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My aspiration to study Maths at University stems from my love of

My aspiration to study Maths at University stems from my love of logic and passion for the challenge of solving problems, which at first appear insurmountable. Exploring the origins of formulae and methods – “deriving from first principles” – is something I am keen to study further along with many of the complex concepts I studied in Further Maths AS Level. Although the majority of Maths I have studied so far has been Pure, Statistics (applied) is definitely one of the aspects I would like to focus on going forward, especially with its links to the financial sector.

The ironic certainty when working with probability has led me to really enjoy the topic during my A Level, particularly the challenge of hypothesis testing which I tackled in both my courses.

I want to gain more knowledge of the connections between the world of maths and the economy; current issues such as Brexit and its effect on the economy, including trade deals and unemployment, have been highlighted to me in school discussions and elsewhere.

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Despite not taking an Economics A level, I have studied aspects in my spare time to maintain my understanding and have read a selection of articles from ‘The Elgar Companion to Feminist Economics’, giving insights into the effect of economic policies on women.

By coming ‘Best in School’ in the Senior Maths Challenge and securing a silver award from the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, I feel I have demonstrated a degree of instinct when it comes to problem solving.

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I attended City, University of London’s Maths taster course which challenged me to explore the differences between A Level and University Level Maths studies. The debate about applied versus pure maths gave me a flavour of how a maths degree would work.

Outside my studies I am paid weekly for tutoring younger students in maths, requiring me to plan sessions and write my own starter questions. I enjoy suggesting ideas such as acronyms to help pupils remember methods and work through difficult problems. By volunteering at my Brownie Pack (Girl Guiding), I have qualified as a Young Leader and will shortly complete my Adult Leader Qualification which will enable me to run my own Brownie Pack. I have carried out risk assessments, fire drills and run unit finances, allocating subsidies and making payments for activities, using spreadsheets. Working with the Leader team to create a safe but exciting place for girls to have fun has developed my sense of responsibility, dependability and confidence. Volunteering at Brownies has been one of my best decisions and it has made me a more rounded person.

In the Sixth Form I was selected by teachers and senior students to be the Key Stage 3 Prefect. This requires me to be a good role model, welcoming new girls to the school and to act as the general point of contact for KS3 pupils where they prefer not to go directly to a member of staff. I also help to organise lower school events, including parents’ evenings.

Taking part in the Kingsley Napley Law Competition, coming 26th out of 630 teams, improved my analytical, presentation and problem-solving skills. I have also gained Bronze and Silver Arts Awards, requiring team and project work, which I would like to develop further at university.

I was fortunate to be selected for my school’s exchange visit to India which was a fascinating opportunity to experience a very different culture and live with an Indian family as well as hosting my exchange partner here.

Employers of the future will increasingly be seeking those with mathematical abilities. The continued development of technology and the demand for actuarial-style skills requiring human decision-making are likely to lead to a growing demand for expertise in Maths. I believe a Maths or a Maths with Economics degree would be exceedingly valuable, allowing me to follow my passion for the next few years at university before entering the world of work.

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