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How does the resistance of nichrome wire depend on its length?
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Procedure: In order to investigate how the resistance of nichrome wire depends on its length I will firstly have to know the formula for resistance (resistance = voltage � current). So, in order to find the resistance of a length of nichrome wire, I need to put the wire in a circuit, and then measure the voltage across it and the current through it. I will do this for different lengths of nichrome, simultaneously recording my results. Nichrome Wire Length…...
To investigate how the length of a wire affects the current flowing through it
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For me to investigate this I must first use my scientific knowledge to understand exactly how and why the length of a wire should affect the current flowing through it. From this I will then be able to devise a suitable test. Scientific Knowledge Electric current- is the flow of electrons round a circuit. The current is produced from moving electrons, which are free to move around the circuit. They flow opposite to conventional current which, means they travel from…...
The effect of different concentrations of Iron (III) Chloride with the mass loss of copper
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The aim of my investigation is to study the effect of the rate at which copper is fixed by different concentrations of Iron (III) Chloride. I will place copper strips in varying concentrations of Iron (III) Chloride, and then record results and interpret them. The reaction above is used in technology. Printed Circuit Boards are thin, flat boards made from non-conduction materials eg.plastic. Chips and other components are mounted on to them. The PCB starts off as a sheet of…...
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Copper young’s modulus
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E is thus a measure of the elastic stiffness of a material. However, when the extension (deformation) of the wire is too large, beyond proportional limit, solid will no longer obey Hooke's law i. e. E is no longer a constant. As the stress further increases, beyond the elastic limit, the wire has a permanent extension that the wire is no longer elastic and it undergoes plastic deformation. The extension increases rapidly as the force on the wire is further…...
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Copper, Constantan, Manganan and Nichrome – which is the best conductor?
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Conduction of electricity in metals requires a potential difference across two ends of a conductor for it to occur. This causes a flow of electrons in the wire, more commonly known as a current. The electrons in this current are free, meaning they are can move around in the wire freely. The number of free electrons depends on the wire. The more free electrons the better a conductor it will be. The electrons may however come up against some resistances…...
The trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art
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The trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art had a vast collection of artwork that intrigued me in finding art of the western tradition before the Renaissance. However, the Bronze Statue of the emperor Trebonianus Gallus was an extraordinary artwork that caught my eye immediately. This statue is located in Gallery 169 in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and has an Accession Number of 05.30. The bronze statue is dated back to the Imperial Period from around 251 to 253…...
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Applications in Optoelectronic Devices
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Copper oxide thin films with 0-80% lucidity are highly applied for optoelectronic applications. An amplification in transmittance was recorded when an undoped CuO and Mn (1 to 5 at %) doped CuO thins films be prepared by spray pyrolyzis and SILAR technique in that order. The optical band slit (Eg) figure out from the optical transmittance study reveals that the bulk cupric oxides (CuO) have a direct narrow band slit of 1.2 eV. However, owing to the deposition procedure and…...
In this study the main focus was in Katsimouti in Kondaros and
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In this study, the main focus was in Katsimouti, in Kondaros and mainly in Profitis Ilias areas (Figure 10). In Katsimouti area there are two crosscutting mineralized striking directions (NE-SW and NW-SE, i.e. a stockwork texture), which is the main feature of the area. From NW to SE, along the shore, there are several small faults and fissures crosscutting the underlying dacites (Dado) subvolcanics and the overlying tuffs, which are filled mainly with quartz-baryte-Mn veins and veinlets. The NE-SW trending…...
Synthesis of Cuprous oxide (Cu2O) Nano
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The cuprous oxide is very important material because of their unique properties comparing with other bulk counterparts, so its uses in various fields of technology. It is a p-type narrows band gap semiconductor and place into transition metal. It has large number of application in different field due to its monoclinic structure and its different properties such as, high stability, photovoltaic properties, super thermal conductivity and antimicrobial activities. Because of different properties cuprous oxide can be use many technological field…...
24 COPPER Copper assumes a significant job in our digestion to a
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Pages • 9
2.4 COPPERCopper assumes a significant job in our digestion to a great extent since it enables numerous basic compounds to work appropriately (Harris, 2001). Acidic conditions advances the dissolvability which consolidates copper particles either in cupric structure or cuprous structure into the natural pecking order. Copper toxicosis in plants is uncommon contrasted with its inadequacy while in creatures and man toxicosis is normally prompted by natural focuses in hereditarily strange individual (Hart et al., 1928). copper is found in the…...
Determining the position of unknown element X in the Reactivity Series
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To determine the position of Element X in the reactivity series Hypothesis The reactivity series is the arrangement of elements according to their reactivity. The most reactive element is placed at the top and the least reactive at the bottom. The elements at the top can displace elements below them from their compounds In the experiment, element X will either have elements more reactive or less reactive or both. Based on this, the position of the unknown element can be…...
Tetraamminecopper(II) sulphate hydrate Write-up
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Pages • 3
Function The purpose of this experiment is to form tetraamminecopper( II) sulphate hydrate and figure out the yield. Products CuSo4ï ¿ 1/2 5H2O. NH3 (concentrated). Ethanol. 50 cm3 measuring cylinder. 250 cm3 beaker. Spatula. Devices for vacuum purification. Procedure. Weigh out roughly 5.0 g of CuSo4ï ¿ 1/2 5H2O. Dissolve it in 30 cm3 water in the beaker. Add 10 cm3 concentrated ammonia (NH3) and stir the option. Include 40 cm3 ethanol and stir carefully for a couple of minutes.…...
Analysis of Hydrated copper sulphate
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Aim – To determine the molecular formula of hydrated copper sulfate. Requirements – Hydrous copper sulfate Electronic balance Evaporating dish Glass rod Tripod stand Bunsen burner Crucible Procedure – First I weighed 3g of hydrous copper sulfate on electronic balance and began heating it in an evaporating dish on top of a Bunsen burner. After the reaction was complete I measured the new weight to find a change in mass. Qualitative data – After the reaction was complete, the colour…...
Constantan and Copper
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Pages • 10
This crystalline for that reason will not be able to hold the amount of tension which will be applied by the weights gradually being added on; however we can predict that the copper element will deal with much stress and therefore will experience necking as the atoms as revealed in the diagram will dislocate the atoms and for that reason they can move past each other more easily, subsequently leading to the fracture of the material. Copper is usually by…...
Measuring Young’s Modulus of Copper
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Aim: To study the stress/strain behavior of copper wire and approximate the Young's modulus of copper Apparatus: Copper wire s.w.g. 32 about 4 m. G-clamp? 1. Wooden block? 2. Metre rule? 4. Wheel on clamp? 1. Micrometer screw gauge? 1. Hanger (0.01 kg)? 1. Slotted mass (0.05 kg)? 8. Slotted mass (0.1 kg)? 6. Slotted mass (0.2 kg)? 4. Slotted mass (0.5 kg)? 1. White label sticker label? 1. Safety goggles? 1. Rubber tile? 1. Theory:. When a force F…...
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Determination of Ksp of Copper(II) Iodate by E.M.F. Measurement
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Pages • 4
Introduction: Copper(II) iodate(V) ionizes weakly in water: Cu(IO3)2 + aq Cu2+(aq) + 2IO3-(aq) For a saturated solution of copper(II) iodate(V), concentration of IO3- ions doubles that of the Cu2+ (aq) ions, and Ksp of Cu(IO3)2(s) can be calculated by determining the concentration of Cu2+(aq) ion of a saturated Cu(IO3)2(aq). The e.m.f. of a galvanic cell consisting of a Zn(s)/Zn2+(aq) half-cell and another half-cell containing a copper strip in contact with a saturated solution of Cu(IO3)2(aq) is measured by a commercial…...
Copper Cycle Lab
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Purpose During this experiment, we were trying to see whether copper, after a chain of chemical reactions, will revert back to its elemental form. Procedure First, I added nitric acid with copper in a beaker, which turned into a copper nitrate, a blue-green solution. Afterwards, I added sodium hydroxide, and my solution colored to a dark blue solution called copper hydroxide. I heated the solution to evaporate the water and I got a brownish-blackish solid called copper oxide. Once the…...
Investigation of the effect of the mass of Zinc
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Note: I couldn't paste in pictures and diagrams so please excuse any large spaces. Planing my investigation Method 1.Firstly I will measure 20ml of Copper Sulphate solution (CuSO4) in a measuring cylinder, for precise accuracy, and then pour the solution into test tube. I will place the test tube into a beaker and insulate the test tube, for minimum heat loss. (As shown in the diagram above.) 2.Secondly I will measure the required amount of Zinc (Zn) on a weighing…...
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How does the resistance of nichrome wire depend on its length?
...For the conclusion I would like to state that for every 5cm decrease in the length of nichrome wire, the voltage decreases by approximately 0.1 V, whilst the resistance decreases by approximately 0.7 (from 45-40cm), followed by 0.6 (from 40-35cm), fo...
To investigate how the length of a wire affects the current flowing through it
...I believe that my experiment was suitable as it clearly showed a good conclusion, it was not hard to follow and formed a good basis for my investigation. Yet there are ways in which my experiment could be improved to overcome any errors that occurred...
Copper, Constantan, Manganan and Nichrome – which is the best conductor?
...I think that my results support my prediction quite sufficiently because as I said in my prediction, copper would have the lowest resistance and therefore be the best conductor, followed by manganin, then constantan and that nichrome would be the wor...

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