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Organizational Barriers

In the process of effecting the proposed organizational changes, the company will most probably face certain challenges that may hinder the effectiveness of the implementation process. Organizational culture is one such potential obstacle that can make implementation of proposed action plans to be difficult or almost impossible. In order to ensure effective implementation of the action plans, the culture of the company must play a major role.

In the case where the company has had negative experience related to organizational change, it is likely to face resistance during the process of implementing the action plans.

Inadequate requirements arrangement is a significant barrier to the proposed changes. It is important to note that the proposed changes will involve the personnel directly, but the personnel have cognitive and emotional requirements. Besides, unlike machines, human beings do not take new commands immediately.

Therefore, the successful implementation of the action plans depends on how well the employees and other company stakeholders are prepared to accept the changes.

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If the employees are not psychologically and emotionally prepared for the changes, then, their fear of failure under the company’s new strategies will be a great barrier to materialization process of the action plans (Immordino, 2009). Possible ineffective communication between the leadership and the employees with reference to the proposed action plans will also hinder the implementation process.

The action plans are excellent, however, if the employees are not well informed through proper communication channels, they are likely not to see the benefits of the action plans and hence oppose them (Immordino, 2009).

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Every change in the company requires some financial implications. With the tight company’s budget, and the need to maximize profit margins and reduce cost, it will be difficult to mobilize sufficient financial resources to facilitate the implementation of the plans.

Besides, the managing personnel are likely to jeopardize the process in case they do not come up with appropriate strategies for implementations. Related to this, is the fact that the implementation process should be assigned to highly competent managers, otherwise, it is likely that the available resources for the process will be improperly managed thereby leading to failure (Immordino, 2009). Reference Immordino, K. (2009). Organizational Assessment and Improvement in the Public Sector. United States: CRC Press.

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