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Idea Of Fairyland Peter Pan The Fairies English Literature Essay

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Essay, Pages 10 (2285 words)



Essay, Pages 10 (2285 words)

Fantasy and the antic were a popular topic in the early nineteenth century, turning from the popularity of the fairy tale, and texts such as Lewis Carroll ‘s “ Alice in Wonderland ” ( 1865 ) within the revolution of kids ‘s literature ‘s ‘first aureate age ‘ ( Watson, 2009 ) , Victorian kids were more august and sacred than of all time before, their literature focused on the kid, conveying amusement through the fantastical. Many visions of the antic such as fantasy world were anthologised for kids from original grownup texts such as William Allingham ‘s verse form ‘The Fairies ‘ ( 1850 ) or depicted in dramas like J.

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M Barrie ‘s ‘Peter Pan ‘ ( 1904 ) .

By looking at these differing visions of fantasy world, it will be seen how they compare and contrast to each other and to the thoughts of traditional and Victorian notional thoughts of fantasy world.

‘Up the airy mountain, Down the rushy glen ‘ ( Allingham, 2002, p7. 1-2 )[ 1 ], William Allingham ‘s verse form ‘The Fairies ‘ , conveys a contemplation of the countryside environing his Irish place of birth in Ballyshannon, an ancient town touting its ain Fairy Mound of Red Hugh ( Highbeam Research, 2009 ) .

With his strong folklore roots act uponing the kernel of his verse form, ‘The Fairies ‘ , reiterates a strong belief in the belief of mystical figures. While the thoughts of faeries have changed, what remains changeless is belief in their supernatural powers and their associations with birth, decease and loss.

A.M. Barrie used his similar cognition of faery folklore to make an fanciful fantasy world for Peter Pan, a summing up of the Victorian faery.

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Barrie was already a successful dramatist, and it is viewed that this drama was a apogee of his grownup drama ‘Little White Bird ‘ , and the fairy drama ‘Bluebird in Fairyland ‘ . His visions of fantasy world as we shall see surely seem to be wrought more so from the recognized manner of faeries, and the positions on cherished childhood, within the Victorian /Edwardian civilization, and popular theater. Steming besides from the inventive drama of his adoptive Llewellyn male childs, Barrie takes the fabulous folklore shown in ‘The Fairies ‘ . And discards and transforms these beliefs into his ain single position of fantasy world.

Our popular image of the faery stems from the bantam winged flirts of Victorian phantasy depicted in the images of the Cottingley Fairies ( 1917 ) , the purportedly existent exposure of faeries taken by 2 immature misss, portraying bantam, beautiful, delicate adult females with shimmering wings ( Simanek 2009 ) they epitomized the stylistic ideals of how faeries were so viewed. This fairy symbolism carried into the theater of the clip in dramas such as ‘a summer solstice ‘s darks dream ‘ ( 1596 ) , and the phenomena of the Christmas faery dramas, subsequently to model into the dumb show.

Allingham and Barrie ‘s portraiture of bantam existences are far removed from their earliest folklore imagination, the faeries of ancient Ireland, originated as a godlike race every bit big as persons, the ‘Tuatha De Danan ‘ , but through promotion of clip and cognition ; ‘the superhuman title-holder has become the small adult male with the green coat, ‘ ( Norreys et al,1920, p547 ) . Removed farther from this heritage the small people became synonymous with birth and decease, devils and fallen angels, and were thought to steal kids and leave a weak faery idiot in return.

In Peter Pan, Barrie delivers a much opposing position of the beginning of the faery, ‘when the first babe laughed aˆ¦the laugh broke into a 1000 pieces aˆ¦and that was the beginning of the faeries ‘ ( Barrie, 2008, Act I, I. 400-5 )[ 2 ]. Bringing them back once more to imaginativeness, kids create faeries and they create fantasy world, to believe in them you need to be as a kid. His drama besides encompasses the subject of birth and decease, Mrs. Darling mistily remembers Peter as attach toing dead kids and both himself and the lost male childs are dead to their parents, as they are to them.

Visions of fantasy world in both texts have emerged from and engaged with the civilization that shaped them ( Greenhalgh 2009 ) . Allinghams verse form, is set in an old universe environment dominated by faeries, as in folklore they live in nature and are ineluctable, in mountains, hillsides, beaches, and lakes. We see Columbkill, ‘Slieveleague to Rosses ‘ crossed by the ancient faery male monarch, countries of great natural beauty in Ireland. He Crosses on a span of ‘white mist ‘ ( Fairies ) , on his ‘stately journeys ‘ ( F ) , proposing his lightness, and ability to wing without wings besides seen with Peter Pan, as he visits other royal faeries ‘the queen of the homosexual northern visible radiations ‘ ( F ) , bespeaking widespread faery lands.

In contrast Barrie ‘s, Peter Pan, claims to hold run off and lived with the faeries in Kensington gardens, subsequently traveling on to Neverland – the faraway outerworld land of the faeries, instead than innerworlds of fairy molds of Allingham. A notional, and charming topographic point, that is moulded by the imaginativeness of the kids aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦.Michael had aˆ¦.. , and wend had aˆ¦aˆ¦ ‘ yet controlled to the full by Peter Pan ‘he controls the dark and twenty-four hours the Sun, and seasons ‘ ( PP, ) . We can so reason that Peter is himself a faery, and his laterality, would propose he is the faery male monarch, or God, Pan, the fabulous faun God of ancient Greece, stand foring Nature, Spring, and birthrate, he is fact a symbol of natural birthrate ‘clad in skeleton foliages and the juices that ooze out of trees ‘ ( PP 20 ) represented besides when Wendy re-visits for spring cleansing ( PP ) , and strikingly shown in their shared love of the pandean pipes.

A major contrast between drama and verse form, is the representation of clip and decease, the faeries although classed as immortal, age, as with the old male monarch, ‘He is now so old and grey, He ‘s near lost his marbless. ‘ ( Fairies, ) evidently their life span or instead construct of clip being far different than ours, worlds taken to fairyland conform to this length of service, as in the sad destiny of small Bridget, deceasing of sorrow as after seven old ages in fantasy world equated to centuries here. ( Fairies )

Peter Pan by contrast of class ne’er grows up, typifying everlastingly childhood, he does nevertheless stand for a unsafe, and volatile figure, comparing once more to Pan, and the infantile ignorance of mortal demands by Gods and supernatural existences ‘How he would wish to rend those narratives out of her ; he is unsafe now ‘ ( PP, I.I, 495 ) , besides shown in the malice of Allingham ‘s faeries, who will go forth irritants in the bed of those who cross them.

Pan creates and putting to deaths at a caprice, but has no existent construct of clip or his actions such as when he forgets Captain Hook ‘I bury them when I have killed them ‘ ( ) , and even the lost male childs die ‘some are killed or he gets rid of them if they show marks of turning up ‘ ( PP ) . Although Peter himself shows no mark of age or decease, his faeries do ‘they hold such short lives aˆ¦aˆ¦ ( PP ) , about as though they are merely a portion of Peters commanding imaginativeness, as is the plagiarists, Indians and the fantasy world itself. Time nevertheless does look to run in analogue, the darling kids in contrast return to their universe in the same timescale.

Both texts reveal kidnap of kids, Peter lures the favorites ‘there ‘s mermaids Wendy ‘ ( PP ) . While Allingham tells a traditional narrative of faeries who take persons to their universe, ‘they stole small Bridget, off ‘ ( Fairies ) . The kernel is that nowhere is safe, surely non rolling from place ‘ we dare n’t travel a hunting for fright of small work forces ‘ , to run into a faery can intend to be taken, and in consequence fring your life to fairy clip. Similar to the prophylactic narratives, of peculiarly immature misss rolling into the clasps of work forces, as representative in many fairy narratives. Allingham acknowledges this similarity in his mention to “ Snow White ” , as Bridget is returned and kept in decease ‘on a bed of flag foliages ‘ in the underside of a lake watched by small work forces till she wake, the faeries are non cognizant of her decease.Unlike Neverland, decease seems to be either an unknown construct, or as with Peter Pan person being is merely non acknowledged.

Both texts besides represent dangers near to place, the kids are abducted from their ain baby’s room, Bridget was rather perchance stolen from her place, and the lost male childs taken when falling from their baby buggies. Possibly both replaced with fairy idiots, as Peter Pan provinces, his window was barred and another in his topographic point ‘ ( PP ) . Bespeaking a farther danger, boys isolated, but misss ‘ are excessively smart to fall from their baby buggies ‘ ( PP ) 20th century misss were cosseted at place, but faeries are able to come in through locked doors whether to put irritants in a bed or to steal kids. There is possibly a elusive warning on leting the danger in, and as with Wendy being led astray, the alien may good be disguised as a friend. A upseting subtext when viewed with Barrie ‘s ain befriending of the Llewellyn male child. Both fantasy worlds keep the kid as a kid every bit long as they remain, but their returns can intend decease, either physical or decease of childhood, and artlessness.

In some ways there is small difference between narrative relation, verse form and drama, ‘The Fairies ‘ is a intercrossed text, of narrative prose and poesy which, with its about vocal like formation, its besides gives us a dynamic facet of storytelling, making its scaring vision of fantasy world and narrative of kidnap. Similarly Barrie ‘s esoteric vision of fantasy world crossbeams good into theatre nevertheless as Peter Pan has ne’er been merely a drama, it can and does easy transform into other media. Peter Pan although scripted to be performed besides has a narrative, a peculiarly inordinate narration that could non be to the full reproduced on phase.Thus associating back to its narrative relation beginnings, seen in its act 4 – ‘do you believe in faeries? Say quick that you believe ‘ ( PP 4.I 280 ) , a alone going from traditional dramas.We see direct audience engagement with its inquiry and reply as in narrative relation or as White et Al ( 2009 ) , would propose, dumb show. Bringing us back to the outgrowth of the narrator and its aural traditions of the common people and fairy narrative ( Swann 252 reader 2 ) , elements of which are found in both texts.


Peter Pan, is a drama reflecting the transeunt nature of childhood, as Roses states it is an ‘adult phantasy of the kid ‘ ( R1 ) , Barries change of the traditional folklore shows this in, when Wendy asks Peter where Tinkerbell is, and he does n’t retrieve her aˆ¦supposing she is dead, a sad reminder how kids have short memories in childhood, fliting contact with both charming and existent comrades, as the one time valued are forgotten, a lost universe extremely prized by grownups. Barrie gives a alone vision of fantasy world, kids ‘s unworried imaginativeness creates it and their incredulity destroys it.Barrie sees the clip of childhood imaginativeness diminishing as the universe develops ”Children know such a batch now. Soon they do n’t believe in faeries, and every clip a kid says ‘I make n’t believe in faeries ‘ there is a faery someplace that falls down dead ‘ ( PP 1.1 410 ) meaning earlier decease to childhood, as kids mature quicker. Even with the first laugh of every babe making a faery, there are still ‘nearly all dead now ‘ ( PP, I.I, 405 ) .With Barries love of kids and their imaginativeness, possibly this is besides a plaint that this period is non given sufficient clip, within his clip of composing child labor and colonialism was still much in grounds, kids were forced to turn up rapidly. It can besides be seen as a supplication to grownups to re-create their ain carefree young person, something which the grownup audiences of his drama, had no vacillation in making, in response to Barrie ‘s dumb show petition ‘do you believe in faeries? ‘ , suspending their belief and going a kid once more.

In a similar mode ‘The Fairies ‘ , can besides be seen as the decease of childhood, Bridget remains a kid merely in fantasy world, to go forth represents the loss of a kid to existent decease, or to adulthood, like Peter Pan, it gives the same sense of the 19th century position of cherished childhood, obscurely touching on the attack to puberty, and the loss of a girl to marriage and childbearing.

Despite holding their major contrasting thoughts of fantasy world both verse form and play explore ‘the ambiguities of an grownup desire to continue childhood as an aesthetic spectacle ‘ ( EA300, Block 3, p128 ) , and use fantasy world as a agency to continue this most fugitive and cherished trade good.

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