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The term beauty

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The term beauty means combinations of qualities that give pleasure to the sense or to the mind. In fact, most people like to seek attractive features ,and they can appreciate the bliss of beauty. In other words, no one would rather see ugly or unattractive things than enjoy lovely ones. It is natural for humans to be attracted to wonderful physical appearance. However, if people devote themselves to being pretty, they possibly lose the sense of beauty. In the same way, people’s overemphasis on beauty of physical appearance leads them to have several problems.

Although it is true that men or women are not always judged by their looks, people have a tendency to be impressed by appearance. In Cash and Janda’s article “The Eye of the Beholder,” they think “attractive people are frequently preferred over their less attractive peers” (123). Moreover, according to Ellen Berscheid and Elaine Walster, who are psychologists, “the more attractive a person, the more desirable characteristics others will attribute to him or her” (Cash and Janda 123).

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In other words, mankind often thinks as attractive people have better qualities or characters

than unattractive ones. Nicole Overman in her article “Striving to Be a Baywatch Barbie” also supports the point of beauty, she says, ” in some cases the more beautiful you are, the more likely you are to get the job” (293). So those people who don’t have beautiful faces have to work harder than pretty ones to win other people’s attention. In addition, some people think it’s good for them to have attractive physical appearance which makes their lives better.

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According to an article ” Born Beautiful :

Confession of a Naturally Gorgeous Girl,” Ellen Paige provides her own experience . Paige mentions that “being beautiful can keep pain at bay” (117). She finds out that beauty brings her power and makes life more comfortable. Paige is an attractive woman, so other people have more willingness to know who she is. Her looks also catch people’s attention which helps her things to go smoothly for her (Paige119). Similarly, Elizabeth Grant also agrees that beauty gives her more power in her life. Grant was not a pretty girl , so she decided to reinvent and re-create herself.

Grant believes that if she becomes a gorgeous and attractive girl, she can choose her Mr. Right among cool guys. She says, “[she] wants to the power to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ as [she] pleases” (2). Therefore, we can understand why some people seek to be beautiful from these examples. On the contrary, people may run the risk of damaging their health and minds if they overemphasize the importance of physical appearance with low self-esteem. For example, in his article “Dying to Be Bigger,” H. D. confessed his experience about the abuse of using steroids.

H. D. was lacking confidence ,so he became addicted to the drug in order to conquer his inferiority complex (41). However, his physical and mental states got worse because of using steroids. At first, H. D. found that he started to have strange acne on the process of gaining weight and the size of his nipples got bigger with pain. In addition, his hormones were totally out of order because of abusing the drug. He had a more desire to have sexual activity with women since he had abundant testosterone.

Meanwhile, he liked to battle with people around him (H. D. 41). Finally, even though H. D made up his mind to give up his drug life, the process of quitting steroids caused his physical and mental states to get worse (43). H. D. mentioned that since he injected synthetic testosterone which made his body cease to produce to hormones, he lost his desire for women because of the disorder of testosterone. And there were also some problems for his reproductive organs (43). He admitted that he wasn’t satisfied with his appearance which caused him to become addicted to the drug.

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