My Aspiration and Development in Criminal Justice

Upon my acceptance into the Doctoral program of Liberty University I hope to gain more in-depth knowledge into the study of crime, crime causation, criminals and their motives, correctional systems, law, and its impact/effect on society. I see the Criminal Justice system as being comprised of three main components: law enforcement agencies, courts, and correctional systems. I believe pursuing a PhD in Criminal Justice will not only allow provide me with a wider perspective into the concept of the system of criminal justice but will also assist me in becoming the subject matter expert I desire to be so that I can be viewed as a resource when it comes to policy changes within the policing component of the criminal justice system.

As an applicant to your program, I realize that I am one of many candidates attempting acceptance, but after reviewing Liberty’s program description which cites a “biblically-based training” I knew applying to Liberty was the next step to my journey of pursuing a doctorate degree.

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Liberty University offers an experience more in-line with my department’s core values which are honor, integrity, and respect, and motto of order through law and justice with mercy.

In both my academic and professional career, I have always strived to become a subject matter expert. I have always created a level of excellence and maintained a work ethic that would allow my work to speak for itself. While maintaining a full-time job I obtained both my bachelor’s and master’s degree in Business Administration.

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I earned my degrees in that discipline because at the time I was working as a manager within the Pre-charge-off collections department for a company. While working in that capacity I quickly discovered that I was missing something within my job.

I realized that I longed for passion and fulfillment within my career and although I had sought out and completed two degrees my undergraduate with a 3.61, and my Masters with a 3.47, I knew the business world was not where I belonged. I decided after some soul searching and prayer to apply to the Houston Police Department’s police academy. I was accepted on my first time applying and successfully graduated from the academy six months later, becoming a certified peace officer for the State of Texas. After leaving the academy I transitioned over to the field training program, where as a probationary police officer, I successfully completed the program after four months finally becoming a police officer for the Houston Police Department.

As a patrol officer within the Houston Police Department I was a first responder for three years. I later became nominated to become a field training officer, in which I went through a forty-hour training to begin the role of training new officers in the areas of policing, policies and procedures, and implementation of the law. In my position as a patrol officer I learned those areas are essential tools to performing the daily job duties of a patrol officer. After a year of training I then applied for an investigative position in the department’s Special Victim’s Division where I interviewed and later became selected to be an investigator within in Adult Sex Crimes unit. I quickly advanced to receiving a Detective designation, after taking the essential steps to become more knowledgeable on investigations. Through all of the training and on the job experience I soon realized that I had a huge passion for the law, order, and justice.

Currently I am a Detective in the Special Victim’s Division, Adult Sex Crimes unit of the Houston Police Department. This position has afforded me the ability to obtain first hand knowledge of challenges faced within the criminal justice system, as it relates to crime solvability, bond/bail issues, repeat offenders, and the pitfalls that victims face as it relates directly to the crime of Sexual Assault and how it’s viewed within society. In my role as a Detective I’ve been able to experience some of the best and worst aspects of our criminal justice system. My current job duty has also provided me with the privilege to be able to enforce our societies laws and assist in helping victims achieve the justice they so often desire.

The knowledge that I have gained thus far as a Detective as it relates to the concept of criminal justice and our society is that society views our criminal justice system as a method to control crime, and a method to implement and enforce penalties for those who choose to disregard the law and commit crimes. I’ve also realized that criminal justice in its simplest form is a manner to establish and carry out definite rights and duties to provide protection for society by enforcing the law and seeking justice for the people who are affected by violations of the law committed by other people.

Although my strengths are concentrated in the law enforcement area of criminal justice, my interest is not limited to solely that topic. I believe that I have a good working foundation as it relates to policing, but through a program of doctoral study and research I hope to develop expertise in not only policing but also the other related areas of the criminal justice system. I feel advancing my critical thought and awareness in the discipline of criminal justice also allows me the ability to advocate for issues faced by victims of sexual assault which can hopefully put me in the position to assist in effectuating policy changes on the law enforcement level nationwide that helps to limit those pitfalls experienced by those victims.

Ultimately I aim to gather expertise in the areas of criminology and criminal justice systems and would eventually want to obtain a faculty position at an institution of higher learning. I would also like to be involved in research in the field of policing, criminal investigations, and corrections while also helping others who are aspiring to become affiliated with criminal justice both in the classroom, and/or as a law enforcement officer. I believe that in doing so I could make a significant contribution to the discipline of policing within the criminal justice system, and the overall discipline of criminal justice.

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