Problem Four: Develop Intrinsic Motivation

Medtronic is very particular about giving adequate compensation to its employees. The benefits program mainly involves financial rewards which are acceptable to employees but it has its limitations. Along with financial rewards, employees need non financial rewards also to develop intrinsic motivation so that employees internally love their job. Intrinsic motivation occurs when an individual is turned on to one’s work because of the positive internal feelings that are generated by doing well. (Schein, 2004) It can be achieved through many strategies such as

• Job enlargement: It means horizontal loading of the job, in which different small and specialized tasks are combined to make a complete job which include variety into employee’s work.

• Job rotation: It calls for moving employees from one specialized job to another. Rather than performing only one job, workers are trained and given the opportunity to perform two or more separate jobs on rotating basis. • Job enrichment: It entails modifying a job such that an employee has the opportunity to stimulating work, experience achievement, recognition, responsibility and advancement.

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The above strategies will cover the limitations of financial rewards. The limitations include employees becoming more materialistic and less inclined towards work. Thus intrinsic rewards will assure increase in employees’ love for job, job satisfaction and commitment. (Schein, 2004) Conclusion By accepting the above recommendations, following transformation will be observed in the organization 1. The resources and time will be saved by reforming the recruitment process. 2.

Employees will be more willing to communicate if cultural sensitivity and intercultural communication skills are improved.

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Subtle conflicts and differences will be reduced and informal socialization, coaching and mentoring will take place for the benefit of the employees. 3. Evaluation of CSR activities will increase the company’s credibility in the eyes of stakeholders and employees will be more willing to participate in social volunteerism. 4. Intrinsic motivation will increase employee’s job satisfaction, commitment and organizational citizenship.

The obvious costs and side effects in implementing these recommendations are employees might get over burdened and they might perceive the job expectations crossing their abilities and skills. Requiring employees to get training in cultural sensitivity, expecting them to volunteer in social events and at the same time enriching their job for intrinsic motivation are demands few can fulfill. It will increase work place stress and consequently it will negatively impact employee’s performance. This requires balance in implementing these recommendations.

However, leaving things alone is also not appropriate as it will eventually result in loss of precious resources and time, decrease informal communication and trust among employees, and destructive workplace behavior. This exercise tells us that change in organization is a way of life and it should be implemented if positive results are expected. We should question the effectiveness of ongoing systems and processes and if there are loop holes they should be immediately corrected with concrete strategies. In 21st century, organization work in totally dynamic environment so proactive approach should be adopted in handling diverse issues.

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Problem Four: Develop Intrinsic Motivation

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