Christ Essay Topics

Testimony of personal connection with god

When we talk about a church leader having a testimony, it proofs that God is with the leader and leader is with God. A church leader seeks a leadership ministry in God’s service and discusses his personal experience in the Christ. Sharing of a Christian testimony with others in public is the result of that… View Article

The Human Nature Of Christ

Obvious to all was the need for a saviour. The Gentiles needed a Saviour but the Jews wanted a King that would restore the Kingdom to Israel. Men waited eagerly for divine intervention in the ugly course of human history that has been marred by series of wars and perpetual ‘coups and countercoups’. From the… View Article

Ethical Teaching of Jesus

We find the ethical teaching of Jesus of course in the writings of his followers that make up the New Testament. This essay is based upon the work of three authors as they examine it – Schillebeeckx in ‘Jesus: an experiment in Christology’, Curran in ‘the Ethical teaching of Jesus’ and Douglas, ‘A non-violent Christology’… View Article

The fall of man and The death of Christ

In this first reflection paper I will be discussing “the fall of man” and “the death of Christ. ” I chose these two because I feel as though they go well together. The fall of man represents sin being introduced to man, and the death of Christ is where the opportunity to be forgiven of… View Article

Christ above Elijah and Moses

The relation between Jesus and Elijah or between the book of Kings and the New Testament is one of the most controversial issues in modern theology. As a matter of fact this is also one of the crucial issues regarding the divinity of Jesus. It is also one of the main issues that divide Christianity… View Article

Iconographic Representation Of Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ, by Christian tradition is known as the lamb of God or the sacrificial lamb, so he is symbolized by a very young lamb seated on a nest of thorns. Other than this Christ is also known as ‘the fisher of men’ which relates to the biblical story of how He was able to… View Article

A comparison of the Ideas of William James and the Teachings of Christ

William James had an incisive insight about a number of intellectual and psychological dealings. He was a trained medical doctor yet he excelled in the field of philosophy and wrote enormously about his thoughts and ideas. Pragmatism, Meaning of Truth as a Sequel to Pragmatism, Pluralistic Universe, and Varieties of Religious Experiences are considered as… View Article

Between Two Lamentations

The “Lamentation of Christ” is one of the most popular subjects in the realm of Christian Art. It became extremely popular from the 11th century to the early 18th century, encompassing vast art periods from the Byzantine art period under the Medieval era of art, to the Baroque period of the Renaissance. Numerous works have… View Article

Body of the Paper

People see marriage as a bond between two people that involves responsibility and legalities, as well as commitment and challenge irregardless of how the ceremony took place. This concept of marriage hasn’t changed over the years. The notion of marriage as a sacrament and not just a contract can be traced from the writings of… View Article

Young Goodman Brown

Walter J. Paulits’ 1970 essay on Young Goodman Brown is an attempt on his part to discuss both ambivalence and temptation within the context of Hawthorne’s classic work. Paulits maintains that Hawthorn employs ambiguity to arrive at his theme of moral ambivalence in the work. He considers the theme of Goodman Brown to be ambivalence…. View Article

Jesus Christ of dance

Doris Humphrey, born October 17, 1895 and died December 29, 1958, legend lives on today. Doris was one of several original modern choreographers. Born in a musical family, her mother taught piano lessons. Doris took dance variety of dance lessons in Chicago. Her birth place was Oak Park, IL. She began her teaching/choreography when her… View Article

The Imitation of Christ by Thomas à Kempis

There is no other Christian devotional book that has been deemed truly inspiring by both devout and ordinary Christians for so many generations than the Imitation of Christ. The book was revered by both Catholics and Protestants and was, at times, considered an indispensable resource for those who want to follow the life and works… View Article

Community Living Covenant

Upon beginning a new chapter in my life and entering my first year of college, I have a strong desire to attend a school in which my Christian values will be respected, and also where I can learn and grow in my faith. Because my life already parallels the expectations set forth in the covenant,… View Article

The Old Man and the Sea

The idea of sin (and original sin) are important to the tension, suspense, and character development of The Old Man and the Sea. Santiago, the novel’s protagonist undergoes two seemingly separate battles during the course of the novel: first against a gigantic marlin he hopes to catch while fishing alone, far at sea; the second… View Article

Billy Budd Sailor

Billy Budd, Sailor, a novel by Herman Melville, at first sight, seems like it is nothing else but the story of a sailor who is executed after being wrongly accused of mutiny. But when one examines the story deeply one finds that the story has a different meaning and that Billy Budd resembles Christ in… View Article

Synoptic Gospels: The Life and Teachings of Christ

During the Old Testament times, it is very common for the true prophets of the Lord to proclaim the oracles of God with the prelude “Thus says the Lord. ” It bears witness to the fact that what they were declaring to the people of Israel were not their opinions nor traditions laid by their… View Article

Pauline Ethics

1.Why is it necessary that actions proceed from moral and spiritual vision? It is necessary that actions proceed from moral and spiritual vision because the attainment or accomplishment of our vision or goals is when we will be able to put it into action. What is in hearts and minds must be seen through our… View Article