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Volumetric Analysis
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The aim of this investigation is to find the various measurements of concentration (Also called the morality) of acid that will neutralise 1 mole of sodium hydroxide. This is found using the titration method. Prediction I predict that the volume of acid that will be used to neutralise the given solution would depend on the concentration. The more acid I add to an alkali, the more neutral it will become. If I add too much acid, the solution will not…...
ChemistryConcentrationMaterialsSulphuric AcidTitration
The surface area of magnisium
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Delivery tube for conical flask with side arm  Electronic weighing scales Apparatus setup and procedure Measure out the required concentration in ratio with water with 50ml of solution.  Once you have measured these concentrations in to your 5 measuring cylinders, fill your 200ml measuring cylinder with water completely so that there are NO air bubbles left in the top; and invert it into your tub of water fixed by the clamp stand.  Measure out the Magnesium strips to 0. 1g…...
ChemistryHydrogenMaterialsPhysicsSulphuric Acid
To investigate whether temperature affects the rate of reaction between Magnesium ribbon and Sulphuric acid
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These are the key factors I could change in my experiment: * The temperature of the Sulphuric acid * The length of the magnesium ribbon, surface area * The time of reaction * The concentration of the sulphuric acid * The mass of the sulphuric acid * The use of a catalyst The variable I have decided to change is the temperature of the sulphuric acid. I will do this by increasing or decreasing the temperature using ice for cooling…...
Chemical ReactionExperimentSulphuric Acid
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The Estimation of Iron (II) and Iron (III) in a Mixture Containing Both
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Planning:- Fe2+ Fe3+ + e- (multiply by 5) MnO4- + 5e- + 8H+ Mn2+ + 4H2O MnO4- + 8H+ + 5Fe2+ Mn2+ + 5Fe3+ + 4H2O Background Knowledge - Iron, Fe, is a transition metal with the atomic number 26. Iron is a magnetic, malleable and metallic silver element. Iron has the ability of having multi valences, commonly Fe2+ or Fe3+. Fe2+ forms ferrous compounds, whereas Fe3+ tends to form ferric compounds. Iron can be used as a catalyst due…...
ChemistryConcentrationMaterialsSulphuric AcidTitration
Danger of Acid Rain
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Acid rain, to our eyes, is not much different from regular rain, but the contents of that precipitation can be devastating to plant-life and ecosystems. Acid rain is formed in the atmosphere when gases such as sulfur dioxide are oxidized; sulfur trioxide is converted into sulfuric acid by a chemical reaction with water, or when nitrogen dioxide reacts with hydroxide to form nitric acid. The most oxidation reactions are with ozone, hydrogen peroxide, and of course, oxygen. There are many…...
Air PollutionEnvironmentSulphuric Acid
Hydrochloric acid
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Introduction: We are trying to find out how the rate of reaction is affected by the concentration of one of the reactants. We are investigating this with sodium thiosulphate and hydrochloric acid. We will use different strengths of HCI acid and record the results. Method:  Collect the apparatus.  Make up different concentrations of hydrochloric acid using table 1.  Measure 20cm3 of sodium thiosulphate and pour into conical flask  Draw "X" on paper and place under conical flask. Carefully pour hydrochloric…...
Sulphuric Acid
Is sulphuric acid dibasic?
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In this plan I shall demonstrate that sulphuric acid is dibasic. In order to do this affectively I will plan experiment using scientific techniques. The experiment will involve titration. I will then validate these experiments using calculations and appropriate chemistry knowledge. The reactants I have selected that will neutralise sulphuric acid are shown below in the equations: Reactants used in Titration and products obtained: H2SO4 (aq) + 2NaOH (aq) --> Na2SO4 (aq) + 2H2O (l) Background knowledge The acid (sulphuric…...
HydrogenSodiumSulphuric Acid
Handling a Sulphuric Acid Spill
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There has been a spill of concentrated sulphuric acid at the chemical plant where I work at as the Safety Engineer. In this report, I will explain what Sulfuric Acid is, the health risks and hazards associated with it, the safety precautions that should be taken and how the spill should be handled. Sulfuric Acid, H2SO4, also commonly known as battery acid or vitriol, is one of the top products in the chemical industry, with 40 million tons produced annually…...
Chemicals IndustrySulphuric AcidTitrationWater
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Introduction: The chemical reaction of nitration consists of a nitro group being added to or substituted in a molecule. Nitration can basically be carried out by a mixture of concentrated nitric acid and sulfuric acid; this mixture is useful to obtain the active nitronium ion. Electrophilic aromatic substitution is a method used when a functional group is needed to be substituted on to an aromatic compound. In the nitration, nitronium ion acts as the electrophile that involves the attack of…...
ChemistrySulphuric Acid
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