Why Maths is Important in Daily Life?

In today’s society, math allows all things to work properly and fluently, from cooking your favorite meal to paying your monthly bills. Math gives society the ability to think critically in their everyday lives. Any and everything that society does on a day to day basis involve or is orientated around math, from balancing our everyday lives, to the jobs we work, and foreseeing analytical research needed to balance the world.

In the personal lives of society, math is used to fulfill all needs and duties of the modern person or parent.

It gives us the ability to have better understanding and reasoning skills, basic qualities needed for a person to be successful in life. An adult would use math to calculate all the living expenses that they or their families have to take care of, such as bills and basic daily necessities. Without math, we wouldn’t be able to manage our money, shopping for the best possible price at the store, determining the cost of gas to travel to certain places, and telling and managing the most precious thing in life, time.

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When you have certain responsibilities for you or your family, balancing your money is the key of staying on top of things. Adding all of your incomes and deducting your bills and necessities when you first receive your money makes it easier to determine things such as the money to have to spend and what you have leftover. In addition to that, we use math to determine the best things to spend our money on such as items cheaper than others to save money, or using discounts and coupons to lessen the price of certain things to have a cheaper outcome.

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Also, it’s good for parents to teach their children about saving money and to invest to prosper further. When giving a child an allowance every week and tell them to make it last, they learn how to manage their money at a young age. This is an essential skill for the young to develop into successful adults. When you’re driving on an everyday basis, you use math to determine how much money you have to spend on the gas a week, how many miles that your car could go on a full gas tank and the distance between different destinations that we need to go. If you are into working out and being in the healthiest shape you can be in, math can be used to help calculate your progress such as calories burn by the distance you run, your heart rate throughout workouts, and the amount of time it takes to gain these achievements. Although these are all important, without accurate managing of your time, you wouldn’t be able to efficiently live your life. You have to use math to calculate what time you need to wake in the morning for work when you need to go to sleep at night to get proper rest for the next day and to use time-based items such as the calendar and clock. For a teenager, math is used in their everyday life as well. Actions such as calculating how to use your weekly allowance or how long it takes for you to get ready for school in the morning all involve math, and without it, they would never learn how to live as a functional and reliable adult. Also, although people to think so, math is used in many different recreational activities that kids and adults do on a daily basis such as playing video games after school to grandma’s sewing times. With the critical thinking and the in-depth comprehension skills that math gives to a person’s stimulus, we are able to have fun and enjoy ourselves without even knowing that we are secretly solving mathematical solutions at the same time. For example, if your family enjoys upkeeping a garden, there are so many ways math is used to properly keep up your crops. Tasks such as planting seeds in rows and columns to calculating the depth of the dirt needed to put the plants in the ground. Everyday life is filled with the use of the mathematical world, and it also relates to the jobs that the public people have to supply an income.

Mathematics is a basic quality in the business and occupation world. Without mathematic experience, businesses/occupations such as construction, cooking, finance, tax services, and much more wouldn’t have the capacity to work fluently. In running a business, math plays a major role in all fields of the matter business world based around math. For example, with the knowledge of mathematics, businesses such as restaurants and shopping places could carry out deeds like deciding what options on the menu or items in the store may change because of the manner in which it is sold. Accounting and math skills also enable you to both make sense of what is beneficial to the business, as well as what things are selling the best. Also, they use math to calculate their profits and liabilities of the business to ensure that the value of your business stays high. In cooking or preparing food, different measurements of ingredients are understood with the help of mathematics. For example, you can calculate that a half cup of flour is the exact same as eight tablespoons of flour, or that if you have a recipe for 2 people to eat but you’re cooking for 6, you simply have to triple the number of ingredients that you have to use. In construction jobs, math is used to determine the area of a workplace to rebuild or destroy, as well as to calculate the measurements for the work that is being done. In the finance field, math is used in everything, from calculating the stock of your business to understanding different types of business loans. Income tax services are also another mathematical occupation, where you have to calculate the back pay of a working citizen that pay taxes. In jobs such as carpenters, they use math to measure their areas for the installation of new materials, using simple equations such as the area equation, and they use math to see what materials are efficient for the job they’re doing at the time. For example, if a carpenter is putting in new carpet for a house living room, he would take the area of the floor to ensure that he knows the accurate amount of materials to successfully do the job. While mathematics is used in almost all these jobs, there are still countless jobs in the world that depend on math, including national sports.

In the sports society, math is used in multiple ways, from calculating a quarterback’s completion rate to determining the trajectory of someone’s jump shot. In the football and basketball world, although not known, math is an essential aspect of the games. In a sports games, math is used to calculate the score of the two teams that are playing each other, such as the 7-Point score system for the NFL and the 2 and 3 point scoring system for the NBA. Also, Players can use mathematical equations to determine things such as the proper angle to throw the ball to reach the receiver, what trajectory do you have to shoot with to make a basket, how many yards they have left to for a touchdown and many more. On the more analytical side, math is the main focal point to calculate a player’s stats, from simple things like completion rate and field goal percentage to more complex stats such as efficiency rates. For basketball specifically, math is used to determine players’ points, rebounds, and assists per game, which is taking an average on how many of each they earned in each game of the season. For example, if Lebron scored 30 points his first game, 28 his second, and 61 in his third, his PPG would be 39.6 points. In football, they usually calculate a player’s completion rate, such as how many completed catches or passes they had divided by their attempted catches or passes. Although these two involve a lot of math, there are many other sports that use mathematics as well. Sports such as baseball and soccer use mathematical expressions to calculate different statistics to rate player against others and certain skills of their abilities. Some examples of stats that they take in these sports that involve math are Justin Verlander’s Batting Average (LgBA) of 254, and Lionel Messi’s shooting percentage of 67%. Also, they use math to calculate the proper distances between bases for baseball and the lengths of the soccer fields.

As sports do rely on math, the field of fashion design also takes their piece of the mathematical pie. In today’s society, fashion is very big necessity for the public, and math has everything to do with the development of this dominant field. In the making of these certain fashion items, geometrical math is used to analyze and design clothes based on people’s body sizes, by using 2-D mapping and calculating to fit 3-D body of a human. For example, if a designer is making a dress for women, it would be easier to just take the area for a rectangle for the middle, the areas of two trapezoids for the sides, and the area of a half-circle for the top to ensure a nice and accurate fit, or if you were making a top hat, you would take the area of a half-circle and the full circle for the shape of the hat. In addition to that, they use more complex mathematical solutions to manipulate different proportions of the measurements for clothes to make a variety of sizes for the customers. With making the sizes of the clothing, math is also used in creating the different patterns and designs of the clothes. Skills like symmetry measurements are to create a good-looking and accurate piece of clothing. Math doesn’t allow appear in the making of clothes, it also is used in the creation of art. Different artists such as sculptors and painters use math equations to measure different angles and symmetry to create perfect pieces to show to society.

In conclusion, math is one of the most important universal enhancements over time that made us into the society that we’re in today. We are constantly using its many fields and equations in all aspects of our life, from managing our everyday life at home and at work to the making of the clothes that we have on our backs. Without the development and findings of these brilliant mathematical conjunctions, modern society would be many steps back on the level of intelligence and variety that we have today as the human race. From the food we eat to the large buildings that we live in, we use the content of the most unappreciated subject of school and learning programs, the overall system of mathematics.

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Why Maths is Important in Daily Life?

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