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Organizational behavior is an important study that identifies why individuals behave the way they do within the setting of an organization. The nature of human beings is quite complex as there are various causes and effects that influence their behavior in the organization (Brown, 2011). Through the study of organizational behavior, it is possible to understand the organization and its employees better. Motivating the employees, improving labor relations, predicting and controlling the behavior of workers, and effectual use of human resources are some of the benefits derived from delving into the study of organizational bhavior (Brown, 2011). The academic study expands further into areas that include aspects such as improving job performance and satisfaction, encourages leadership, while promoting innovation in the firm (Shani et al., 2009). It was not until the 1970s that organizational behavior was recognized as an academic field of study by the American Psychological Association. The recognition made it the foundation of human resources as we know it.

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