflect on the values of their diverse workforce.

Managers require certain skills that help them in managing culture diversity. They should be able to understand and accept the concept of managing diversity, recognize that diversity is threatened through all aspects of management, have self-awareness by understanding their own culture, identity, prejudices, biases and stereotypes and they should have the will to challenge and change institutional practices which hinder different groups (Mor-Barak, 2005, p.

47). Managing diversity acknowledges cultural differences in people and recognizes those which are valuable.

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It enhances good management practices by preventing promotion and discrimination inclusiveness. Good management alone is not necessarily assisting employees to work effectively with diverse workforce. This is difficult in knowing which plays certain area of management. For effective diversity management, managers should specify need in which skills works effectively in a diverse environment in their job.

They fully demonstrate ability to work effectively in a diverse working environment. They should make sure that efforts on good faith are made in recruiting diverse workforce.

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In managing diversity managers should focus on job requirements during interview, evaluate experiences but also consider the transferable skills and show competencies like organizational, analytical, communication, and coordination. Prior experience is not necessarily effective in workforce (Jackson, 2001, p. 117).

Managing of diversity in organization has been the main focus for most managers as a trend towards global economy in bringing people of different cultural and ethnic background together. Establishment of great cultural understanding has been a significant part of global business. In aviation industry there is increasingly and culturally diverse environment whereby people from significantly diverse racial, social, national, socio-cultural and even linguistic background meet and interacts as they work together in achieving individual and organizational objectives and goals.

Because of the values associated with managing cultural differences in aviation industry people have been more concerned with cultural differences effect on workplace and developed various strategies that help in minimizing any possible tension that might emerge from cross-cultural interaction (Adler, 2002, p. 124). Continuous change of racial and ethnic differences has posed managerial problem to human resource mangers. As cultural differences has increased pressure on aviation administration to strengthen organizational diversity.

Nevertheless, concurrent social, cultural and political trends results in management difficulties due to more complexity and difficulty. Human resource managers should legislate and enforce business requirements which don’t depend on diversity to increase effectiveness in the industry. There is a continuous change in racial and ethnic make-up this makes human resource manager in aviation industry establish guidelines for training diversity within the industry to enable all employees have same quality of training. This industry faces some challenges when implementing this program of diversity.

Some employees ignore the training which has long-term negative effect (Mor-Barak, 2005, p. 52). Organizational culture within aviation industry emphasizes on cultural diversity in motivating and maximizing culture differences values which an intellectual asset to the industry. Culture is significant to organizational change and maximization of human capital value. Management of diversity is important as a management competency with the right culture being necessary condition for organizational success. Human resource managers are faced with challenge of determining the most effective culture for the industry (Jackson, 2001, p. 120).

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