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Compare and Contrast Economic and Political Effects of the Mongol Rule in the Middle East and China

The Mongol rule in China and the Middle East was very different politically in that the Mongols allowed the leaders in the Middle East to remain while in China they did not. In addition they took on the Middle Eastern culture more by converting to Islam while in China, they did not take on Confucianism. However the Mongols attempted to take on parts of the culture in both regions. Economically bo...

Growing Up Asian in Australia Creative Story

I set a personal best! As I caught my breath I turned to my mum who was walking towards me, she still looked mildly unimpressed although the hint of a little smile was seeping through her smirking lips. I felt her arms wrap around me, which was totally unexpected as I hugged her back. "I am proud of you," she said. "I'm sorry I didn't let you train, I didn't realise how happy it made you." "But th...

Links Between Ancient Empire (Songhai, Ming and Mughul)

* Different pantheons of Gods * Practised Buddhism and Taoism | * Timbuktu and Goa – main centres of learning * Recruited teachers from over-seas * Islam – dominant culture * Recorded as one of the largest Islamic in history| * Established libraries in different languages * Welcomed scholars to his courts * Islamic * Practised religious cultures| Technology| * Inventors of gun powder * Compas...

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Association of the South East Asian Nations

ASEAN SWOT Analysis Analytical Framework. (n.d) About strength, weakness, opportunities and threats. Retrieved august 25th, 2013, from http://www.adbi.org/files/2013.02.22.cpp.day5.ses3.3.final.policy.options.myanmar.pdf ASEAN summit held amid protest, criticism from civil society. (2008) retrieved august 25, 2013, from http://www.11.be/11/111111-english/artikel/detail/detail/asean_summit_held_ami...

Indonesia – Asia’s Stumbling Giant

Gelbard, R. (2000). U.S. and Indonesia: Common Goals. The New York Times. Retrieved on January 12, 2014 from http://www.nytimes.com/2000/11/20/opinion/20iht-edgelbard.2.t.html globalEdge. (2014). Retrieved on January 9, 2014 from http://globaledge.msu.edu/ Higgins, B. Howard. (1957). Indonesia's economic stabilization and development. New York: Institute of Pacific Relations. Hill, C. (2013). Inte...

American Education vs Asian Education

In merging these two fundamental ideas of both of the education systems, many new positive effects are felt by the students. An increase of pressure to motivate and accelerate education. The development of ideas and creative outlets, which lead to self-discovery and formation of original and innovative ideas which, fuel our nation. This guarantees freedom and a mind to use it. Americans complain a...

Dilemma of Asian Bags

It is the world's largest manufacturer of Unani medicines some of its more famous products include Safi, Sharbat Rooh Afza, Cinkara, Roghan Badam Shirin and Pachnol. It is associated with Hamdard Foundation, India. Being conservative in nature, he wants to determine the risk associated with investments. In specific terms, he wants to seek data related to both levered and unlevered beta of these co...

Impormasyon Tungkol sa Silangang Asia

1. Develop and implement projects and programs in a financially prudent and responsible manner aimed at increasing the country’s self sufficiency level in oil, gas and other energy sources 2. ENSURE SECURITY OF SUPPLY: CONTRIBUTING TO ENERGY PRICE STABILITY AND AFFORDABILITY. 3. Foster sustainable and environmentally – friendly sources of energy: 4. Promote and maintain the highest standards o...



News Channels

Today, IANS is more than just a news agency - its a publishing outsource, a multimedia content provider with auxiliary services catering to growth sectors like education and entertainment, besides being a communication consultant to institutions and companies. Basu has travelled all over the world and has been a regular invitee on the Indian prime minister's and president's media delegations in v...

Air Asia Strategic Management Recommendations

Risks to the implementation of social media promotional campaigns is the fact that rival low cost-carriers may decide to copy this strategy allowing them to gain market exposure as well and consequently steal market share if their efforts prove to be more successful. In addition, customers who may have had bad experiences with the company will have the story quickly spread in social media networks...

My Vacation Destination Country South Korea

Thrill seekers find South Korea has one unique attraction in the DMZ and the possibility to play golf in this dangerous area. However there are many cultural experiences and educational experiences to entice even the meek at heart to South Korea for an adventure. Traditional Asian art, dance, and literature are just the beginning of South Korea’s cultural experience. South Korea’s ability to e...

Organizational Competitive Strategies-Porter's Five Forces Model (AIR ASIA)

Consumers usually go for those that cost less. If the trip covers a short distance and mainly connected to the peninsula then forms of transport will include train, bus or air travel. However if the trip is budgeted the preferable choice would be by bus. Moreover the development in technology has highly contributed in this matter by making ticketing and pricing of air tickets available to traveler...

The Sofitel Philippine Plaza

This hotel is one of the best because it holds one of the continent resto(spiral). The spiral: manila most exciting concept restaurant with multi-cuisine open-cooking sation serving from China, India, Japan,Europe, South Asia and medeterranean as well as an extensive wine cellar collection, it also has private dining, Sofitel Phillipine plaza has “lebar” a bistro a bar and library in one offer...

Tourism in nepal

Tourism Sector plays a vital role for increase the GDP of Nepal. Although the main source of economic sustenance is agriculture, the tourist industry employs around 42% of the total working population of Nepal. The major religion in Nepal is Hinduism, and the Pashupatinath Temple, the world's largest temple of Shiva which is located in Kathmandu, attracts many pilgrims and tourists. Other Hindu pi...

Air Asia

iii)Relative lack of importance of buyers to supplier. Airbus is a UK based aviation company. Its customers come from around the world. So far 9,113 aircraft had been ordered, out of which 5,408 aircraft had been delivered by the company. Airasia had ordered 200 aircraft from Airbus and so far only 54 aircraft had been delivered. The percentage of less than 1%, 0.99% proves that Airasia is not Air...

Air Asia Marketing

To recap, the main marketing challenge facing AirAsia at the moment is the intense competition that exist in the low cost airline industry. The strategies that AirAsia can implement to remain competitive are two pronged, to tap into the Asian middle income class and focus on the corporate businesses. They can capitalize on the Asian market by using market challenge strategies, standing out from th...

Importance of Pakistan Location

http://defence.pk/threads/geo-strategic-significance-of-pakistan.269246/#ixzz3JhbDa5Ru https://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20140520173701-91576495-afghan-car-and-chinese-transit-trade-through-pakistani-ports http://aboutpak.blogspot.com/2012/05/importance-of-location-of-pakistan-in.html http://www.pakistanaffairs.pk/threads/13740-Geo-Strategic-Significance-of-Pakistan Dailytimes 03-Jun-201...

Geography of the Philippines essay

All things considered, the Philippines are doing better than most South East Asian nations that neighbor the archipelago. With a well-balanced scale of politics, economy, and society, capped off with a mainly beneficial geographic setting, the Republic of the Philippines is doing better than most South East Asian nations in transportation technology, medical practice, arable and farmed land, fore...

The Impact of European Imperialism in Africa

What determined whether or not a country became imperialistic was more the activity of small groups of people, often intellectuals, economists, of patriotic publicists and politicians anxious to ensure national security and self - sufficiency, than the economic conditions of the country itself. And, as the examples of the British, French, Dutch, and Portuguese show, nations that had traditions of ...

Banyan Tree Resorts

On the other hand, if I went to the Middle East I wouldn’t want an Asian theme; I would want a Middle Eastern theme. To address that issues Banyan Tree should conduct extensive market research to investigate what their market would want. Another problem I could see with Banyan Tree expand to other continents is that it could get too big to easily manage. It was founded on the basis that it was d...

Effects of imperialism in Asia

Even decades after formal European military conquest and intervention, Indochina continues to feel the sting of the West's influence. Today, Southeast Asia is among the poorest places in the world, where people enjoy very little personal freedom and opportunity. Indochina's primitive infrastructure and poverty-stricken society is burdened by its history and injured foreign relations. The future fo...

East Asian regionalism

” It is a matter of arbitrariness. References Broda, Christian and David Weinstein. 2006. “Globalization and Regionalism. ” Quarterly Journal of Economics, 541-85. Dent, Christopher. 2008. East Asia Regionalism. US: Routledge. Kimura, Fukunari, et al. 2007. The Question of East Asian Regionalism. Working Paper No. 164. Yoshida, Yushi. 2008. Intra-Industry Trade Between Japan and Korea: Verti...

Analysis Of "Here's Herbie" by Mike Feder

No matter if you want to be a president, or an artist or if your biggest dream is to try an awesome rollercoaster or climb Mount Everest, I really believe that nothing should keep you from doing what you want. Because at last Mike was so inspired by this odd man Herbie that he decided to look out window, without thinking about the other passengers, and this really changed him. He might have gotte...

5 Star Hotel Tourism

Depending on the function, the Westin Grand Ballroom can be divided into three separate rooms. Embrace calm at the wonderful pre-function areas in front of the Westin Grand Ballroom. The Westin Dhaka offers nourishing dining for every taste and style from fresh, authentic Italian to Pan Asian and international cuisine. Westin is a 24th floor building with a big patio available in level 23 for over...

European Imperialism and its Impact on Africa and Asia

The African and Asian continents were collected, traded and bandied about between the powers of Western Europe as if they were common commodities.  When the colonies had lost their utility, often times the European imperialist would pack their bags and leave, without regard to the state of the people or land they were leaving behind.  Despite the legitimate motivations (such as expanding trade) ...

The Seven Continents

Australia is the smallest of the seven continents. The interiors of the continent are predominantly plains. The Southeast and the Southwest plains are the most densely settled areas of Australia. The climate of Australia is variable, but weather extremes are rare. The Northern part of Australia has a monsoon sort of climate while in the south it is temperate. Australia is known for it’s vast wil...

Our Trip to Murree Hills

They must be felt with heart. " (Hellen Keller) Next day. e went to Patriata, early in the morning. We enjoyed to have a ride of chair-lift. It was an interesting'experience. Running clouds, blowing breeze and bird eye view of Murree Hills. It seemed like a dream. In our ten days visit of Murree Hills, we enjoyed hiking, and did a lot of shopping from Murree Mall. These moments are unforgettable f...

Asian Literature

Conclusion Asian American literature encompasses the philosophical and cultural traditions of the area in Asia known as Eastern Asia. The generally accepted principle throughout different Asian philosophies is self-actualization and oneness with the nature. In the United States Asian immigrants struggled to find work and cultural identity while assimilating to American culture. Often Americans ste...

Importance of Japanese Language

All languages change over time and Japanese is no different. To genuinely understand the importance of Japanese language you need to learn the language yourself so you can receive the full benefit of this amazing language. In fact, latest research as shown that learning a second language helps fight against Alzheimer’s disease and slows down the aging effects of the brain. Talk about the Importa...

Global Network of BreadTalk Group Limited

This also provides the platform for each brand to be specially positioned based on its unique brand strategy and especially in view of expansion into the region. One of the strategy that BreadTalk Group holds is sharing the set up cost. This can be seen in NEX Serangoon Singapore, whereby a few brands are set up together in a high human traffic area. Thus, competitors can be minimized, as well as ...

Indian It Industry by Ipott

There is a lingering fear or doubt in the minds of many about whether the industry is inherently strong or is it just tapping a window of opportunity which will soon be tapped by other Asian countries with large population and better infrastructure. Given the state of almost everything else in the country, such doubts are not unreasonable. However, India Software Inc has developed some solid stren...

Geopolitical Importance of Pakistan

Main threats to Pakistan: Balochistan and Wazirstan conflicts are posing threats to any economic project like IPI gas pipeline. Negative role of India, US, Iran in this conflict ridden area. Kashmir is flash point, accelerating nuclear race in the South Asia. Instable governments in Pakistan have contributed in weakening the strong position. Natural Resources:-Pakistan has the best natural resourc...

Sociology Asian Family

With industrialization, families were stripped of these functions taken over by the market and the state. What were left to the families were emotional and social functions. This became known as the love-based male breadwinner model that persisted until the late 1960s. Since then, cultural and economic factors, such as increased women’s independence and entry into the workforce have shattered th...

Continuities and Changes in South Asia

India went through an immense conversion from the impact of the arrival of the Europeans in the 16th century. With its abundance of resources and population, it became a benefit to the Europeans to conquer and colonize. New conflicts were created between them such as that of the Sepoy Rebellion which lasted till the First World War. Superior technology, political ideas, various customs, cultural m...

Traffic Congestion as City Problem

There is always a wide range of public transport available in the cities such as taxi, bus, subways and so on. To avoid being stuck in traffic jams, public transport is the best option as it is very convenient and affordable to everyone in the cities. In conclusion, car-pooling and using public transport should be taken into consideration. Every little action on our part can go a long way to help ...

About Guwahati City

It is believed that female genitalia (yoni) of dead Sati fell down while her corpse was being carried by her husband Shiva turning the hill blue, therefore the name Neelachal (Blue Spread). This 10th century temple was reconstructed after being destroyed by Muslim rulers. The famous Kaziranga National Park, located at a distance of 200 km from Guwahati, is the star attraction for tourists for its ...

The Asiatic Cheetah

It’s obvious. Scientists know the reason why these animals are going extinct, and so it is through simple analyzing that humans can inquire the obvious, and that is to do exactly the opposite of what makes these animals go extinct. If they are suffering from the lack of food, and humans are the reasons for why this “food” is disappearing, then it’s through basic analysis that humans should...

A Synopsis on Mount Everest

Mount Everest is a difficult mountain to climb. There are many hoops one has to jump through before the final. However, when everything is completed, the climb will not be as difficult. It will be simple and quick. The next process to our research would be most likely be food. Climbers cannot survive without food! A few limitations came up at the start of this project. Many of the sources were not...

Asian American Stereotypes in Film

Overall, the object of this movie is to entertain the audience sitting at home watching it, laughing at the mishaps and situations that happen along the way. The question is, however, at who's expense does the laughter come? Perpetuating this stereotype only goes to further damage the way Asian Americans are seen by the American public. Also during the time the movie was being made, the yen and th...

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