An Esteemed Position of Being Part of the National Honor Society

It is an honor to have a chance at being a member of the National Honor Society. And it’ll be a great honor to actually be a part of it. I know being a member means being able to help the school, help others, and help myself. It’s hard to describe myself because I don’t see myself as what others see me.

Others may see me as a person who is full of confidence and perseverance. But I struggle along the way, with school and with family.

I make mistakes here and there. I guess I’m a kind of person that’s not afraid to admit her mistakes, because I know that’s who I am. And I will just try again.

However, I know at times, I may give up due to the complications. But I know that’s just another thing to prove that I’m human. I’m an honest person I guess, I dislike cheating or lying.

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I guess I hate the feeling of guilt. It’s uncomfortable and hard to face.

I also see myself as different from most people, maybe because I view and interpret things in a different way. However, I enjoy being different because that means being original and being myself. I think I can be a great add to the National Honor Society. I know I didn’t join much extracurricular activities or did much community service. I was unable to due to my responsibilities.

Most days after school I had the responsibility to pick my younger sister up from elementary school while my father is at work.

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Maybe this had driven me a little away from the events happening in school. I know I may not be a good member because I barely understand the school. But I know I will try to understand more and get to know the school better. However, I do enjoy helping people.

Seeing how happy or improved people are after I help them makes me happy. I like the feeling of being able to make a difference in someone else’s life, even if it is the smallest difference. I believe that being able to help others also mean being able to help myself.

Overall, it would be an honor to become part of the National Honor Society and to take part in what I have been missing.

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An Esteemed Position of Being Part of the National Honor Society

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