The Significance of Food in Our Daily Routine

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Our daily life routines mainly revolve around food and what are we going to eat. We wake up thinking about breakfast, lunch is a must, either at work or with friends, and of course dinner; the one thing we do not forget. Food and diets consume a lot of our thoughts. People nowadays are more aware of their health and habits. One of the types of diets that some follow is the vegetarian diet. Vegetarianism is mainly eating all types of food, but any animal related products.

Vegetarians follow this kind of diet because they believe that killing animals to eat them cause many negative effects.

The question here is, should people be vegetarian or not? Some are for and some are against this. However, in my opinion, I think people should not apply the vegetarian diet in their lives for more than one reason.

Firstly, vegetarians’ main reason for their belief is that eating animals is killing them, and killing them is against animals’ right as animals feel fear before their death, which is unethical.

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However, eating meat is not unethical, it is the natural part of the cycle of life. Research shows that plants respond electrochemically to threats and may feel fear exactly as animals (D.Jensen, "The Plants Respond: An Interview with Cleve Backster," The Sun, July 1997
). So, eating plants also lead to the threat of it, if they see it from this perspective. Every organism on earth exists for the sake of another organism.

Secondly, some might think that vegetables and plants will save more food for hungry people rather than feeding them to the animals.

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Nevertheless, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) stated that the world currently produces enough food for everybody, but many people do not have access to it. Therefore, it is not about the quantity of the food, it’s the way of distribution that causes the problem.

Vegetarian diets can cause the death of animals too. To support this idea further, it was proven that about 52-77% of the animals, like rabbits and birds, get killed during the harvest process, they live in agriculture crop
fields (S. Davis, 2003). Thus, cutting meats from your diet is not the solution.

To wrap up, vegetarianism should not be a healthy habit for people. Animals are here for us to take advantage of, as well as plants and they are both living organisms. If you could live without both, then do it. At the end, they both feel and have emotions, so killing animals does not differ from killing plants. Moreover, it was proven that the hunger problem worldwide is the reason behind the availability of the food and not the quantity produced. Lastly, many other ways do kill animals, and cutting them from your diet will not protect them. I think people should not take vegetarianism as a life of style.


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Updated: Apr 29, 2023
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