Technology Is Important In Our Daily Life

Do you know how much time you spend on your electronic devices each day? Technology has an important role to play in our everyday lives. It is very rare to meet someone nowadays who’s in their teens up to adults who do not own a cell phone or have some sort of technology gadget. It is one of the most common technologies or devices of all the time and has given us many advantages. Technology has changed the world and has made it much easier to stay connected with the rest of the world, and to provide easy, unrestricted access to every piece of knowledge we use.

During this essay, you will be informed on how long an average spends on their technological devices, distraction of technology, and how technology has helped us with our day to day lives.

A normal person spends 8 hours and 41 minutes on electronic devices according to an article published by ‘Daily Mail’ Davies, M.(2015, p1). That period of your time exceeds the time a normal person spends 20 minutes sleeping. Within the incontrovertible truth, there is no question that people get more fascinated with technology as time goes on. The only question is: are we being too distracted by this? Technology can be a distraction but only for people who do not use it responsibly. When a cautious adult uses smartphones , tablets, laptops and other tools to encourage access to intelligence, connections and honest information, technology is the most valuable tool to improve the quality of their lives.

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There are times when technology is a good distraction to our problems. We use our mobile phones and tablets to catch everything around us and document every chance and moment in our lives. Those screens and pictures may distort the particular reality in light of the fact that we tend to present ourselves in an exceedingly way we would like the world to determine us. A survey study commissioned by ‘Pew Research’ Smith, A. (2019, p1), found that 62% of U.S. mobile owners used their smartphones to check for health-related information; 57% relied on their phones to try to do online banking; to 30% took a category or consumed mobile educational material in 2015.

Technology has made our lives much easier for example, ordering food in the middle of the night, business meetings and class discussions, and thanks to our computers we reinvent how our society works. New technologies provide quick , simple and convenient access to solutions to our everyday challenges.

According to ‘The Guardian’ Media, P. A. (2020, p1), said the findings indicated to what extent technology devices could ‘dominate the lives of children. ‘The report, based on a survey of 2,167 UK five to 16-year-olds, said about seven-year-olds owned mobile phones by 53 per cent of young people. It said that by age 11, 90 percent had their own device and, once children were in secondary school, telephone ownership was ‘almost universal.’ Of those surveyed, 39 per cent said they couldn’t survive without their devices – up from last year’s 33 per cent. Teenagers aged 15 and 16 were worried most about not having their phone, the report found. 57 percent of all the children surveyed said that they still slept by their bed with their devices, although the same proportion acknowledged that they did not know what they would do if they missed their appliance. And 44 percent said that if they were anywhere without a phone signal they would feel insecure, while 42 percent confessed to being ‘constantly concerned’ about running out of charge.

Technology took our world by storm, but it carried with it many positive things showing the big picture. In our regular to-do lists, we use computers to shop, write, code, plan activities, purchase tickets and cover several different tasks. The fact that we can reach our emails from everywhere helps us to keep in contact without any hassle with professors, parents and classmates. We need computers to cover school assignments, find out more about the things we ‘re interested in, take online courses, meet new friends, reveal the values of distant culture, and find solutions to every problem we have. Since Covid-19 hit us, many people have relied on technology to do Zoom calls to continue with their classes virtually and to stay connected while in quarantine and social distancing. Many families and friends are staying connected and up to date thanks to the technology In the Inter Continental University of the Caribbean, classes have continued as normal but virtually on Zoom calls. Without these amazing advanced technologies, all of this wouldn’t be possible. If it wasn’t for technology, I would have had to write this essay with a pen and paper rather on a computer and typing which would have taken longer and especially finding information.

To sum up, without our iphones , ipads and computers we can’t even imagine living. We use these technical miracles to connect with the rest of the world, and to provide easy, unrestricted access to every piece of knowledge we use. Whether we allow ourselves to be consumed entirely by these devices or remain resistant to the urges that they impose-that is something that we should all decide for ourselves. Adapting everything to our interests is in our very nature. Therefore, we take the gadgets that we have and determine the way we want them. Technology can only distract those who do not intend to use it in the most advantageous way. This is a vital part of how we work for everyone, and it makes us more productive and intelligent than we have ever been.


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Technology Is Important In Our Daily Life

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