Asia Essay Topics

The East Asian Tiger’s and Their Economic Growth

The East Asian region has seen unparalled economic growth over the past three decades.  It is a phenomenon that the world has never seen before, which has made economists dub them the Asian Tigers.  How did they grow so quickly?  How important were labor unions in their economy?  Why have some East Asian countries economies… View Article

The massacre in Nanking

The massacre in Nanking which is popularized by Chang as the Rape of Nanking is indeed on of the darkest period of Asian history. Although it is described for its cruel and terrible scenes, history has almost forgotten these painful and darkest hours of Nanking people. Thanks to Iris Chang, her book became a living… View Article

Truly Asia

Traveling is both an educational and leisurely activity. Going to different places gives people a chance to learn about new cultures and traditions which can help in the promotion of a pluralistic society. In every place that I explore, I make sure that I enjoy the journey whether it is just by land, water, air… View Article

Canadian International School and Asia

There are certain things in life that are taken for granted. Some people would feel contented with what they have, while others would have a bigger yearning to become someone. Sometimes, what we yearn for in life becomes the very core of our existence, making us hardworking and persevering. My high school was spent in… View Article

Asian Pacific Economy Cooperation

APEC It is an association of economies that share the boundaries of the Pacific Ocean. Under APEC, member economies work together to: * reduce barriers to trade,  * ease the exchange of goods, services, resources and technical know-how, and * Strengthen economic and technical cooperation between and among them. These concerted efforts, ultimately, would result… View Article

The East Asia

The East Asia is basically an Asian sub region. In geographical sense, the East Asia is known to have 12,000,000 km2 under its expanse. This is equivalent to 28% of the Asian continent. This also means that the East Asia outdoes Europe geographically by 15%. Asia also enjoys a large population, given that it hosts… View Article

Shokan Ualikhanov

Shokan Valikhanov – scientist, historian, ethnographer and folklorist, traveler, educator. Father: Chinghis Valikhanov. Mother: Zeynep Chormanova. Wife: Aysary Valikhanova. He was born in 1835 in the fortress Kusmurun (Kushmurun). At birth he was named Muhammad-Kanapiya and his mother called him Shokan. In private elementary school of aul Kushmurun, Shokan learned the basics of Arabic, Persian,… View Article

Central Asia: Geography, Culture and Economy

Russia is the largest country in the world in terms of area covered. The gigantic size of this country has made it exhibit monotony and diversity in its physical and human geography. The eastern plains of Russia from north to south are covered sequentially by tundra, taiga or coniferous forests, mixed forests with trees that… View Article

Aim in Life

Most people in the world have some ambitions in life. A petty merchant has an ambition to become a big business man, a clerk to be a high officer, a student to be a doctor or engineer. Some desire for wealth, some desire for fame and reputation. A proper aim in life keeps a person… View Article

Importance of Cca

From my research, the MOE says, CCAs has been important in the past and it will be more important in the future. This is because some of the key traits that our young need to succeed in the future, a more complex and frequently changing future, will be cultivated most effectively by engaging them in… View Article

COT: Commerce in the Indian Ocean

In the Indian Ocean region from 650 C.E. to 1750 C.E., commerce changed in that there was a shift in dominance over trade, and the demand of certain products changes, and a continuity was the Europeans’ demands for goods from Asia. A change in commerce from 650 C.E. to 1750 C.E. was the changing of… View Article

American vs Asian Happiness

Americans associate feelings of happiness with personal achievement, the Asian associate those feelings with an entire society’s harmony. Asian people feel emotion less often than Americans. Asians tended to rate their emotional events as more neutral than Americans rated theirs. Overall, Americans were more likely to see their experiences as “somewhat pleasant.” Asians respondents more… View Article

Americans Bias Against Muslims

Orientalism, simply put, is the perception the West has of the East. The concept was mapped out by Edward Said in his book Orientalism, where he explores the concept, its origin, and how it functions. Said states that Orientalism is “the corporate institution for dealing with the Orient – dealing with it by making statements… View Article

Causes of failure of SAARC

THE two-day 16th summit of South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (Saarc) held in Bhutanese capital of Thimpu on April 28-29 concluded with a joint declaration expressing the resolve of their leaders to wage common struggle for economic development, improve their inter connectivity, promote people to people contacts and evolve a joint strategy to tackle… View Article

Foraging and Nutritional Ecology of Primates in SE Asia

There are foods of various kinds that fit the foraging and nutritional needs of primates in SE Asia, these primates in question use the foods to extract carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, fats and minerals. We look at the impact of the environment on these primates for there foraging and nutritional needs. We also observe systematics, their… View Article

Geopolitical Importance of Pakistan

Defination:The study of the relationship among politics and geography, demography, and economics, especially with respect to the foreign policy of a nation. ‘’ The foreign policy of a country is determined by its geography’’. (Napoleon) This may be an exaggeration, but there can be no question that geography has had decisive effect upon civilization and… View Article

The Impact of the Korean War on the Political Economy of East Asia

The rapid development of East Asia in the 20th century and its rise as the central component of the modern global economy poses several significant challenges to the conventional understanding of political and economic development models. The developmental patterns in East Asia do not fit into previous (mostly erroneous) marketing dichotomies, so widely promoted in… View Article

Nomads of the Steppe: Asia before Genghis Khan

Plano Carpini and William of Rubruck were two Franciscans, who visited the Central Asia in the middle of the XII century and left the detailed descriptions of the peoples and the nations in Eurasian region and specifically of the Mongol Empire in those times. Both travellers were the first Europeans, who visited Mongolia. They both… View Article

Globalization Is Good

Taiwan: Discussion questions 1. How has ‘land reform’ contributed to the rapid industrialization of Taiwan? Back in the 1950s the government of Taiwan started to offer yields of land for families to own and operate off of. The land, which was supplied with food/crop, released man power for industry to prosper. As the government distributed… View Article

Lasting Legacies

The impact of Confucianism in East Asia continues to mold and shape individuals’ actions so they can lead better lives that will have a positive effect on society. This can be achieved once the individual reaches a better understanding about their mutual obligations – that a proper society is revolved around give and take. It… View Article

Asian Contributions

Many years ago, the laws of the United States prohibited Asian immigrants from entering the country. This law was eventually revoked and in 1952 legislation passed that allows people of all races to become United States Citizens. According to the U.S. Embassy website (n.d.), “today Asian Americans are one of the fastest growing ethnic groups… View Article

International Relation East-Asian

In the past century, substantial changes have taken place in the international arena especially when it comes to the relation among state. The end of the Cold War had given way for the United States of America to achieve supreme power and authority as compared with other states in the world when it comes to… View Article

Japan, Korea, and Vietnam in the Process of Sinification

The elites in all three civilizations actively pursued the Chinese way of life. In both Japan and Korea, almost all traits of Chinese culture and political organization had to be modified to fit the ancient traditions of these societies, while the Vietnamese mainly learned from the Chinese’s military organization. The Korean elite controlled every aspect… View Article

Lantern Festivals in Asia

The Lantern Festival in China, known as the Shangyuan Festival, is a traditional Chinese Festival celebrated every 15th of the month in the Chinese Lunar calendar. It is said that the origins of this festival can be traced back as early as the Han Dynasty. Legend has it that peasants used torches to drive away… View Article

Banyan Tree Brand Expansion

1. Identify the primary issues in the case. When expanding the brand globally, the existing methods and new methods need to ensure that brand image and core value must not be diluted by too generic target market or vague market position. When expanding the brand into different countries and regions, the competition within a specific… View Article

Regional Economic Cooperation

One of the most important developments in the world trade system in the 1990s has been the emergence of regional cooperation. The end of the Cold War reduced political tensions between countries in Asia as well as globalizing production processes and increasing vertical integration. Cities like Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore have been lifting their… View Article

Everyone responds to conflict according to their values

People react to conflict due to their values. In the novel ‘Every Man In This Village Is a Liar’ Megan Stack has allies who make an oath to protect her at all cost. A person’s values may also include, they would never physically hurt another person and they are against it then in times of… View Article

Case Study Medici Restaurant

In the first question of the Medici Mediterranean Restaurant case study, it asks if there are any other options that Alissa might consider solving this problem. There are many other options that are not listed in the study that Alissa could exercise in this scenario to make Guido focus more on his job. In this… View Article

Geopolitics in Asia

The study of the relationship among politics and geography, demography, and economics especially with respect to the foreign policy of a nation. The study of geographic influences on power relationships in international politics. Geopolitical theorists have sought to demonstrate the importance in the determination of foreign policies of considerations such as the acquisition of natural… View Article

Social interaction and the Internet in Asia

The abstract is excellently presented, and sheds the light onto the study purpose. The author used the abstract to briefly justify the choice of the research country (Singapore). Introduction In the introduction, the author justified the need for such research by the fact that “little empirical research had been done outside of Europe and the… View Article