Essays on Sermon on The Mount

The Jesus I Never Knew: A Book Report
Words • 606
Pages • 3
Philip Yancey's Book, The Jesus I Never Knew deals with the author's desire and attempt to reveal and investigate what kind of a person Jesus was. Some of his findings were revealing and even startling dwelling through different levels of traditions, interpretations, and stereotypes that hid the very personality of the Man in the Gospel, Jesus Christ. The book was critically divided and discussed into three major sections: Who he was, Why He Came, and Why He Left Behind. The…...
Book ReportReligionSermon on The Mount
Compare and contrast Everyman and Christian in Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress
Words • 409
Pages • 2
The Dreamer is the storyteller of this religious allegory. It is based upon the injunction in the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5) to look for initially the kingdom of God. Christian's household do not comprehend him, even think him mad possibly. He leaves home carrying the book that motivated him, one of a variety of pilgrims we encounter in the story, and he takes a trip along the King's highway. He meets many characters and encounters many of the…...
ChristianCompare And ContrastProgressReligionSermon on The Mount
Ethical Teaching of Jesus
Words • 2279
Pages • 10
We find the ethical teaching of Jesus of course in the writings of his followers that make up the New Testament. This essay is based upon the work of three authors as they examine it – Schillebeeckx in ‘Jesus: an experiment in Christology’, Curran in ‘the Ethical teaching of Jesus’ and Douglas, ‘A non-violent Christology’ and will look at the main characteristics we can expect to find in those who follow him. Curran, page 9, sums up the ethics of…...
EthicsNew TestamentSermon on The MountTeaching
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Christianity Beliefs in Gospel of John and Synoptics
Words • 1149
Pages • 5
Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are the first four books of the New Testament. These are also called the “Gospels,” and they contain a detailed story of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. However, upon reading the four books, one will notice that there are significant differences between the books' contents. While Matthew, Mark, and Luke agree on many details, the Gospel of John differs from them. The first three books are the Synoptic Gospels. They are called such…...
BeliefChristianityChristianity BeliefsSermon on The Mount
Ethics of Sermon on the Mount in Nursing
Words • 2113
Pages • 9
The ability to articulate various biblical teachings to nursing as a practice forms an essential factor towards better healthcare services provision in nursing. This passage brings out the core teachings by Jesus Christ to the community on their relation with others, God and himself. As Gordon (2008) explains, the Sermon on the Mount could be referred as a summary of Jesus’ work on the earth for its critical consideration of a person as a whole. Notably, Dave (2007) agues that…...
EthicsNursingSermon on The Mount
Renaissance Period, Its Causes and Effects
Words • 332
Pages • 2
The Renaissance or otherwise known as the Rebirth was the mark of a new era of a way of life. It had taken place from the 14th to 16th centuries (or from 1350 AD to 1550 AD) and was a phase of changes which were more evident in culture and not a political event. The Renaissance had many causes from events occurring around Medieval Europe and in other parts of the world such as the Middle East and Asia. Some…...
PhilosophyRenaissance PeriodSermon on The Mount
Ethical Values of Matthew’s Sermon on the Mount
Words • 2259
Pages • 10
To what extent was The Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7) intended to be a distinctive ethical teaching for all people Matthew’s Sermon on the Mount is one of the 5 main blocks of teaching in the gospel- emulating Torah. ‘Without our noticing, faith can degenerate into religiosity...That is when the teaching of Jesus brings us up with a jerk.'[1] The sermon presents the reader with a radical teaching from Jesus, completely divergent to any preceding teaching in Judaism; it…...
EthicsSermon on The MountValues
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