Beauty Essay Topics

Is beauty best? Highs versus normally attractive models in advertising

Abstract (Summary) Several studies investigating the positive effects of including highly attractive models (HAMs) in advertising have failed to unilaterally support their use. A study explores the differential effects of pairing highly versus normally attractive models with different types of attractiveness-relevant products. Contrary to past research, the results suggest that HAMs are not the most… View Article

Little Miss Sunshine Film

Little Miss sunshine released in 2006, directed and produced by Jonathon Dayton and Valerie Farris represents many complicated family issues. The film establishes these in many situations by the use of film symbolic, written, audio and technical codes and convention an issue that arose was that the main character Olive’s brother is in an oath… View Article

My “Eight Cow” Bracelet

“Beauty is only skin deep” was a phrase I heard quite often during my awkward childhood. When I was a baby, I had two chins, Michelin Tire legs, and hair that stuck straight up even though it was easily over two inches long. My mom would often dress me in only a diaper on hot… View Article

The story of stuff

Since the beginning of civilization, man has been working for sufficing his personal and community needs. What started as a need to survive has transformed into a vicious cycle of consuming the planet to sustain selfish desires. The movie “the story of stuff” is an excellent recreation of the actual happenings that have made people… View Article

Aesthetics And Beauty In Society

Introduction Contemporary society has one of its implicit norms concepts on aesthetics and beauty. When beauty is spoken of, some of us have the immediate conceptions of physical fitness, dieting, and satisfaction with our appearances. Media has been successful at ingraining the ideals in each one of these criteria. We are thus acculturated to thinking… View Article

Midsummer: Beauty and Girl

Are you aware of the beauty of the youth that glows with the unstained purity and the audacity from the vigorous freshness? Arguilla’s story of Midsummer depicts a story in which a youthful boy and a girl share the intimacy that developed with the natural inclination toward each other that prompted at the charming figures… View Article

What is the true meaning of beauty?

As a society, we are out of control, spending majority of our time obsessing over our physical appearance, and worldly possessions. We have become a society that defines our lives by the amount of things we have and how we look. The media fills our minds with unrealistic images of beauty and the notion that… View Article

Interpersonal Relationship and Beauty

Beauty is not something we can measure, it something that we judge on a person. We can see a face for less than a second and rate whether that person is beautiful or not. Beauty is a characteristic of a person, animal, place, object, or idea that provides a perceptual experience of pleasure, meaning, or… View Article

Child Beauty Pageants

Sparkling tiaras, beautiful gowns, glamorous hair and make-up; One would believe that this would be every little girl’s dream. Unfortunately this dream often turns into a horrible nightmare. The popularity of child beauty pageants seems to be rising every year causing more and more controversy. There are many different views and concerns that people seem… View Article

Child Beauty Pageants Must Stop

A child beauty pageant is a beauty contest featuring contestants younger than 13 years of age. Divisions include talent, interview, sportswear, casual wear, swim wear, western wear, out-fit of choice, decade wear, and evening wear, typically wearing makeup as well as elaborate hairstyles. The debate about child beauty pageants in Australia is getting particularly ugly…. View Article

Beauty: Beheld in the Eyes of Society

There is an old saying that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” However, there are definite social concepts of physical beauty. Most of the time, people associate beauty with something that is seen, instead of tasted, or smelt. Therefore, a more precise definition of beauty would sound like, beauty is the quality or… View Article

Physical Beauty V.S. Inner Beauty

Beauty has been a great issue since the early civilization. People tend to focus on physical beauty however there is another aspect that can be considered such as inner beauty. Even though, Physical beauty and inner beauty are seen as being the world apart, but surprisingly they have some differences and similarities points that can… View Article

Beauty Pageants and Our Children

Alost 3 million children, most of them girls, from the ages of 6 months and 17 years compete in beauty pageants annually in America. Competition can be local and national and they compete in categories such as swimwear, talent, costume of your choice, and eveningwear. This is an industry where mothers give her daughter energy… View Article

Do Child Beauty Pageants Create Sexualization?

Every little girl dreams to be beautiful like a princess. Today’s children’s beauty pageants are prejudicial to a child’s development. These pageants can lead to low self-esteem and poor body image. I believe parents should not pressure these children to participate in these type of events. These beauty pageants overly expose little girls, that can… View Article

Common Ground on Child Beauty Pageants

I’m sure you all have seen the TV show “Toddlers in Tiaras.” It is a show about young children competing in beauty pageants to win a place in a higher ranked pageant, money, and the ownership of a winning title. Many people think differently about the show and the pageants. Some are all for the… View Article

Definitions of Beauty

What makes a woman beautiful? Today our society has turned beauty into something that is unrealistic. Many are familiar with features that classify a woman as beautiful such as having a pretty face, flawless skin, skinny figure and sparkling eyes. However, each of us has our own perception of beauty. Everyone has different tastes. We… View Article

Parental Control: Toddlers and Tiaras Abuse

The TV show Toddlers and Tiaras encourages child abuse. According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary abuse is: “improper or excessive use or treatment.” Toddlers and Tiaras is a show based on mothers using their children and treating them like dolls instead of humans. The tiny tots on this show have become famous for their scandalous… View Article

Why People Should Stay Away from Tanning

Teenage girls and young adult women, in America, are going to tanning salons more than ever before. There is high pressure from Hollywood and the fashion industry to maintain tan skin all year round. The popular mentality is that “tanner is better”. Women are succumbing to this mentality even if it requires them to spend… View Article

The concept of taste and beauty

While considering Edmund Burke’s aesthetic ideas in his essay ‘A Philosophical Enquiry Into the Origin of our Ideas of the Sublime and Beautiful’ it is seen that sublime here is associated with the feelings of terror and nervousness. Burke views sublime as incomprehensible and distant and predict that it is easier to view the events… View Article

The Influence of Media on Perception of Beauty

Defining beauty is not without its challenges: look up the definition of beauty in any english dictionary and one will be met with an ambiguous description similar to this: ”A combination of qualities that pleases the intellect or moral sense” (Newman 2010) acknowledges the dilemma in asking what beauty is. She maintains ”we grope around… View Article

Beauty Within The Cultures by Phillip Namara

How do you define beauty? Is it a small waist and large breasts? A perfect smile and straight hair? If you flip through the pages of an American fashion magazine, you may think beauty is narrowly defined…but that’s not the case. From thick ankles to small noses, women from five continents are revealing what’s considered… View Article

What Is Beauty

“She is so beautiful”, the girl said as she gazed in awe- and with a slight trace of jealousy- at the woman walking down the street. Beautiful. What does it mean? Is beauty a synonym for pretty or does it connote something else entirely? Who defines what is beautiful? The definition of beauty has been… View Article


Beauty is something that can be interpreted completely different from person to person. A famous quote that goes along with this perfectly is “beauty is in the eye of the beholder. ” I think a person’s inner beauty should be taken into account when deciding whether or not a person is beautiful. Wikipedia’s definition of… View Article

Beauty: Wish and Jane Martin

The play “Beauty” by Jane Martin was a great play as in it tells you of how there are some people out there that are not satisfied with whom or what they have. And wish to be someone else or have what someone else has. And the magic a Genie can bring to give them… View Article

Beauty Is a Combination of Qualities

Beauty is a combination of qualities that give pleasure to the senses. It is an inborn instinct in human to appreciate beauty. Beauty both of nature and of human form have been a powerful attraction for men and women of all times and climes. A beautiful object fills the heart with joy and delight. The… View Article

Beauty of Women

Proposal: I have chosen to write about the comparison between the cultures that produced the Venus de Willendorf with the culture that produces the Barbie doll. While writing about the two cultures, I will describe some common themes the Paleolithic culture and the modern culture share; what our modern culture has adopted and those things… View Article

Attractive People Deserves to Be Successful

In an ideal world, good looks appeal to job interviewers, potential mating partners and other situations where good looks can be added as an extra leverage in daily situations. Moreover, successful job interviews mean good jobs, good money, and good life; whereas relationship wise, attractive people attract fellow attractive partners typically with good genes and… View Article

Beauty Myth

The beauty myth, how what others perceive as what beauty is can, will be and has been used against women. Advertising agencies and Hollywood are portraying to young girls and women that youth, beauty and love go together to make a complete and happy existence in life. From reality television shows such as Toddlers and… View Article

Perfection in Work and Beauty

Thomas Mann’s novel, Death in Venice is a piece that is surrounded by the theme of perfection that teeters on the brink of insanity. The protagonist of the novel Gustav von Aschenbach is, as an author extremely articulate, meticulous, and a perfectionist when it comes to his work. He is very isolated, as well, and… View Article

Toddlers and Tiaras: Child Abuse?

Toddlers and Tiaras affects childrens’ self-esteem around the world who believe that they have to live up to this “beauty” that is enforced by their Mom’s and they have to be as pretty and perfect as these other kids who they see in beauty pageants. I cannot find it in me to support little girls… View Article