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Calcium carbonate
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We found that the convection current for distilled water was slightly different from the current of acid rain. On the basis of our observations, the convection current for rain water moved slightly more quickly. This was evident when the tank containing the acid rain was put onto the hot plate, and it could be seen that its convection current was faster than distilled water's. This is because it takes less time than the distilled water for the particles in acid…...
AtmosphereCalcium carbonateChemistryEarthMaterialsNature
The magnesium strip
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The chemical equation for this experiment is Mg + 2HCl MgCl2 + H2 Prediction My prediction on this experiment is when the temperature is kept at low degrees the reaction of magnesium strips with HCl will be slower but when the temperature is raised to a higher degree the magnesium strip will react with HCl much faster. So when the particles move faster they would have more collisions between them. In cold temperature In hot temperature Example when magnesium strip…...
Calcium carbonateChemistryExperimentMaterialsPhysicsScience
Snail Farming
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Introduction There are many types of snail but not less than 14 of these are edible. The most popular and most lucrative to breed for consumption and commercial purposes are achachatina marginata, archatina archatina, helix pomatia and helix aspersa. The first two are usually very big, weigh between 150 and 200g, lay between 5 and 300 eggs per batch and 8 times each growing season, and measure 90-130cm in length. The last two species of snail are helical in nature,…...
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Seashells for Sealants
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School Year 2011-2012 A REQUIREMENT FOR SCIENCE IV: PHYSICS “Oyster Shells for Sealants” 1. Introduction Leak are one of houses major problem. It won’t let you sleep when rain is pouring so hard and your roof has holes. Your water bills will be high because your water pipe has a leak. These are just some of the problems we encounter in our houses,Primary cure to this problems are sealants. Oyster isn’t just any seafood its shells has avery useful usage.…...
Calcium carbonateChemistryConstructionMaterialsSea
Which ions cause hardness in water?
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Aim: I want to find out what ions cause hardness in water and the reasons as to why certain ions have an effect and others don't. Background information: Calcium hydrogen carbonate is the main cause of hard water. It forms when rain falls on rocks of limestone and chalk. These are made of calcium carbonate, which is not soluble in water. But rainwater contains carbon dioxide dissolved from the air, which makes it acidic. So it reacts with the rocks…...
Calcium carbonateChemistryMaterialsWater
The factors affecting the volume of Carbon Dioxide gas produced when a carbonate reacts with an acid
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In this investigation I will aim to investigate the factors affecting the volume of carbon dioxide gas produced when Calcium carbonate reacts with Hydrochloric acid. This is shown in the equation below. CaCo + HCL CaCl + Co + H O Calcium Carbonate + Hydrochloric acid Calcium Chloride + Carbon dioxide + water My results will be in cm�. I will workout my predicted results with the help of the moles equation We were given six different variables to experiment…...
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Ethanoic Acid
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This is because the rate of reaction is higher. This is stated in the collision theory, which says that the more the concentration the higher the rate of reaction. Apparatus  Samples of citric acid (10 g is suitable)  Calcium carbonate (see notes)  Top-pan balance for measuring quantities Range of measuring cylinders  Gas syringes  Bungs with delivery tubes  Large beakers  Syringe or pipettes, including those measuring 1 cm3  Small conical flasks Boiling tubes and test-tubes  Thermometers  Distilled water  Glass rod  Watch…...
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How the concentration of acid affects the rate of reaction?
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An investigation to find out how the concentration of acid affects the rate of reaction between hydrochloric acid and calcium carbonate (marble chips) Planning The aim of my investigation is to find out how changing the concentration of acid affects the rate of the reaction between CaCO3 and HCl. To make my experiments fair tests, I will only change one variable: the concentration of the acid. I will have to keep the volume of the acid, the mass and size…...
Calcium carbonateChemistryConcentrationMaterialsPhysics
How Does Changing the Concentration Of Hydrochloric Acid Affect the Speed It Reacts With Marble Chips?
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I am going to see if changing the concentration of acid affects the speed at which it reacts with marble chips. Marble chips + Hydrochloric acid ( Carbon dioxide + Water + Calcium chloride CaCO3 + HCl ( CO2 + H2O + CaCl2 I will measure how much gas is given off by using a tally counter to count how many bubbles of gas are given off and measuring the volume of gas produced. Diagram: Apparatus: 5g medium marble chips…...
Calcium carbonateChemistryConcentrationMaterialsSpeed
Antacid Investigation
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The aim of this investigation is to find out what antacid tablet works the best. We will be finding out which antacid tablet is cost efficient and which antacid tablet if effective by this I mean the one that can hold acid the most This can be done by using a pH probe, and seeing how long it takes to make the antacid tablet turn the HCl back to an acid. The best antacid tablet will be cost effective, so…...
Calcium carbonateChemistryMaterials
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In partial fulfillment of the requirements for CHM031: Chemistry for Engineers Julhany B. ButongkaySeptember 07 2019 THE CONCRETE History In the world we live in, buildings and infrastructures are common in our sight. These structures provide our basic needs like shelters, it also connects us to the place we wanted to go. So, these structures were made to be strong, durable and should last longer. Concrete is one of the materials that make our shelters safe for us. Through the years,…...
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The United Cement Company of Nigeria Ltd (UniCem)
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Introduction Background Of The Study Inventories are items that are kept in stock for further processing or resell. Inventory is also the current amount of a product that a business has in stock. High levels of inventory or buffer inventory enables an organization to cope with surges in demand. But this would entail a considerable cost outlay, in holding high levels of inventory. Inventory management is primarily concerned with specifying the quantity and the reorder time in the manufacturing outfit.…...
Calcium carbonateChemistryCompanyInventoryManufacturingMaterials
Producing a mineral paper out of calcium carbonate
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Acknowledgements From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to express our greatest appreciation to the following persons who supervised and guided us in pursuit of our investigatory project. First of all, we would like to thank ourselves, because through many failures and hardships, we remained strong and determined in finishing the research paper. To our research advisers, Ms. Ma. Pilar P. Carmona and Ms. Sasha Gliponeo for their assistance in making the paper and reinforcing the use of…...
Calcium carbonatePlastic
Bioconcrete Strength, Durability, Permeability, Recycling
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Use of concrete dates back to 3000BC and was only used for industrial purposes. But as time passes it has become one of the most standard materials used and even plays a major role in the infrastructure sector. This fact itself makes it a potential subject for researchers who are in line to concrete production and development. However present-day research shows that some of the current concrete treatment methods, such as the application of chemicals and polymers in the production…...
Calcium carbonateConstructionRecyclingStrengths
Enthalpy of formation of calcium carbonate
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Objective To determine the enthalpy of formation of calcium carbonate Procedures A. Reaction of calcium with dilute hydrochloric acid 1. 1. 0909 g of calcium metal was weighed out accurately. 2. 100 cm3 of approximately 1 M hydrochloric acid was pipetted. and placed in a plastic beaker. 3. The initial temperature of the acid was determined 4. The weighed calcium was added into the acid and stirred thoroughly with the thermometer until all the metal had reacted. 5. The maximum…...
Calcium carbonateNaturePhysicsSpecific Heat
Learning From Failure: Biosphere Ii
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Biosphere II was a project done in Arizona received recognition on 26th September 1991. Eight people; four men and four women were used in the experiment. Biosphere 2 was an air tight structure with its base made of steel pan and surrounded by an above ground structure that was made of glass and steel. Inside the biosphere was all that could be found in the real world. There was a desert, a marsh, a rain forest, a savannah, an agricultural…...
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Natural Resources/Remedies For Common Health Problems
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Centuries before to cure the common diseases mostly people were used to the natural ingredients. The use of natural resources can be thought a way of glorifying the information about the lifestyle of past people. Natural health remedies have very powerful and healthy effects. The at-home pharmacist There are so many ways of self treatment nowadays but always remember some natural remedies don't play effectively like medicine or maybe it will be risky for some people with specific conditions. So…...
Calcium carbonateHealthNatural resources
Titration Of Acids And Bases
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Introduction According to Arrhenius definition, acid is substance that produces H3O+ ion while base is substance that produces OH- ions. The reaction between acid and base often yields the products of salt and water. The formation of water in this neutralization reaction is caused by the combination of H3O+ and OH- ions. In order to determine the concentration of an unknown acid and base, a method called acid-base titration is used. The end of the titration has been reached when…...
Calcium carbonateChemicals IndustryTitration
Properties of Hydrates
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Purpose: The purpose of the "Characteristic of Hydrates" lab is to study hydrates, and have the ability to recognize them. This lab also concentrates on observing the reversibility of hydration reactions by hydrolysis, and also evaluating compounds for efflorescence of deliquescence. Procedure: A.Identification 1. Place 0.5 grams of each substance (Nickel Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Salt Tetraborate, Sucrose, Calcium Carbonate, and Barium Chloride) in a little dry test tube. 2. Heat carefully with a burner flame and observe carefully. If droplets…...
Calcium carbonateChemistryResearchScience And Health
Determination of CaCO3 in toothpaste
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SYNOPSIS The purpose of this experiment is to use the back titration method to determine the percentage of calcium carbonate in toothpaste. Instead of using standard titration methods where an acid is titrated directly using a standard solution of a base, back titration is used because the sample to be analysed, CaCO3 does not dissolve in water. Hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide are the reagents used in this experiment. The precise measured amount of HCl is added to the weighted…...
Calcium carbonateChemistryTitration
The Amount Of Calcium Carbonate In Toothpaste
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Synopsis: The main aim of the experiment is to find out the amount of calcium carbonate in toothpaste through back titration since calcium carbonate does not dissolve in water. A roughly weighed amount of calcium carbonate is mixed with hydrochloric acid and then titrated against sodium hydroxide. When the indicator turns from pink to orange, the volume of sodium hydroxide used is taken down. After doing some calculations, the average percentage of calcium carbonate in toothpaste is 19.2%. This average…...
Calcium carbonate
Percent Yield of Calcium Carbonate
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The purpose of this experiment is to examine the percent yield of a precipitate in a double displacement reaction. A solution of calcium citrate and sodium carbonate were mixed together, then the products were filtered out as so only the precipitate remained. The filtered paper was then dried and the mass of the precipitate in the experiment divided by the theoretical mass of the precipitate from the calculated gave the percent yield. The percent yield that was acquired is about…...
Calcium carbonateSodium
Identification of an Unknown Organic Acid
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Abstract Identifying this organic acid was an extensive task that involved several different experiments. Firstly, the melting point had to be determined. Since melting point can be determined to an almost exact degree, finding a close melting point of the specific unknown can accurately point to the identification of the acid. In this case the best melting point range was 207-209 degrees Celsius. Melting point, while very helpful in identifying an unknown organic acid, is simply not enough. Next, a…...
Calcium carbonateChemistryChromatographyEducation System TodayEquilibrium constantExperiment
Gravimetric Analysis & Determination of an Unknown Metal Carbonate
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A large variety of analytical techniques and procedures, ranging from instrumental methods such as spectroscopy and chromatography to more classical processes, such as qualitative and gravimetric analyses, have been used to help chemists identify unknown compounds. Gravimetric analysis is a type of quantitative analysis, concerned with determining how much of one or more constituents is present in a particular sample of material. Gravimetric analysis derives its name from the fact that the constituent being determined can be isolated in some…...
Calcium carbonateCar
Chalk Dust as Soil Neutralizer in Agriculture
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Philippines’ economic status nowadays depends mainly on the production of crops. As we all know, our country has also the advantage when it comes to technology and especially in businesses. Likely in producing products that’s essential to us Filipinos. From this statement, we could conclude the production of materials by factories. Chemicals and other harmful and toxic liquids being used by these factories would greatly affect the soil. Vehicles and other chemical-producing machines penetrate into the soil and also make…...
AgricultureCalcium carbonateSoil Erosion
Stoichiometry of a Precipitation Reaction
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Abstract: In this experiment Stoichiometry of a Precipitation Reaction, the main objectives were to use stoichiometry to calculate the theoretical yield of CaCO3 that precipitates from the reaction between Calcium chloride, Dihydrate and Sodium carbonate, and then compare that value to the actual yield. In order to do this accurately, we must be able to measure the products and reactants with accuracy. The last objective of this experiment is to calculate the percent yield of the product produced. When 1.0…...
Calcium carbonateChemistry Stoichiometry
Determine the mass of calcium carbonate in chicken eggshells
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FALSE:: MISTAKE: UNSUPPORTED ENCODING.13 g % ∆ of mass of CaCO_3 = 3.86% ∆ mass of CaCO_3 3.86/100 × 2.13 = 0.08 g % of CaCO_3 in eggshell 2.13/3.15 × 100% = 67.6%% ∆ of mass of eggshell 0.01/3.15 × 100% = 0.317% Total % uncertainty 0.317% + 3.86% = 4.20% Total % uncertainty = 4 % Mass of CaCO_3 in eggshell = 2.13 ± 0.08 g % of mass of CaCO_3 in chicken eggshell = 67.6% (3sf) Conclusion In…...
Calcium carbonateChicken
Practical Application of Back Titration
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Synopsis The objective of this experiment is to determine the percentage by mass of calcium carbonate, CaCO3 in toothpaste using back titration technique. A known weight portion of toothpaste is obtained to react with known volume and concentration of standard acid solution. After completing the reaction, the resulting solution containing excess acid is back titrated with known volume and concentration of standard base solution. Determination of excess acid after reaction allow us to calculate the amount of acid react with…...
Calcium carbonateTitration
Oyster shell as stain buster
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1. Oyster shell will be an effective alternative stain remover if further developed. 2. Pounded oyster shell has calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate or chalk is one of the components of the detergent. .3. This will be ideal for promoting the care for our environment since it doesn’t have any harmful effects to plants and other organisms. 4. Soaking the stained cloth in distilled water with pounded oyster shell will remove its stain. Significance of the study This study aims to…...
BusCalcium carbonateNatureWater
Complexometric Determination of Water Hardness
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Abstract The water hardness for unknown water sample number 40 was determined. From the results of the two complexometric titrations, the water hardness of the unknown sample was calculated to be 250.9 ppm CaCO3, which agrees with the ranges of acceptable water hardness in the city of Phoenix and Tempe Arizona. Introduction When rainfall picks up impurities from the soil, ions of sodium, magnesium, calcium, iron, and other metals are dissolved into the water. These impurities are what cause residues…...
Calcium carbonateTitrationWater
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Which ions cause hardness in water?
...Evaluation: The results I obtained were all correct; there were no signs of anomalous results. As there were only two possible outcomes this made it easier to get the right result. I did each experiment twice to make sure that nothing could have gone...
The factors affecting the volume of Carbon Dioxide gas produced when a carbonate reacts with an acid
...Using the method I have written I carried out the experiment and obtained some rather accurate results. Again I do not think I shall have to repeat my results as my prediction and results agree. There is only one slightly anomalous result which I cou...
How the concentration of acid affects the rate of reaction?
...I would also investigate the rate of reaction at different temperatures of the acid. Instead of waiting for the acid to run out I might measure out that it would be the marble chips that run out. By doing this I could also see how long it takes for t...
How Does Changing the Concentration Of Hydrochloric Acid Affect the Speed It Reacts With Marble Chips?
...I think that most of my experiment was accurate and the method was appropriate. Having said this, I think that something may have been wrong with the 1.75 molar acid because on both graphs the results are irregular. If I did this experiment again I w...

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