The Rising Epidemic of Obesity: A Trending Topic in Health and Wellness.

Every year, there is an increase of people who suffering from obesity. Many diet plans, dietary supplements and exercise are trending now a days on social media like facebook and youtube. One of these is the seven day water fasting challenge.

Water fasting is a type of diet plan where in you are only allowed to drink water for seven days, food that are solid, sweet and even drinks like juice, soda or tea are not allowed. Many people tried it, and even vloggers/celebrity already done this like the celebrity siblings Solenn and Erwan Heusaff.

Erwan completed the challenge, while Solenn only lasts for four days. There are a lot of disadvantage doing this diet plan, but many people didn't know that it also benefits doing this diet.

Fasting has a lot of benefits like cure for allergies, restoring/detoxing body and also losing weight. Many study show that fasting helps cure allergies. Because of the water cleansing our body, it takes away the bacteria that make our allergies.

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It's like restoring /detoxing your body.

Because you only taking water, it was like reborn when you are done fasting, it will allow you to take away the bad toxins that you take before starting the water fast. After the water fast we can now start a healthy diet plan, and now since we only drink water our body is looking for an energy that food giving. When our body can't find energy, our body will get on our body fat and convert it into energy that is why we lose weight.

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But, many people are against in this diet plan because of disadvantages that can be encountered during the challenge. This diet plan is not the best diet especially when you are studying, because it affects our brain since it didn't take anything aside from water, means we also lack of vitamins that our brain needed.

And also when we are hungry it makes our body shiver because of lack of vitamins and energy. After we are done in this diet and just go back to the food that we are taking or going back to our bad habits, the weight that we lose is just going back immediately. So it means it won't stay permanently.

Water fasting may not be the best way to lose weight, but if we do it properly this may be a good diet plan. Benefits are there, but when we do it with improper way this will cause bad effects. So I suggest that before doing this diet plan, at least have a study about it and consult your doctor before proceeding in this diet plan.

Updated: Apr 29, 2023
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