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Science has a huge role in our day to day life, from the small things to the big things without us even realising it. Many things that we do daily wouldn’t be possible without scientific knowledge. Our knowledge in science comes from contributions from all over the world. One of the importance of science is it helps us to advance in every aspect from technology, medicine, engineering and more. Scientists are constantly improving the way we live.

As an example, the recent outbreak of the influenza pandemic also known as Covid 19 has scientists from all over the world on their feet to find a cure for this deadly virus.

As for now scientist, has linked covid 19 to the SARS as they are related genetically, being able to link this was possible thanks to science. Another example is science is able to lessen the labour for jobs that need man power, it also advances the technology in every field of work.

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Although we live in a day and age where we can accept different cultures and beliefs, there are still some people who are slightly bias , with the help of science many centuries old myths can be debunked and issues involving bias people can be solved with factual answers.
Science is also able to help us differentiate between true and false claims through the process of analysis and experiment. In a criminal situation, forensic science is able to determine how a crime was done through analysis and experiment.

In a medical situation, scientists can find cures and treatments through experiments.

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All in all , science is very crucial to mankind without science our lives will be completely different. We should thank all the contributions from scientists all over the world from different times.

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