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Essay on Color

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Watching the documentary video made me feel proud and sad at the same time. As a Filipino, I am very proud to have the same nationality as these very talented, hardworking and passionate people. They really made me want to salute them for they deserve a “You’re the best” award. I was amazed on how people can be that artistic. I have never imagined that a used ballpen could become a bead to ...

Summary Drawing The Color Line

What the blacks went through is extremely sad and people didn’t really look at the big picture of things. The chapter opened my eyes into seeing how the world really was how we treat people differently and continue to treat people differently. This book so far is showing me that our societies past is messed up and how selfish everyone is. It shouldn’t matter if you’re a different color or c...

Analysis of Alice Walker’s The Color Purple

As stated in the Masterplots Revised Second Edition, “Alice Walker’s novel is unique in its preoccupation with spiritual survival and with exploring the oppressions, insanities, loyalties, and triumphs of Black women.” Speaking to many unrecognized truths and possibilities of life, The Color Purple employs symbols in order to let those truths become understood. Setting, structure, diction, a...

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Juno film

The camera then cuts to extreme close-ups of the smiles of her mother’s new family, the husband and their three “replacement kids”. To show the viewer that the mother has been out of the picture for a long time the camera cuts to a close up of numerous cactuses in a window. Juno’s voice over is explaining that her mother sends her one cactus every valentine’s day. In Juno, the mise-en-sc...

Color Guard Essay

I know how to make people aware of their mistakes without saying things like “you suck” or “you're doing that completely wrong.” Because words are powerful, and saying things like that can hurt. Also, if you're rude to people they're less likely to respect you. I want to make sure I give my members the respect they deserve as well get that same respect back. Another thing is that a marchin...

Run Lola Run Essay

In ‘The Red Tree’ the idea of time is present with the reoccurring motif of the red leaf. At the start of the book it doesn’t pay attention to the leaf, towards the end of the book the little girl starts to notice it and a smile begins to show on her face. This is used to represent to the reader that it takes time for a good outcome to occur, also that time play a major role in someone’s l...

Comparision of Group Models

What are the similarities and differences between these theories? Look at the intersection of each row and column. •Start by listing the stages of each theory in the blue boxes. •Then go back to the readings on the theory and put the similarities between the two theories in their pink box intersection •Put the differences between the theories in the intersection that is colored yellow. •Wh...

For Colored Girls

Their inner beauty is what most find appealing, especially in the movie each colored girl stood for something without even realizing it. Their strong spirit, loving and nurturing souls, their integrity, their ability to overcome great obstacles, their willingness to stand for what they believe in, and their determination to succeed and reach their highest potential while enduring great pain and su...

Tessellation Patterns in Design

The types of transformation are Reflection, Rotation, Glide Reflections, and Translations. If one looks at the picture within this work one may find that that the pattern are clean and simple with black and white triangles. If one was to fold it in half there would be a reflection on both sides of the pattern. Notice the line white lines and the reflection is on both sides of that line. This is wh...

Ramadan & Eternal Child - Irma Stern

This way she could interpret reality however she liked. Max Pechstein greatly applauded this work as he saw that the painting could evoke strong emotions and reactions from the viewer. The girl’s large head and small body indicates fragility, as do her small hands grasping flowers. Irma is showing the damage of war on the youth. Children are defenseless and afraid, yet hope glimmers in their eye...

Art Analysis: Midsummer Night in Harlem, by Palmer Hayden

In conclusion, the painting Midsummer Night in Harlem utilizes a vertical directional line that illustrates that there is some movement in the picture, yet is calming in effect. The main implied shape throughout this art work is a rectangle which also induces a calming effect. The painting has a slight contrast of color with an analogous harmony throughout. The overall illusion of depth and space ...

“Beguiling Lure “ by Isaac Talley

As a society we want to strive to be better in everything we do. In the past our american culture has taught us right from wrong, to love God and country and to stand true to our families. The importance of those morals and values seem to have disappeared.The black bird or raven can be a positive symbol of mankind's desire to be moral and spiritually correct and the white dangling object or the ...

Essay On Green

I am not quite sure how my fascination started growing on green colour but I guess I started liking this colour as I had spent my childhood in an area where green was the most dominating colour. This was the colour of nature and I was surrounded by the beauty of nature. I noticed in my childhood that green is the colour for living and yellow and red means dying, specifically for the trees and plan...

Photosynthesis Lab Report Purpose

Green and yellow light is reflected and not very helpful in plant growth The most important wavelengths of the blue spectrum are from 430nm to 450nm (cool light) The most important wavelengths in the re spectrum are from 640nm to 680nm (warm light) Green and yellow light are mostly reflected off the plant and that is why it appears green in color Photosynthesis occurs more quickly with the correct...

Pink color

Victoria’s Secret PINK® Eau de Parfum Spray. Bright. Effervescent. Sophisticated. Sexy. Modern. Confident. Playful. Dab it on. Expect the unexpected. Grapefruit: A tart, citrus scent. A great refreshing summer scent. Aromatherapy benefits: Balancing, refreshing, cheering. Peony: A scent as sweet and fragrant as the flower itself. A great spring and summer scent. Aromatherapy benefits: Soothing...

A Aay at The Beach

When I looked back I saw parents trying to sweet-talk their kids into the cold water. While coming out from the water I looked up and I saw three people flying Para gliders, which were orange, purple and fluorescent in color. We were finally now out from the water fully clothed again after we were done taking a shower. We went back under the tree where we were taking a nap before to pick up or be...

Art history formal analysis Renoir luncheon of the boating party

Renoir uses a sharp clean line to define the arm of the man seated at the table in the right foreground. The precise outline of the arm adds to the contrast of color between the arm and the man’s white shirt, the white tablecloth, and chair adding perceived depth to the shape of the arm. In contrast Renoir’s use of line in creating the marsh grasses outside the balcony is loose and diffused, g...

Seeing a Color-Blind Future by Patricia J. Williams

In conclusion Seeing A Color-blind Future is a very interesting and insightful look at racism in America. This reading holds a mirror up to the face of America and it is a reflection that further shows that racism still exist even in the twenty-first century. Racism is presented in many ways, shapes, and forms and it is an issue that effects a majority of minorities whether it is in monetary or so...

An analysis of the Maya Angelou poem "To a man"

I think that Maya Angelou wrote this to show the complex emotions she feels about her man, possession, tenderness, love, and warmth all at once. The poem's effect on me was that it showed me the way a woman felt about her man, and it helped me understand the deeper emotions of a relationship. I liked the way she used Amber to show how her man changed, because it wasn't in a negative way, the Amber...

Color Imagery in Othello

Color imagery in Shakespeare's Othello adds weight and meaning to the play. Many can read or view the play and simply enjoy it for its words and literary importance. Other readers or members in the audience enjoy searching deeper into the imagery, whether it be plant, animal, or color, to discover the hidden morals or meanings of the play. Not only do the colors make the play more visually excitin...

Genetics of Ascospore Color in Sordaria lab

The spore pattern was studied in the asci to determine if crossing over has occurred or not. Wherever gene recombination took place, black and tan ascospores were observed in the same ascus. If the ascospores arrangement has four black and tan ascospores in a row, then hybridization took place but no crossing over arose. Also, if the frequency of crossing over is recognized, one can estimate the d...

The Face Of War by Salvador Dali

The eyes and the mouth spaces have skull shapes within them. This is symbolising limitless death. The skulls get smaller sized and smaller in the eye areas but not in the mouth area. Each skull has a various expression. The mouth of the skull in the right eye space has a skull, which appears like it is shouting. The exact same skull has an even smaller skull in its right eye, but it is too little ...

The Green Light In The Great Gatsby

In chapter four the color green is associated with money and material comfort. The green leather conservatory of Gatsby's cream-colored car attracts the reader's attention. The real purpose behind Gatsby's lavish parties and his choice of habitat across the bay, just opposite the Buchanan's, is revealed to be a lure for Daisy so that she would drop by to his place one day. Thus the green light sym...

Analysis Of The Movie 'Pleasantville'

The plot of Pleasantville is relatively simple - two real people being sucked into an unreal world. However, it makes allusion to the real world, such as segregation and censorship. It also deliver its message successfully, that change is inevitable. The scenes where the black and white tree bursting into bright orange flame, and the Lover's Lane as Eden, have strong visual impact on the audience,...

"The Great Gatsby" Color Analysis

In final consideration, Fitzgerald builds and shapes a world of colors around the characters of the story, creating not only their different looks and behaviors, but also elaborating their personalities and sentiments. These colors connect the reader to the novel by making him see and feel the actual events and emotions a character has and not only an imaginative image. Gatsby's example, which is ...

Local Color In Huck Finn

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn has numerous instances in which "local color" is present. Throughout the novel, heavy focus is laid upon the Mississippi River, and the villages close by. Common men and women used superstition and folklore to explain and solve life's natural phenomena. Along with this is the portrayal of the brutal aspects, both physical and psychological, of slavery. At the con...

Sexism In The Color Purple

Through the common beating of women, the stereotypes cast upon people, and the attitudes of the Olinka people, Alice walker writes about a predominantly sexist setting in The Color Purple. Walker writes about his to show how things really were in black as well as white culture in the past. If Alice Walker were to write about something more recent, she would write about sexism and discrimination of...

Self and Identity in The Color Purple

Whereas Morrison utilizes the Eurocentric primer of a white nuclear family that is burned into the minds of black children, as she distorts and fragments it to illustrate the confusion white ideology causes in the minds of blacks as it contrasts sharply with their own lives. Removing the punctuation, then applying this primer to the story of blacks and namely Pecola's lives, proves that the story ...

A Visual Analysis of a World War II Poster

After analyzing the poster in full detail, one understands all the aspects of the poster. Questions as to why the artist used certain color schemes, why he presented the characters like he did, and why he used such powerful text are answered. Like most typical World War II propaganda posters, this poster, capitalizes on the nationalistic pride of the people in defending their own nation. In doing ...

The Color of Innocence

Dorian Gray's static appearance can do nothing to stop the transformation of the world around him, or, more importantly, his soul. The color white becomes a motif in the novel that mirrors Dorian Gray; its appearance remains the same, yet as the story progresses, it begins to convey a meaning much less innocent than early on. The juxtaposition between the whiteness of purity early on and the white...

"The Color of Family Ties" by Naomi Gerstel and Natalia Sarksian

In this essay, the two nontraditional families show the supportive relationship and strongest family ties. In addition, both of these writings help to form new ideas about untraditional or minority families teaching that nuclear families are not the only type of family that should be respected or considered when it comes to analyzing the closeness and supportiveness of families. Both are the great...

"The weeping woman" by Picasso

The first thing that grabs my attention when I look at this painting is the night sky. It draws my attention straight away. The swirling and curling lines in the painting seem to almost lead your eyes around the painting, helping you to get a clear idea of what the painting is portraying. The other thing I notice is the large cypress bush. This bush is different to all the other elements of the pa...

World without colour

We'd lose all sight for which was which, basically normal organisms wouldn't be able to tell the difference from one thing to another resulting in chaos. Emotionally and Mentally: Our world would seem depressing and very dark and disturbing. Some would enjoy this, while others would not because a world without colors means a world with no life. We basically need colors to help us get through the ...

My Hobbies Essay

It can create friendships and a feeling of togetherness when we all are trying to win a game together. I am pleased and happy that I have found a group of good teammates. Although playing volleyball is hard, I still love to compete and meet the difficult challenges which the games present. I remember that I used to play with my friends in school on a Saturday. Then afterwards we would go out as a ...

Flame test lab report

EXPERIMENT 3 - Flame Tests & Electron Configuration [PDF] http://swc2.hccs.edu/pahlavan/intro_labs/Exp_5_Flame_Tests_and_Electron_Configuration.pdf Aidan Sterk's Digital Portfolio : 10th Grade > chemistry Labs> Flame Test Lab https://sites.google.com/a/hightechhigh.org/aidan-sterk-s-digital-portfolio/home/10th-grade/10th-grade-chemistry-and-math/chemistry-labs/flame-test-lab Fig 1.1 : my...

Harmony in Color

In conclusion, the harmony of color is a concept which embraces the hue, saturation, and brightness of color. In addition, the unity of color is promoted by the smooth transition to the next just like the scales in a musical manuscript. The coloroid and the munsell systems help incorporate harmonious chromatic values into the kaleidoscopic spectrum of color. All of these characteristics contribute...

Rationale Childrens Book

The illustration on the front cover flows through to the back as I think this is an attractive feature in a children’s book as discussed in class. On some pages the illustrations have no background again the same technique is used, to have the image as the main focus such as the playground equipment or Annie in the introduction. In most of the images Annie’s dress is unravelling; I depict this...

Play Activity Assignment

They deal with shapes, colors, how they look combined. They loved to use different colors to paint the leaves and they seemed very enthusiasts about their work. At the end at the project they were proud of their work. They learned to work in groups. Painting gives them the ability to share their equipment, to clean up their mess. They learned to be patient, they learned new words. Personal learnin...

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