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Distinctively visual images which can be seen, or perceived in the mind can shape the responder understanding of relationship with others plus the world around . The use of distinctively visual features has had a positive effect on my understanding of the novel Maestro by Peter Goldsworthy’s and the painting ‘starry starry night’ by Vincent van Gogh. This has been done through distinctively visual features such as descriptive and emotive language in Maestro and the use of colour, shading, lighting and placement in ‘starry starry night’.

In saying this, this gives evidence as I do strongly agree with the statement ‘‘The visual image has a significant impact on the way the responder is positioned to react to a text’. This will be seen through particular examples of images that show techniques of scenes from the texts. In the text Maestro, the composer uses techniques of language to portray the image of Keller. In the image (Darwin) it shows how Paul has no respect for Keller.

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His first impressions of him were “ Keller’s red face also glistened with a fine varnish of sweat” – this example shows the author use of repetition and accumulation of the word “red” from this sentence when he gives more detail of Keller , “ red faced glowed’” ,” red nose” , which emphasises the main characters first impressions as very negative and hostile. This is linked to the main theme of the book, which is “First Impressions are always wrong” . Even though Paul is cocky and smug this helps him developed a sense of respect for Keller when he learns more about who he truly is.

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The author uses dramatic techniques to give a distinct visual images of the characters for example in the image (Nazi’s and the Holocaust p. 135-137) it reflects many aspects of mankind which are both good and evil. Is an image of a majestic, beautiful city with dirty, dark secrets is created. On the outside everything is pristine but behind closed doors evil is occurring. This is referred to by Paul as “the horror in the city”. The effects of evil can be seen in Keller as he underestimated the extent of evil and even the music he loves becomes a weapon of evil, which was used against him as it became his enemy.

He had felt optimistic about the safety of his family. The word “evil” symbolizes Keller’s horrific past. Another quote that portrays the holocaust is “They did not die they were murdered. ” This shows a contrast through image of good and bad, innocent and evil. It stresses the importance of understanding the difference between just dying and murder. This quote also shows that Keller’s family didn’t only die, they were murdered which gives an image that the Nazis are evil, cold and disgusting because they murdered innocent people and destroyed lives, like Keller’s.

The visual image tells the responder the truth about Keller and all he was forced to endure. He chose to become, “so visible that nothing could touch him”. However, he was wrong Hitler and his Nazis could and did still touch him and they took all he loved; his wife, his son. By using these techniques, the visual images will change as it will have a mayor impact on the way responders would have viewed these scene. Giving it a clearer view of understanding on what Keller went through and how he felt alone.

Goldsworthy also uses a contrast of visual images relating to the character and their setting. This is evident when he uses an extended metaphor such as “world revolves around music”, which is a description of Keller in Paul’s point of view which shows how self – centred and arrogant Paul is at first by only realising the superficial side of music to Keller and how important it is to Keller emotionally and historically and how it links to his youth and family.

Distinctly visual might be seen through the music as it can represent different images through the mind of the responder, as it did on Paul, when trying to see the emotions and history of Keller’s past that the music can portray. In Vincent van Gogh’s painting ‘starry starry night’, the use of distinctively visual features give a positive effect on my appreciation of the piece. The paintings most distinctive features (salient features) include its luminescent dark colours portraying the town, contrasted with bright yellow colour of stars.

The stars appear to throw brilliant yellow light upon the town which is in a shadow of darkness with the stars being the only source of light. The perspective of the painting looks up at the starry night from ground level, emphasising the power, brilliance and light being shone down from the stars. This also emphasises the darkness of low – lying town. The painting represents a contrast of emotions between fear, which is emphasised by the gloomy dark colours and wonder, which is emphasised by the lighter colours.

It creates the idea of conflict and a conflict in Van Gogh’s mind between his ideas of modern society. The imagery of light and dark conflicts images of sunset rising over the dark valley of the house which conveys hope and the uses of dark, gloomy imagery represent his own dreary ideas of society. The visual image of the painting get the viewer’s eyes most stuck to the swirly sky as if it is moving. Paintings can have a mayor effect on a viewer as you can already see what the artist is trying to convey in the image with the use of colours, shapes, lines and structure.

Giving this opportunity as an image it can create the feel of moods which can impact and change the perspectives of the responder. It is not only a painting with just pretty colours and shapes but a story that comes with it by distinctly visual minds. The novel Maestro and the painting ‘starry starry night’ by Vincent van Gogh , are both texts that use many different techniques to display visual images in there own way. These three particularly uses of images I have chosen from Maestro reflect mainly on the holocaust on Keller’s past life and the death of his family, it portrays a sense of isolation and violence.

The use of these distinctly visual images contrast with Van Gogh’s ‘ starry night’ very well with the village far away in the distance with smoke rising creating a feeling of isolation and sense of violence from the burning smoke in the background , the use of colors to portray fear connecting as Keller’s past was horrific and vivid with going through WW11 and the moods that both Keller and Van Gogh felt at the time convey through the tones of the colors and the use of specific words from Keller.

The music and emotionally feel links to the movement and swirls through the sky as if the sky is moving with the music of Keller. In saying this, I do strongly agree with the statement ‘‘The visual image has a significant impact on the way the responder is positioned to react to a text” as Van Gough feels alone and so does Keller and this is created by visual images which has effectively further the viewers understanding of the characters and stories, themes and settings. Even if it is a novel or a painting both can have mayor changes through the mind of one.

Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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