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The Cricket War analysis

Compositionally the text falls into some logical parts: exposition, narration of events and the ending. The climax lies in the in the moment, when father told that all ‘was the end’, but his son thought that he should have said ‘This is beginning’. The ending is as all family lost their home in a fire, and crickets continued to chirr loudly. The author employs a lot of expressive means and...

Life in Mumbai

Mumbai is the city of dreams; life in this city is not just about work. Life here is about following your dreams. Thousands of people come every month in search for their future their dreams. There’s a reason why it is called the commercial capital of India or the city is just so popular. And for ti there needs to be an amazing life in there. There’s a reason why so many people come here, live...

About Cricket Game

From the fielding team, a bowler bowls 6 legal deliveries to constitute an "over'. No bowler can bowl two overs in succession. The maximum number of overs a bowler is allowed to bowl depends upon the format of the game. For example, a bowler can bowl a maximum of ten overs in a one-day international (ODI), whilst a maximum of four overs can be bowled in T20I cricket. The fielding captain is respon...

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Summary of A Village Cricket Match by Macdonald

He turned defensive and hit only one run in the next quarter of an hour and was then declared leg before wicket, the score remaining 69 for 6. Mr. Harcourt’s demonstrable lack of respect was more out of his desire to be funny than any serious rivalry. The writer has skillfully taken the moment to a climax and then ruptured it. Finally Mr. Shakespeare Pollock came forward to bat. He was an Americ...

Sports in India

Apart from Ramanathan Krishnan, two other Indians Jaideep Mukherjee (1966 and 1969) and Dilip Bose (1949) had won the Asian crown. In 1997, Mahesh Bhupathi became the first Indian to win a grand slam event when he won the mixed doubles title in the French Open partnering Rika Hiraki of Japan. Mahesh in tandem with another Japenese girl, Ai Sugiyama, won the mixed double event in the US Open as rec...

Bangladeshi Cricket

When I was young, then I used to play cricket in the street. I have broken many window glasses of our neighbors. Because of me, my father had to digest many complaints against me. But I couldn't do anything to align my habit as per others restriction and discipline. I couldn't compromise it. Because of this reason my father had brought another TV for me. Many said that it is a very expensive game....

Parenting in A Straight Bat

He swaps his cricket bat for a violin and it’s like he is free from his cage. When hisfather finds out about this he is furious and even smashes the violin “With a swift downward motion George smashed the violin across his knee.” The smashing of the violin is like Timothy getting his wings clipped and he is stuck in his cage forever. “He threw the ball back to his father and prepared himse...

Team spirit

Its holds true not only in the context of smaller group like a family or a clan, but also in case of larger groups like the society or nation as a whole. It is this regard that our great nation presents a unique instance of essential unity in spite of myriad diversities. While its diversities give it a multifaceted, kaleidoscopic and pluralistic outlook, its unity keeps them together as an integra...

3 mistakes of my life

Chetans notionsof nationalism and patriotism arejust too immature and simplistic. 15. ConclusionMany times our dreams crash intopieces by unexpected events butwith support from people around, wecan get back on track, focus andrebuild our dreams.Life will have many setbacks. Peopleclose to you will hurt you. But youdon’t break it off. You don’t hurtthem more. You try to heal it. 16. Thank...

Sachin Tendulkar

Tendulkar received the Arjuna Award in 1994 for his outstanding sporting achievement, the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award in 1997, India's highest sporting honour, and the Padma Shri and Padma Vibhushan awards in 1999 and 2008, respectively, India's fourth and second highest civilian awards. After a few hours of his final match on 16 November 2013, the Prime Minister's Office announced the decision ...

An Exciting Cricket Match

However Sakib Al Hasan made a stand and was able to increase the score to 218. Mohammad Asraful and Musfiq Rahim played a beautiful inning and Bangladesh team snatched a total of 269 for 8. This terrifying score marked down the morals of the Pakistan Team. They made a poor start, as their first wicket fell when the score was only ten. However, their middle order batsmen kamral Akmal made a great e...

Humor in A Village Cricket Match

The urchins trying to find the ball with bamboo and bucket also provide humor. Thus the whole story is laced with humor. The title of the story is apt as it vividly, humorously and minutely describes a village cricket match. The main aim of the writer to provide fun through as series of humorous situations is fulfilled. The analogies used by the poet are epic similes where the ordinary actions are...

Cricket and Politics

The nationalist could be trying to encourage the Indian Muslims to have more pride for their country and be shaming them into supporting the Indians instead of the Pakistanis. In conclusion, cricket was a huge factor in politics and had many different point of views on how it impacted life in India and Britain. Some were shaken by the political and religious nature and others felt it was a great w...

Watching a Cricket Match

The match was resumed after half hour break with our school team best scorers going as opening batsmen. The next 45 minutes witnessed an exciting display of hitting sixes and fours by both batsmen, with team's score reaching 105 runs before lunch-break at 1.00 p.m. The matches took a sudden turn when it was resumed after lunch-break, and in the next 25 minutes both openers were out, adding 15 runs...

The Cricket Boy

Cheng Ming gave up the idea of suicide and went to searchforcrickets. Armed with a tiny basket of copper wires for catching crickets andanumber of small bamboo tubes for holding them, he went about thetedioustask. Each day he got up at dawn and did not return until late in theevening. He searched beneath brick debris, dike crevices, and in the weedsandbushes. Days went by, and he caught only a few...

Sport Development Continuum of Football

Cricket and Football is down to how an individual performs and delivers their skills rather than the team winning the game, whereas in boxing it’s based on wins, trophies, tournaments and overall recognition of the boxer. Working your way through the ranks in football tends to be easier as many get pro debuts at an early age than cricket. To achieve your merit you will need to compare the three ...

History of Cricket

Law 37: If a batsman willfully obstructs the opposition by word or action, he is out. Law 38: A batsman is out if at any time while the ball is in play no part of his bat or person is grounded behind the popping crease and his wicket is fairly put down by the opposing side. Law 39: A batsman is out when the wicket-keeper puts down the wicket, while the batsman is out of his crease and not attempti...

The Contribution of Sports to the Caribbean

Also by the promotion of sporting activity in schools, it leads to the holistic development of students and teaches the generation of tomorrow the importance of physical activity to the mind and body. Success at sport has also been seen as a means towards developing a common feeling of Caribbean identity. The West Indies cricket team seems to be the regional organization which fosters a sense of a...

Proposal Argument

For the last 3 and half years the students have been using the soccer pitch which has hampered their progress and at the same time interrupted the training program of the soccer players. Currently there about 30 students who are actively involved in the sport but due to lack of enough facilities and an ample space to train in any have not been able to join the team. This is ...

Cricket: My hobby

I am talking cricket - my biggest passion in my life. Therefore I can instinctively go on forever but would finally like to conclude that it is the commitment of the devoted and jubilant players and the jovial crowds along with the commentaries of golden voiced and silver tongued people like Tony Greig as well as the rivalries of old friends and enemies accompanied by the just demeanour of the ump...

Is Cricket Killing Other Sports in India?

Even a toddler is able to detail at length, the rules of this sport. All ace cricketers are forever in the news, be it for their promotion of various brands which has regretfully become a second money minting business for them, or for their liaison with some damsel from Bollywood. There is full truth that an equal exposure is not given to all sports in the country. There is a need to reform the ot...

Cricket World Cup

In June he stet another mark when he became the first player to record runs in one day international play in January he again moved finto the record bookds when became, again moved into the record books when became the first batesman to score runs in Test play. Just one month later he registered another first, a double century in a match against South Aftica. That same year he was named the Inter...

Anish- Life Outside School

Another profound interest of mine is playing cricket. It makes me feel confident, fit and strong. I have been playing cricket since age seven. Later, I started participating in my school team. With my passion for cricket and hard work, I was elected as captain of school cricket team and managed to be high scorer and man of the match many times. Gradually, I became a part of U-16 regional cricket t...

Winning isn't everything it's the only thing

The realistic truth is that without competition in life whether in sports, on the workplace or school, a contest will no longer be much fun for the persons taking part. We also cannot disregard any forms of competition due to this reality. Many people just want to win and make their life long pursuit a reality. There are still those who look at the broader picture and look at it with a sense of di...

Chetan Bhagat's The Three Mistakes of my Life Book Analysis

The text recounts the life of the 3 young men (Govind, Ishaan, Omi) who had different interest in life. Govind's interest is a business, Ishaan's interest is the cricket, and Omi's family interest is religion. It is shown that man is the center of the story. They have different interest but through the intellectual ability of Govind they come up with one idea. Thus, this novel tells the reader to ...

41Use CasesFollowing are the use cases· Register· Login·

Here, at this point of Application when we got a list of users that we eventually fetched out after providing multiple Filters of Match type, Venue, Opponent and Pitch condition. If user want to view the detailed information of any player he just simply have to tap the player and his history will be displayed including multiple information about him. Player history contains detailed data and stati...

English Cricket to Australian Cricket

From that day the ashes series has been the highlight of the cricket calender, the bi-annual series alternates between Australia and England with five tests being played at different venues. The trophy of the series is a small urn that contains the ashes of the bails that were burnt back in Australia in 1882, a replica is presented to the victorious team at the tournament but the original can be f...

My Dream Is to Be a Cricket

As has been said above, the burning of fossil fuel in large quantities, automobile exhausts gaseous effluents from | | |factories have led to the pollution of air and water. | | |6. As a result of the pollution of air and water, various species of plants have become extinct because pollution of air | | |and water adversely affects plants. | | |7. Man is omnivorous because he feeds both on plant an...

Research project on the legendary cricketer Imran Khan

Whilst researching this project I found out that it was not easy to find suitable and relevant information on the research project if I was to start from the beginning and do this research project. I would find this task easy because I would know which sources of information I would need and I would have saved time during the months I have been researching. I enjoyed working on this research proje...

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